Spelljammer The Forgotten Realms eats Spelljammer before it even finishes digesting Radiant Citadel!


Oh that, yeah, that's not new lore. Even in the Forgotten Realms, Tiamat is kind of an interloper deity herself. The thing is though, Forgotten Realms is written with interloper deities from all over the place being a part of the setting- Selune, Shar, and their "daughter" Mystra are the original deities, the rest mostly migrated from elsewhere, which is why you have Finnish deities, Norse deities, Egyptian gods, and all the rest fighting for elbow room.

Krynn is supposedly a closed system, as intended by it's creator pantheon, and it used to be that a Cleric of Pelor would be a powerless heretic there. Though I admit, cracks started forming when Spelljammer declared Krynnspace as part of a greater shared universe...
Fizban's blows thst closed system to bits.

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Magister Ludorum

Eberron religion is SUBJECTIVE.

But now the existence of the Forgotten Realms gods is OBJECTIVE.

That is the problem itself.

Forgotten Realms turned Eberron into FR crap.

They don't exist in my Eberron. You don't have to feel straight jacketed by the Lore as Written. That's a lifestyle choice. WotC has literally no control of any kind over what happens in my own setting.


Yeah. It's just fluff. Just as I don't use the default Outer Planes. Since we don't use alignment, it wouldn't make sense to even have them.
It's still a bit annoying to me, that it is the default assumption in 5E. But someone is going to be annoyed regardless of the default setting.

I mean like half a decade ago, maybe. There hasn't been a Forgotten Realms game product in a long time. Years, even, if we discount Candlekeep being a "Forgotten Realms product" particularly.
Most if not all of the Candlekeep Mysteries adventures do specify a Forgotten Realms location (not to say you couldn't easily relocate them). And in 2020 there was Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden.


There are 17 WotC modules. I'm not counting Call to the Netherdeep, because that's not really WotC, nor the Rick and Morty one.

5 are not set in Forgotten Realms and 12 are. It's fairly safe to say that Forgotten Realms is the default setting for 5e.


5e Freelancer
They might not be gods in Eberron, but gods that exist nonetheless.
Except, no, they're not. There are very valid reasons to not consider the "gods" of the Forgotten Realms to actually be gods. Keith Baker has outlined before why Eberron being a part of the D&D Multiverse doesn't invalidate the themes of the setting in any way. Eberron wouldn't consider Tyr or Asmodeus to be gods for very valid reasons, just like they don't consider the Progenitor Dragons or Demon Overlords to be gods. The fact that the other settings do consider those powerful entities to be gods doesn't mean that they actually are.

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