The Highest of the High, the Mighty Time Lords made manifest

The Time Lords

The Monads, the Aeons, The Eternals, The Highest of the High, the Perfect Circle

The Crystalline light of this being is at once terrible and beautiful, like 1000 supernovas all exploding at once. The light of a thousand thousand suns literally tears through you, washes over you inside and out, “My GOD! You hear yourself scream inside your own mind” Fear unlike you’ve felt since your mortal days washes over you and you suddenly realize the gravity of the situation you are now in. You look up towards the Light, the blinding, amazing, unimaginable, all-pervading Light. A thousand tiny red stars surround it, Neutronium Golems you realize, but they almost disappear, fading not just from view but from your thoughts themselves as HE who sits upon the mightiest of thrones looks down upon you. His visage and armor like crystal, his blade like a quasar in a sword, all glimmering like fiber optic cable and shining with the purest white gold light, brighter than anything you’ve ever even imagined, ever could imagine. His form indescribable, light made manifest, that without form, but who’s form is all form, is all things, HE has a face, but not one you can see, but through it, you can feel HIS eyes upon you!

Time Lord
Macro-Tiny Outsider (Extraplanar)

Hit Dice: [1000d1000 +500,000] x1000 (1,500,000,000 hp)
Initiative: Always Acts First/ +1,600 (+500 Dexterity +200 Divine, +200 Insight, +200 Luck, +500 Perfection)
Speed: Superluminal

Armor Class: Infinite: (3,600 base) +500 Deflection, +500 Armor, +500 Dexterity, +500 Perfection, +200 Divine +200 Luck, +200 Insight, +1,000 Natural)
Flat-Footed: 3,100 Touch: 2,100

Str: 1,000 (+500)
Dex: 1,000 (+500)
Con: 1,000 (+500)
Int: 1,000 (+500)
Wis: 1,000 (+500)
Cha: 1,000 (+500)

Space/Reach: 1500 ft./ Infinite
Base Attack/Grapple: +1,000/ +2,600

Expression of Power+ Astro Blast: +2,700 melee or ranged touch attack, 15 attacks (doubling each round against same foe) avoids defenses

Magnificent Blade of Absolute Power: Always hits, negates opponent's greatest ability, Infinite Attacks against those without Slipstream or Transtemporal, 15 attacks (doubles each round against the same foe)/ +3,200 Melee (flat footed touch attack avoids armor)

Expression of Power+ Astro Blast: 12,000d 1000 (48,000,000) Unblockable Divine Damage (all damage doubles every round against the same foe) and 75% chance of destruction or 72,000,000 and 100% with a Melee touch attack

Magnificent Blade of Absolute Power: 1000d1000+ 18,000d1000 (73,000,000) Unblockable Divine Damage (all damage doubles each round against the same foe) and 100% chance of destruction, avoids opponent’s AC and hits with a flat footed touch attack, destroys opponent’s manufactured armor including artifacts of lower Divine Rank than the Time Lord

Special Abilities:
Alter Reality (337th level spells
Divine Aura (All Creation)
Omnific Might

Special Qualities:
Cosmic Consciousness (All Creation), Cosmic Firmament, DR 1,000,000/--. Divine Bonus +200, Godly Realm (A Universe), Immortality, Immunity to Natural and Magical Effects, SR 1,210, Spell Reflection, Star Flight

Saves: Cannot fail/ Fort+ 2,370 Ref +2,370 Will +2,370

Skills: Omnicompetent and Maven, all skills= 1,203 + Relevant Ability Modifier

Metamagic: Annihilating Spell, Automatic Metamagic Capacity (328), Cataclysmic Spell, Dire Spell, Dolorous Spell, Devastating Spell, Doomsday Spell, Empower Spell, Heighten Spell, Masterful Spell, Maximize Spell, Metamagic Freedom, Quintessential Spell, Omega Spell, Prodigious Spell, Quicken Spell, Resonating Spell, Repeat Spell, Split Ray, Surpassing Spell, Telluric Spell, Thaumaturgic, Theurgic Spell, Transient Spell, Twin Spell, Ultima Spell, Unreal Spell, Widen Spell

Divine Abilities: Heavenly Body, Heavenly Mind, Heavenly Soul, Heavenly Spirit, Perfect Initiative, Telluric Effect, Quantum Effect, Distant Gaze, Unknowing Body, Unknowing Mind, Unknowing Soul, Unknowing Spirit

Cosmic Abilities: Apostasy, Slipstream, Spell Amplification, Atomic Effect (6)

Transcendental Abilities: Dead Zone, Digestio, Invincibility, Transcoporeal, Transfinite, Transmute, Transmortality, Transtemporal, Transversal, Astro Effect (6), Transillient Fort/Ref/Will, Polymath, Transattack Period

Omnific Abilities: 10th Sense, Omniety, Omnipersonal, Omnipresent, Omni Eye

Alignment: Beyond Alignment
Equipment: The Unblemished Armor and Crown of the Will Divine, The Magnificent Blade of Absolute Power, The Throne of Time
Environment: The Crystalline Eyrie of the Akasha
Cr: 1,333
ECL: 2,000

