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Star Trek, Paramount+, and a Defense of the Greatest Star Trek Captain


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
One amendment.

1. Jonathan Archer, captain of the NX-01 Enterprise
2. Ed Mercer, captain of the USS Orville
3. All the rest

I am willing to concede to this amendment, with the following amendment:
1: Archer
2: Mercer
Also 2, but a lesser 2 than the previous 2: All the rest.

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Urriak Uruk

Gaming is fun, and fun is for everyone
I have now watched the first episode of The Lower Decks. It is very good, even funnier than the Orville, and I actually understand the Trek references it makes (I'm sure there are more I missed).

I will watch the next two seasons of it now. :giggle:


Morkus from Orkus
The Orville is TNG if the crew went to a state university instead of an Ivy League school. A bit less accomplished, a bit more relatable, considerably more likely to have sustained injuries in a fraternity/sorority hazing incident.
Season 1 anyway. In season 2 the personal flaws of the crew that made season 1 so enjoyable just up and disappeared. I still enjoyed season 2 and want to see season 3, but it wasn't as good as the first season.


Opinion of Discovery has gone up. Season 1&2 weren't great but that's a recurring Trek problem except maybe DS9.

It's still not really an ensemble cast though Burnham show but her problem is she's not the Empress from the Dark reality.

Picard not sure about but I don't drool of Picard. Sisko probably my favorite he's a bit bombastic perhaps.


He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
I have to say, I am immensely enjoying the Prodigy. The sixth episode had awesome throwbacks and it was pretty much a tribute to some of the great deceased of Trek. I also loved the throwback to the very first episode of TOS in the Disco S4E6. I am fully expecting at least a mention of Gary Mitchell at some point.

Also. As long as we’re making important rankings, how about ranking the Starfleet Doctors. I have a controversial opinion about this:

1. Pulaski
2. McCoy
3. Phlox
4. The Doctor
5. Culber
6. Bashir
7. Crusher


You forgot Captain Jellico of the USS Enterprise D who finally ordered a Starfleet Officer to wear her damn uniform while on duty.

I think your essay focuses on the audience/TV nature, rather than the actual quality of the captains as shown in the video record.

Janeway sucks. We gotta blow the Array and protect the Ocampa. Next day: well let's leave the Ocampa and fly home the hard way. She murdered Tuvix.

Archer was too wishy-washy for a man who is set to define humanity's role in space with every order.

I favor Picard for his speeches. Not the one where he mansplained to Dr. Crusher in the turbolift. The times where he rightfully argued for the rights of Data. Measure of a man nailed.

Sisko was solid as a captain and a father. Period. And his sermons were righteous and power.

Kirk. Never paid the consequences for his actions until Khan returned.

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