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5E Switching Frenzy and Retaliation?


I saw here some time ago a thread comparing the damage of the berserker and the zealot, showing they were more or less evenly matched in damage up until level 14 when the berserker gets Retaliation and the zealot gets the immortality. This showed to me that Frenzy wasn't so great to deserve the exhaustion, when zealot got more or less the same damage for free.

Would it break anything to switch retaliation to 3rd level and frenzy to 14nth level? The damage is more or less the same, an early extra attack, but now it would be more balanced with zealot. Is there any balance issue I'm not seeing?

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I've been using that particular change now since about 2 months after 5e was originally released. Retaliation is actually less powerful then a lot of people realize because of the 5-ft range limitation.

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