The mighty Time Lords are the Highest of the High, at least to most beings and almost all beings in any given Creation. To most beings they represent God, they are the pinnicle point, the creator and the spirit that guides the universal nonpanversal cosmos itself. They represent the highest point, the point of absolute perfection that every divine being seeks. Their power is on such a level that they can truly affect the very fabric of all time and space, and can literally play with the very fabric of creation, indeed they are the fabric of creation, all things are the Time Lord until a being is able to break free and reach the Pleroma, all First One's and below, truly, are just manifest thoughts of a given Time Lord. They are the masters and holders of all knowledge, history, and power throughout their Cosmos and some of the absolute most powerful beings in the Pleroma second only to the High Lords, Eschatolic Dragons, Mulhatimic Dragons, Akashic Aspects, Heirarchs, and the Supreme Being Himself.

Few things are able to stand against their unimaginable might and fewer beings would ever even try. Anomalies, Demiurges, The Sundered, other Time Lords, High Hyperboreans, The strongest forces in the universe, and Nehaschimic Dragons are some of the only things truly capable of even stalling them, though those beings are technically capable of killing them in the right circumstances, they are usually utterly no match for their might.

Though most Time Lords live solitary existences or paired with a small ‘Cluster’ of Time Lords and similar entities, some Time Lords reside in breathtaking 4th dimensional cities, resembling Galaxies and Quasars in black from a distance. These vary wildly in appearance, one could look like a massive Dyson sphere loosely surrounding a black star the size of a million universes, where as another may be a city made of glass and crystal filled with glorious light, or a horrid black expanse of nightmarish space filled with monsters beyond reason, or even a parallel existence akin to the ethereal plane. The machinations of the Time Lords are as varied as the ages themselves.


The Time Lord presented below has already seen you approach and knows your actions before you do them due to his Tenth Sense ability, this makes any battle where he loses particularly difficult to entrap him in as he simply will not fight an opponent he has seen defeat him with certainty, though such opponents are rare indeed.

He is not usually concerned with combat and will usually send his Golems to Neutralize would be opponents before they ever reach him, he is unconcerned with beings from his realms as he is immune to them generally, especially if he is upon his Throne. Though beings with enough hubris to irritate the Time Lord will find themselves bombarded with incredible Epic magic and actual stars being seemingly formed upon where they stand/ repeated attempts to utterly destroy the foe from ever have existed via his Astro Effect and Expression of power. Those that close with him will find all their portfolios stripped from them or otherwise negated and will be attacked relentlessly and ever faster as the Time Lord, true to his name’s sake, will begin to make time spiral wildly out of control and will end their foe with a barrage of massive attacks seemingly each chosen to affect the opponent with as much efficiency as possible as if his every weakness was exposed to the Time Lord prior. Even attacks that harm the Time Lord seem to reverberate their damage back upon the transgressor.

A nightmare of a mistake it is to tangle with the Monads.

Most Time Lords do share one thing in common however: Massive armies of Neutronium Golems. These armies can number in the millions, and they will send these huge armies to do their bidding, and pound their enemies to powder.


Tenth Sense: The Time Lord knows all things and can see as easily into the future as others can see into their own past. They know all things before they happen, even an opponent's thoughts and thusly can circumvent basically any situation they don't want to have happen.

Other Time Lords, High Lords, Eschatolic Dragons, High Hyperboreans, Akashic Aspects, Pleromic Phenomenon, and certain other beings and situations can negate this or even surpass this effect.

Apostasy: Time Lords have no Alignment and are immune to all Alignment-based effects

Alter Reality: As a Swift Action, Time Lords may duplicate the effect of any spell of level 337th or lower or any Epic Spell with a DC of 1,623 or lower. All spells have no cap, deal d100 damage in place of their normal die-size, and deal pure Divine damage. (Thus, a simple Fireball cast by a Time Lord would deal 1,000d100 Divine Damage before any modification by Metamagic). These effects have a DC of 830+Spell Level

Cosmic Consciousness: A Time Lord perfectly perceives the entirety of Creation at all times.

Digestio: Devour the best ability scores of your defeated foes and gain them for your own if better (simplicity’s sake all stats are at 1000)

Dead Zone: A Time Lord can evoke a Dead Magic Zone within his Divine Aura (All Creation) that prevents the function of all magic and supernatural abilities without impeding his own abilities

Godly Realm: A Time Lord’s Godly Realm encompasses All Creation (the entirety of one whole universe, the observable universe is roughly 50 billion light years in radius thusly in my campaign ‘All Creation” is a 50 billion lightyear radius). Any enemy facing him from within suffers a -200 Divine Penalty on Armor Class and all rolls as cosmic forces of unspeakable potency prevent them from harming the Eternal One

