Star Wars: Andor

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the Incomparably Shrewd and Clever
I keep seeing rumors Qi'ra may appear on The Mandalorian. But, it's just rumor.
Timeline-wise, it might be easier for her to show up in Andor, if not this season, then maybe in season 2. The Mandalorian is about 19 years after we last saw her, and I want to see a lot of the intervening time. Like her dealings with Maul, taking the leadership of Crimson Dawn when he is gone, and dealing with the Empire, to just name a few.
I derailed my own thread. lol
Happy to bring it kinda back on track. :)


I learned nerd for this.
That would make more sense. I think it's because she's a popular character and The Mandalorian is the flagship show. The rebellion working with or crossing paths with the underworld would certainly happen. Maul and Qi'ra making appearances could easily be worked in.


Signs point to no on that last one.

Has been already -- Qi'ra has featured as a major player in the current Marvel storyline, set between 5 & 6.

Yeah think I saw something like that on YouTube. Couldn't remember the timeline. Think she was dueling Vader

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