Star Wars Saga/D&D 5th Hybrid [OOC/Rolls]

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A Cup of Kindness!


You believe that by encouraging peaceful, 'happy' thoughts with Czerka Corp, you can aid the republic cause. To do so, this Gand has a secret weapon. Hot beverages!

Step 1: Get Czerka corp inside the Republic compound
((optional)Do so without violence)

Step 2: Make hot beverages for all!
((optional)Do so without violence)

Step 3: Get Czerka Corp to drink the hot beverages
((optional)Do so without violence)

Step 4: Quest complete!


-3 exp +1 per optional objective completed!
-Unlock feelings of satisfaction!
-Gain acces to title/nickname "Coffee guy!"


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Hee, I will be making my choice today. There's just a lot of options I'm dithering between. :)

Still having a hard time :D

NOTE it is not a big deal until we get into something happening but I would prefer before we get into the next fight... which may happen sooner then you think :)


First Post
Oh shoot!

Edit - since I'm kind of angling for a Force adept sort of character, it behooves me to ask; is Skill Expertise (Use the Force) an option?

If not, Force Boon or more Force Training looks like the way to go.
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Mmmm. Too old for training is she. Too full of fear. Yes.

Mmm, it's more her emotional baggage, reflected by her insufficient wisdom score, which I will put points in if i feel she has acted in accordance with an improved wisdom. She could be pushed in the right direction with encouragement from others too, but then, she won't be jedi material according to multi-class rules until she is AT LEAST level 8.

Though you do give me an idea, that despite her acting fearless, maybe she IS actually scared of something. Maybe she is scared of Jedi... Of the force.... Because deep down, she knows the force is a real thing.

Why would an ex merc like Jihahna be afraid of the force?

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