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Some Stories Are True


Volki will scavenge for anything useful, edible, or that catches her eye before setting down with a couple of the trinkets that call to her most. Volki agrees with Askari’s assessment of the situation. While the place does seem quite unsettling to come upon, the set of tracks proves someone has been here but not many. She will also keep her guard up, watchful of any intrusion or the feeling of being watched.
roll1- 60, roll2- 79 [/random rolls]

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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Wrenn will check the footprint, and then try to track it backward, AWAY from the ruin, in an attempt to see where it came from, and therefore, to get an idea of where trouble might come from.


Creator of The Untamed Wilds
... Askari will examine...
Volki will scavenge...
Wrenn will check...
Wrenn: 24 + 34 + 71 = 129
Wrenn stands astride the print Volki shows everyone and looks back into the forest. The woods are much thicker here because of the smaller size of the trees, though they are still fairly large, and the increase in undergrowth. Looking out at the big picture instead of trying to focus on a single item, Wrenn notices two divergent game trails that are wide enough to accommodate a person, but it is impossible to know if either or both has done so.

One path is the one the party followed to arrive. This would lead back to the Rheini encampment. The other could lead to the pergola where the Shimadow were camped. The terrain is not well suited for tracking. The fact that Volki even spotted the print, she, Oorvid, and Wrenn would say was pure luck. Askari, Astrid, and Hiroshi would call it a stroke of fortune. Fortune implying the possible influence of a god, whereas luck is just a matter of statistics.

Oorvid listens to Askari and listens to Wrenn's findings before responding as best he can. He shruggs. "I do not know. I think no one is here. I think stick people for to keep others away because no one lives here. I think stairs to tunnel are open."

He then goes around the eutrophic quarry pond to see if he can catch some of those frogs to eat.
Oorvid: 21(observation) + 23(clarity) + 70(d100) = 114
Volki: 25 + 25 + 60, 79 = 110, 129
Circumnavigating the area, Volki finds a basket worth of edible plant material to add to whatever meat is acquired. She also finds and collects a measure of Itch Weed. Touching the leaves of this vine normally causes people to quickly develop a rash, hence its name, but she is unaffected. Just touching the leaves, she realizes that they will enhance her ability to manipulate chemical waylines to generate acidity.
OOC: Itch Weed: 1 measure, {Acidity x2}

Oorvid manages to catch 11 of the frogs, which make for a fine meal.
Askari: 22(alchemy) + 22(analysis) + 76(d100) = 120, success
Time: 10 days / 120 = 2 hours, success
Astrid: 32 + 23 + 75 = 130, success
Time: 20 days / 130 = 4 hours, success
Hiroshi: 21 + 31 + 75 = 127, success
Time: 10 days / 127 = 2 hours, success
Askari finds that he is most interested in the bones, claws, and teeth of animals but not fur or feathers. Everyone is drawn to curious stones. Astrid and Hiroshi are most fascinated by metal.

For Askari, the claws and fangs of the spider have the same feel. Either, when carried, seems to increase his impetus for physical function and intellectual cognizance. (Cohesion +1)

Astrid finds that an ingot of aluminum, when held while manipulating electromagnetic waylines, will enhance the effectiveness. {shock x3} With the help of Oorvid the brick of aluminum is broken into 6 usable ingots. She also realizes that an ingot could be used as a bullet for her sling, increasing her effective range for electrocution.

Taking one of the white stones that does not feel slick to the touch, Hiroshi finds that, while holding it, his mental fortitude is increased. (Will +1)

At dusk, just as the sun falls beneath the horizon, an entire colony of bats swarms from an arrow slit in the one remaining tower. Hiroshi remarks on it, saying that there is probably a mountain of guano in there like in the other tower that had bats. Everyone realizes that the bats would not have taken up residence if people were still there. The night is uneventful and the strange stick figures, called twana, are temporarily forgotten among the good food and good company. The morning light still brings with it no sign of other people. A tentative investigation proves that Oorvid's theory of the stairs is correct. They are intact, as well as access to the tunnels. The dust within the still standing portion of the keeps shows many prints leading in and out. This access point has seen much use.
Askari: full wellness
Astrid: full wellness
Stones: 20
Hiroshi: full wellness
Javelins: 3, stone: 3, ularin
Oorvid: full wellness
Tunic: 68
Volki: full wellness
Tunic: 50 - 2 = 48%
Wrenn: full wellness
Tunic: 59
Arrows: 14
41 marks: currency
Aluminum: 6 ingots, {shock x3}

Ant Stingers: 4, {toxicity x2}
Bandy Skull Talisman: 1, ??
Bat Guano: 4 measures, {heat x2}
Rodent Tooth Necklace: 1, (Health +1)
Songbird Talisman: 1, ??
Spider Claws: 3 sets, (Cohesion +1), {toxicity x2}
Spider Fangs: 3 sets, (Cohesion +1)

Coal: 5 bricks, ??
Dark Green Stone: 8, ??
Dull, Gray Stone: 1, ??
Emberstone: 1, ??

Dried Leaves: 1 measure, ??
Flowers: 2 measures, ??
OOC: Everyone receives 5 DP. State idle morning actions and travel intentions and provide a random roll.
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Askari will attach a spider fang to his necklace with the rodent incisor.

If we have use for more guano, we might want to gather it before heading into the tunnels. The tunnels might take us away from this place for some time.

Askari will wait for the parties decision before leading the way towards either destination



Volki spends some time to weave bracelets out of the itch weed. The boost to acidity will be handy in any fight. “Have we used any of the guano that we picked up yet?”
roll= 81 [/random roll]

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