D&D 5E (+) So, what have you done to make martials feel better?


I posted in one of the threads about some possible solutions, but it kind of got lost in the shuffle:

I am putting the finishing touches on a complex martial class that has seen years of playtesting, complete with its own power point system, over 80 abilities to choose from the "generalist" list, and currently a dozen subclasses, each with their own list of abilities to choose from in addition to the generalist list.

The class can focus on being a striker/ skirmisher, or a tank, or a support martial, but not all at once, with a limited number of ability slots.

Included are several non-combat abilities for added utility.

Players who have tried it say its a blast to play. My design goals are a bit different however than just "solving" any particular issue, and focusing on giving the class a range of tools to choose from to suit their preference in tactics and playstyle.
Yeah, that's kind of why I wanted to make a separate thread for "solutions" to be in one spot, because it's very easy for things to just get lost in the middle of people arguing.

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Class sounds like it could be a blast! I'd love to see it sometime, please make a post whenever it's feature complete and for sale somewhere.


Just use the A5e versions of the classes.

Martial Maneuvers for every martial, plus social and exploration pillar mechanics baked into the class.

Easy Peasy.
For the people that like A5E, this is a really great option for sure. Maneuvers ended up being just a little too fiddly for my group this campaign (30 sessions now), but I can 100% see it working out better for groups that want a little more crunch.

Art Waring

Class sounds like it could be a blast! I'd love to see it sometime, please make a post whenever it's feature complete and for sale somewhere.
We are currently going through the coloring process for the art, then some formatting/ layout and we should be ready, I'll let you know when its done!

Competition on the visual side of game design is really high at the moment, so we are taking our time getting everything right.


The Martials in my campaigns are pretty happy already. The guys who hate life and complain are the Warlocks for some reason.

I am currently DMing one campaign and playing in 4. Everyone seems to be having fun except for the Warlock in two of the campaigns (both where I am a player). We had a Bard who backed out of a game too, but that was a few weeks ago.

My characters are all multiclassed. I am running:

Vampir Shadow Sorcerer 1/Undead Warlock 6

Human Shadow Sorcerer 1/Arcane Trickster 5/Arcane Archer 6

Shadar-Kai Bladesinger 2/Cavalier 3

Half Elf Scout Rogue 8/Twilight Cleric 2

I would argue the two that are underlined are mostly "Martials" as they only have 1st level spell slots at 10th and 11th levels and I am having a lot of fun with them.

Fun fact - Of all those characters only the Sorcerer/Warlock has more than a 16 in their main stat (she is a rocking a 20 charisma). The Sorc/Rogue/Fighter has an 8 strength, 16 dex and 14 charisma, The Fighter/Wizard has an 8 strength, 16 dex, 16 intelligence and the Rogue/Cleric has a 16 dex, 14 Wisdom. The last two do have gauntlets of ogre power though, so their 8 plays like a 19 for the cost of attunement. So not only are these characters not OP spell casters, they are mostly not even optimized in their respective builds .... and they are all loads of fun to play.

I really need to play a good Goblin Fey Wanderer Ranger again. That is the most fun class I have played in 5E. Human Bladesinger/Arcane Trickster is probably second but I have played enough of them lately to scratch that itch.
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