D&D General So, You Like The D&D Cartoon Huh? Pre-order Poseable Figures!

Target (in the US) is selling exclusive poseable 6-inch scale action figures of the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon characters. They're available for pre-0rder for $49.99 the set including Venger and the Dungeon Master, and you can get some of the kid heroes, along with some giant dice, separately.


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WotC licensing out the cartoon's imagery for t-shirts, miniatures and action figures, along with using their imagery in social media ads and in Wild Beyond the Witchlight and Dragons of Stormwreck Isle make me wonder how far off the cartoon being available to stream is.

They've clearly got at least a good portion of the rights sorted out at this point, if they're selling products featuring the characters and setting elements, as well as video clips in their ads.

Maybe the cartoon streaming rights will be bundled in with the new live action TV show.
These are Hasbro so no licensing required 🤪

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Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
These are Hasbro so no licensing required 🤪
The cartoon has actually been tangled up in rights issues for a while. You'd think it'd be straightforward, but the cartoon was created before any mediums other than broadcast TV, cable TV and VHS were around. So all of the subsequent uses have meant elements of the cartoon have had to be renegotiated -- see the above post about the music.

The fact that WotC is using pieces of the actual cartoon is significant.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
One of the DVD sets caught a bunch of flack years ago because evidently there was a rights issue with the music in The Dragon's Graveyard so they used a different soundtrack. I never actually saw/heard it, but a bunch of people were upset.

So when I bought a DVD set, I made sure to get the one with the original music.

Information on the subject seems to be scarce, but one of the comments/reviews on this Amazon listing goes into it a bit:

Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Animated Series https://a.co/d/izdF6j8
This same issue basically wrecked WKRP, Northern Exposure and Ed in re-runs and on DVD.

Time ago I read in tv tropes the copyright or trademark of the cartoon was by Disney because it was produced by Marvel studios. I feel curiosity about if these products are licenced thanks with an agremeent with Disney, or Hasbro might be the total owner of the title.

Other point is if Hasbro is planning a reboot of the 80's cartoon for the new generations. Would be it an isekai again?

The Spanish intro had got a different song, with a synthesizer musical style so typical of the 80s but really cool, one of the coolest songs for a children cartoon.

Lyrics translated:

We arrived to a fantastic world
full of strange beings
the dungeon master
gave all us powers.
you the barbarian
you the archer, acobrat,
wizard and the knight.
Dragons and dungeons
an infernal world
hidden in the shadows
the evil forces.

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