Star Wars Saga/D&D 5th Hybrid [OOC/Rolls]


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Sorry no go on the sensor pack, partly due to cost and roll

With the roll you probably got a good idea how far away they are also... about 5km into the jungle

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OK just waiting on what action the team wants to take...

You have a landspeeder so you could try and find the mercs in the jungle by following the com-chatter.
You could go into the mining camp and have a look around or talk to someone.
You could use your landspeeder to head into the mountains although there are no roads out there and it will be tough going.
You could go into the jungle and try and find the Kwi first. You might have a slight advantage as you have some Force Users with you...

Forged Fury

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Of the listed options, I would go with a combination of two and four. Talk to the folks in the camp first. Based on OOC reading of everyone's stuff, my guess is that the miners started to dig into a new are are are potentially digging into something bad and the kwi were trying to prevent it from happening, which is the reason for the change in their demeanor.

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
The gand will take a slice of 4. Chase the Kwi, please. In addition to the Force, we got enough Survival power on us to pinpoint some nicely prospective spots, I think, right?


Jihahna supports group decisions. The kwi sound good.... As long as we can eat them ;).

Greenkarl, I have no issue with the difficulties involved in it, but something i never discussed with you that i think would be appropriate is this; do you think Jihahna would have a dark side point or two based on her behaviour? I'm kind of thinking that before these events, she may have had even more until she had one of those 'redemption moments' described in the rules.


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Related question: Is Kacela aware that Jihahna is force sensitive at this point? It seems like...there's ample evidence for it, but I want to make sure before I work it into a post. :)


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She might suspected strongly that she is, but she would not be 100% with out a Charisma (Use the Force) skill check "Sense Force" to sense active Force User, etc.

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