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Star Wars Saga/D&D 5th Hybrid [OOC/Rolls]


Ahhh. That's funky. And it resets to full with every level up?

Also for everyones information, in my last post where Jihahna discusses her origins, she IS speaking loud enough for others to listen in, but only loud enough that they would hear if they actively tried to listen. She won't pause or speak more softly if someone leans forward to listen in.

I just wanted to say Greenkarl. Awesome game. When i get the time, down the track i'd be happy to DM a game for you so you can experience your conversion as a player.

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Also, just as a note (not really that important) at this time, while there are some Jedi pushing the idea of training only "children" there is no overall ruling Jedi Council and many different traditions of Jedi exists, including some that allow for marriage and children, training adults, etc. :)

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