Star Wars Saga/D&D 5th Hybrid [OOC/Rolls]

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Here is a bigger version :)

(I love this picture BTW...)


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At the landing site she seems to breathe easier, taller. He gestures towards the jungle, an invitation for them to sneak up on the camp proper and see what is to be seen?

Just a quick note to maybe clear some confusion. The Kwi village/camp that Vivian knew about was south of the spaceport (Footfall) where you just came from. She does not know of any camps or villages in the valley where the mining camp had set up. She did say that the Kwi here ran away into the jungle after they turned violent and attacked the miners. There could also be a few local Kwi in the jungle valley but she did not know for sure. This is were the mercenaries were sent as the miners and Czerka know that there are at least a few Kwi in the local valley and the bounty is to wipe them out here...

NOW if you are talking about the mining camp yes you can try and sneak up there also if you wanted. No one is really paying attention to your team right now

EDIT: Also Cal's "maps" are basically just fuzzy orbital photos that might show MAJOR landmarks but no detail of anything in the valley proper. You can see the mining camp and the landing zone where you are and the mountains that surround the valley but that's about all the detail you can get.
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She was refering to the mining camp, yes. Hoping to spot Czerca's mercs, ID their vehicles, mess tent and/or bunk space, that sort of thing...

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