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Star Wars Saga/D&D 5th Hybrid [OOC/Rolls]


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If you look at the multi-class notes its says that the Soldier gets two weapon proficiency of choice which are any two from the Soldier list and you gain proficiency in Light Armor.

The soldiers list is Pistol, Rifles, Simple weapons, Martial weapons, and either Advanced Melee Weapons or Heavy Weapons (player’s choice). Flame Throwers are an Exotic Weapon Proficiency, but you could take Advanced Melee Weapons (vibro bayonet).

Martial and Simple weapons are the basic weapons found in the PHB 5th ed. Scouts already get Martial Weapons so you don't need to take that one to get your proficiency bonus with longswords etc.)

Also Scouts get +1 to Fortitude defense so you take the best Defense if you are multiclassing they do not stack. So your Fort Defense will go up +1 (or 10 +2 Solider +2 heroic bonus +2 Con Bonus)

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Haha, oh my god. I'm an idiot! I completely forgot i still needed advanced melee weapon proficiency. Also, yeah, I understood before that the fort bonus didn't stack. That was what i meant by "Goes to", but i could have been clearer, saying the plus 1 BECOMES plus 2 instead or something... I've read over your rule changes and they're quite clear really. The weapon proficiency thing confused me a little only because i wasn't aware that the 5e martial list was available. Then i just had a brainfart with advanced melee weapons.

I have light armor proficiency already, but that's no problem. The soldier class is cool and i'm keen to test out multiclassing with this system.

Regarding the campain currently, again, sorry, I rushed my last IC post this morning. Just to be clear, Jihahna would not have reacted like this if she hadn't have sensed the disturbance. My idea is that she has developed a series of beliefs and logic that kind of very roughly mimics something LIKE jedi code, but all based around professionalism. The problem with this is that when she gets struck with strong, force based feelings, she can't handle them, much like the dark jedi she has heard about and despises.

If/When she finds out about her force sensitivity, it should be a real punch in the face to her ego.

Once more, sorry everyone for having her run off. I just had to though... :)

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
Nothing to be sorry about, I don't think? As I understand it she's running to the place we're going next (the Survey Corp compound), right? So we should all meet back up fairly quickly.

The gand just figured he'd, modestly, be in the 'slower', less important part of Jihahna's proposed group-split and decided to take care of clean-up matters instead (captured agitator, building bridges with and questioning the miners, etc). Plus, he sort of didn't understand what a droid had to do with anything. :)

Edit: He/She will adjust her sense of urgency based on the other's reaction.


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Its cool, I like it :) We will get to what happens when we see what the main group wants to do.

Also I see you updated your character Sezarious but just a couple of extra things. First all your damage totals when up by +1 more (everyone gets +1/2, round down, their Heroic level as a bonus to all damage). Also I did not see your Second Wind listed which is NOT a big deal but just in case it comes up it is your best Hit Die + your Con modifier + your heroic level (so yours would be 1d10+4).


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When she got the 'feelings' from the Force she sensed that they were going away or had disappeared. She would not have been able to see anything out of the ordinary (as "it" had already moved on). But she definitely senses that there is something bad happening on this planet. If she wanted to Sense Force she could make a Charisma (Use the Force) check to try and determine where the disturbance on the planet is (its a fairly high DC but not going to spill the beans unless you roll and there is different info for how well you do...)

Or she could try and sense if there are any other Force Users within a 100km or so, but if they want to try and hide they do so automatically. If they bet your roll you do not sense them and they know that someone nearby is also Force Sensitive...

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