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Star Wars Saga/D&D 5th Hybrid [OOC/Rolls]


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Jihahna supports group decisions. The kwi sound good.... As long as we can eat them ;).

Greenkarl, I have no issue with the difficulties involved in it, but something i never discussed with you that i think would be appropriate is this; do you think Jihahna would have a dark side point or two based on her behaviour? I'm kind of thinking that before these events, she may have had even more until she had one of those 'redemption moments' described in the rules.

Hmm well I have been kind of using the Saga rules as a "guide" for Dark Side points. Normally I would not say she would BUT her fear "could" lead her to gaining one depending on how she might act on it. So if you all go up into the mountains AND find whatever she was sensing up there AND then acted on her fears and/or anger it might be a Moderate or even a Major Transgression depending on what she does. But normally just for roleplaying I would not penalize you UNLESS as part of your character story you wanted to have the Dark Side had influenced you in some way. It might be worth some story benefit later depending on how you want to develop it...

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OK so both Kacela and Jihahna are the best are driving speeders and as Jihahna has said she wants to "sit in the back" I am going to assume that Kecela is driving. Is that ok?? IC post soon


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You now just need to figure out what Skills you want to use here... Survival, Perception, Insight, Search your Feelings or Sense Life, etc. Those are the ones I was thinking BUT if you have others you might be able to use something else. If you assisted someone else the main roller gets Advantage. For Force skill use you both must be proficient and have Force Sensitivity to aid each other...


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OOC: Do we need to do just one(1) of those things, GK, or is it more like a skill contest/accumulating successes kind of thing?


It sort of depends on how well the rolls go :) but generally its not going to be a contest, you need to meet some TN or more with lower TN results.

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!

Planning 1 (roll=19): the Gand (+ Cal) do Survival with advantage to find likely spots re water, etc, combined with
Planning 2 (roll=13): Reks (+ Jihahna) do Insight with advantage to get into the Kwi mindset.

En route? Cal perception (roll=7)

That gives us a location where we
Tracking 1 (roll=25): Kacela (+ Reks) Use the Force with advantage to detect life forces and
Tracking 2: Cal (+ Jihahna + the Gand?) do the physical tracking with advantage if necessary.

Does that work?


Rolls for Planning 1: Survival: This is how it starts: 1D20+4 = [15]+4 = 19 and _: 1D20+4 = [9]+4 = 13
= 19
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Let's see, I get Advantage on Perception checks automatically, so...

Perception Check...

Well, that sucked...

Hehehe note that also for a PBP I don't mind you all assisting each other and everyone getting advantage on their 'proficient' skills. So Cal could also get advantage on his Survival checks.


Ok, Jihahna will give Cal advantage to whatever, whenever, so feel free to use her for advantage with this stuff.

Greenkarl. If possible i'd like her to maybe have just one dark side point, which i'll probably have her hold onto for as long as she has issues, then do all the appropriate things to get rid of it later.

Also, did you say we have 6 force points before?


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Sure if you want a Dark Side point you can totally have it for RP reasons :)

Yes you each have 6 Force Points (they normally at 5 + 1/2 your heroic character level, round down). Normally you can only spend one at a time, max one a round, for any one d20 roll (attack, skill or ability check). They add +1d4+1 directly to your roll and you can wait until after your roll to decide if you want to spend one or not...

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