stonegod's Expedition to Castle Ravenloft: Ch. I [IC]


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"Don't these things ever learn?" The elf says, with nearly a century of experience of knowing that they do not. He takes a quick step to set up his shot, aims, and fires three shots at the lead undead creature.

OOC: Daellin takes a five-foot step to M7, and full-attacks the zombie at K5.

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James Heard

Taking long, swift strides forward, Janis makes a sweeping gesture upwards with her hand outstretched - tossing the arc of fiery lightning that lends her namesake towards the open door.

OOC: Janis will move to an unoccupied square and launch a stormbolt at zombie I9


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Sir Khensu Feral (26 hp, 49 charges remaining)

Sir Khensu will lope forward towards the oncoming zombies. As he does so, he pulls out a thin, silvered wand and utters a series of words. He grins as his wounds heal, and prepares to put the fight to the undead.

((OOC - Moving to M8 and using my wand of cure light wounds on myself.))


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Street Encounter Round 1

Jarrith takes cover along a building and summons forth the argent bow of his Faith. The bolt of force strikes true, sizzling through the dead flesh of the zombie. [AC 23 hits, 8 hp]

The priest of the Divinity Within steps forward confidently, and chastises the restless dead for their folly. She picks up her holy symbol, waiting for the foul ones to answer her call. As the zombies begin to pour out from the buildings, she calls thrusts forth her symbol, forcefully calling them to halt. The two nearest to her cower, while the others plod on.[Ready a rebuke attempt]

Two former villagers---a man who would be handsome except for the dead look in his face and his missing jaw, and a homely girl missing an eye and half of her face---are unfazed by Selase's chastising. The girl shambles out of a nearby building and plods over to where Jarrith is hiding. With a hungry groan, her broken nails lash out at the Stalker. Jarrith manages to dodge out of its way, much to its frustration. [I9 moves to K8 misses]

The jawless one, meanwhile, stumbles towards Selase and Daellin, its intent clear. [G5 moves to M6]

It is at this time that the group notice a disguisting site. Just visible through the fog, two giant, white, wormy masses raise their head from the feast on the corpse in the road. They being to squirm down the street at the party, trailing a wet slime from their carapace.

Seeing Jarrith's plight, Marot tries to help his Flamic brother. Another holy bolt sing through the night, but the zombies attack on the Stalker spoil the shot. [AC 8 ranged touch into melee misses]

Suddenly, from the rooftops sweep down a nightmarish vision---two hideous, distorted human heads suspended from leathery wings. With a maddened look in their eyes, they open their mouths an emit a piercing shriek. The fearful scream rattle the party, but the horrifying visions of dark deeds past and tortues to come freeze Selease and Janis in place! [Selase and Janis fail save; paralyzed]

Horrified by the plight of his friends, but undaunted by the fiend's tricks, Khensu lopes forward, drawing a silvery wand. Barking the command word, his wounds slightly close, preparing him for battle. [9 hp healed]

The implaccable elf set sup his shot, aims, and fires three shots at the jawless undead creature. Two of the shots pin-cushion the foe, temporarily distracting it. [AC 16 and 30 hit M6; 12 misses; 17 hp before DR.]

Frozen in her army of shadows, Janis takes cold comfort that they too are stiff, hiding her liability in their midsts.

Street Encounter Round 2


J: 21 (15/26 hp, sickened, spiritual weapon 2 rounds, cat's grace 15 rounds, 4 turns checks left)
S: 18 (paralyzed, 3 rebukes left)
Z: 18 (K5: -8 [wounded], M6: -17 [wounded])
M: 16
M: 15
V: 15
K: 11 (35/47 hp)
D: 7
J: 6 (mirror image, paralyzed, 30 rounds)

Map Key: D: Daellin, d: Edi, h: Horse, h: Luminous, J: Jarrith, J: Janis, K: Khensu, M: Marot, M: Huge Maggots, S: Selase, V: Flying Heads, Z: Plodding zombies
Conditions: Mist grants concealment to creatures 30' away. Cyan Border: mirror image, Green Border: sickened, Red Border: Rebuked 9 rounds, Transparent: Dead, White Border: Paralyzed.

Please indicate your actions for round 2.


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Sir Khensu (41 hp)

Sir Khensu will resolutely step between the the screeching, winged heads and Selease (M7). With a low growl, his nose begins to elongate and his chest broadens. His armor creaks as his mass expands, and the paladin brings his greataxe down in a chopping motion, attempting to slice through the flying creature. If he kills it, he will then follow up with a blow to the nearest zombie.

((OOC - shifting. HPs have been adjusted accordingly.))
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[sblock=OOC: ]Just fyi... Spiritual Weapon damages like a spell, not a weapon, so despite it being represented by a "piercing weapon", damage reduction has no effect. At least, that's what I'm getting from the SRD here. ][/sblock]
"This is insane!!! What is going on around here?!?"

Jarrith directs the glowing longbow around to the homely girl that stands directly in front of him (Move action), and a second arrow of force springs from the bow before the energy of the spell disipates and the bow disappears. (Attack +5 / dam 1d8)

Once the bow fades from existance, Jarrith pulls both silver rapiers from their sheathes (Move action) and takes a small step to the left (K9) to help protect him from more sides.

"Marot!!! Anything you can do to get Janis or Selase moving again?!? If not, you better get up here and make sure these things don't head for them while they're stuck!"
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drothgery said:
Daellin shifts his target to the new creatures, filling the monster at M7 with three arrows (I think these guys are undead, too).

((I wish they were, but I don't have Knowledge (the planes) to say otherwises.))

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