Spelljammer Space Clowns Are A Thing In Spelljammer

WotC's Chris Perkins discusses Spelljammer's space clowns in a new video.

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I'm with you. Seems like WotC is leaning more towards the comedic/absurd bent more than taking Spelljammer as a serious setting. Let's see how far can we push things?
Sorry, should have had a smiley in there: I think this is awesome. I have some original 2E material secondhand, and...this is a bit more serious than the 2E goofiness.

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Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
Circuses like… aren’t a thing any more, at least in the US, save Cirque du Sole which… Is not your typical three-ring with clowns affair. Also birthday clowns haven’t really been a thing for a long time. As a kid I was aware of the concept through media, but never actually experienced it. I went to Barnum and Baliey’s once and there was a clown routine in it, which was quite enjoyable. But yeah, most people 30 and under in the US have little to no experience with clowns as anything other than monsters or ICP.
There's a circus that visits my area in Central California every year, but my kids have never really been excited about it beyond the cotton candy.

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