Unearthly Reach (Ex): Your reach is equal to the range of your divine aura,

Unearthly Effect (Ex): All Effect powers ranges are increased to the range of your divine aura. Lines and ray effect powers have a range equal to line of sight. This coupled with Cosmic Consciousness gives effect power ray and lines Infinite range. (This allows a Time Lord to strike foes across the vast emptiness of the Pleroma which spans many trillions of ‘Creations’ in distance)

Invincibility: A Time Lord can ignore the effects of any affect by making a Fortitude Save equal to his attacker’s ECL

Omnipersonal: When A Time Lord is injured, all damage he is dealt is dealt also to every entity within Creation

Omnipresent: A Time Lord’s Divine Aura encompasses All Creation (50,000,000 Llghtyears)

Starflight: A Time Lord can reach any destination in the Multiverse in 3d20 minutes (3 minutes with Inner Eye)

Slipstream: A Time Lord cannot be undermined by time travel and is immune to Temporal effects

Spell Reflection: Any spell which fails to penetrate A Time Lord’s Spell Resistance is reflected back upon the caster, modified by 328 levels of Metamagic of A Time Lord’s choosing

Telluric Effect: A Time Lord’s Effect-abilities double in power every time he uses them against the same opponent consecutively

Transcorporeal: A Time Lord cannot be physically injured by any matter native to (His) Creation

Transfinite: A Time Lord’s Divine Rank is inflated by the Divine Rank of the most powerful opponent within his Divine Aura (All Creation)

Transmute: Can Transform one form of matter into any other (including rare matter such as antimatter or neutronium) with a thought.

Summon Neutronium Golem: At Will as a free action 1/round an Aeon can summon 1d1000 Neutronium Golems with 100% success, these creations are permanent, utterly loyal, and function in all ways as the Neutronium Golem described in the IH Epic Bestiary 1.

Transmortality: A Time Lord cannot be permanently destroyed by any means, he is truly beyond mortality

Transillient Fortitude: The Time Lord Cannot fail Fort Saves (Does not Stack with Invincibility)

Transillient Reflex: The Time Lord Cannot fail Reflex Saves

Transillient Will: The Time Lord Cannot fail Will Saves

Polymath: Can change class levels and features at will to whatever class he likes (Assumed to have all class features and abilities at all times due to Tenth Sense allowing him perfect foresight)

Considered all Double Portfolios simultaneously (Manifests as negating all opponent portfolio powers and allows him access to any and all powers at a whim)
[Beefer’s note.. If this is too annoying to work with simply use Omnidimensional in it’s place]

Transattack Period: Attacks per round double every round as long as you continue to attack the same target. (coupled with Telluric effect makes this terrifying)

Transtemporal: A Time Lord receives infinite actions against any opponent without the Slipstream ability and receives triple actions against opponents with the Slipstream ability

Transversal: A Time Lord can attack any target he can perceive (All Creation) regardless of distance)

Unreal: A Time Lord cannot be affected by magic born of his Creation

Omni Eye: A Time Lord always uses the most favorable result of a die roll, while all opponents within his Divine Aura (All Creation) use the lowest possible result for all die rolls, this ability negates the Inner Eye and Evil Eye abilities.

Astro Effect: The incredible daunting energy that radiates from a Time Lord’s body rend his foes from reality, sending their remains spiraling through space and time. Unless otherwise noted there is no save.
· Beam 75% chance of destruction, Line of Sight/ 121,200 ft. Ray, No Save
· Blast 39% chance of destruction, 121,200 ft. Range, 7,575 ft. Radius
· Blood 15% chance of destruction
· Breath 75% chance of destruction, 7,575 ft. Cone or Line of Sight/ 30,300 ft. Line
· Hand 100% Chance of destruction, Divine Damage, Melee Touch, No Save
· Immolation 100% Chance of destruction, affects All Creation
· Storm 15% chance of destruction, affects All Creation
· Strike 15% chance of destruction on each attack.
· Wrath 39% chance of destruction, 7,575 ft. Cone

Unreal: A Time Lord cannot be affected by magic born of Creation

Expression of Power: Treated as an Effect power, dealing 6x Cosmic Firmament Modifier d1000 of Omnific Damage, this appears like the Time Lord has created a new star upon the point of impact and in fact actually will create a real sun if the Time Lord so chooses, this replaces melee and ranged attacks if better and avoids all mundane or magical defenses and cannot be negated though Learned Ability Immunity, Thelemic Damage Induction, or similar damage blocking powers. Miss chances due to concealment, armor class, or other abilities work properly.
· Beam 12000d1000 x4 (48,000,000) Divine Damage, Line of Sight/ 121,200 ft. Ray, No Save
· Blast 6000d1000 x4 (24,000,000) Divine Damage, 121,200 ft. Range, 7,575 ft. Radius, Ref Save (DC 4,210) for ½
· Blood 3000d1000 x4 (12,000,000) Divine Damage, Ref Save (DC 4,210) Negates
· Breath 6000d1000 x4 Divine Damage (24,000,000), 7,575 ft. Cone or Line of Sight/ 30,300 ft. Line, Ref Save (DC 4,210) for ½
· Hand 18000d1000 x4 (72,000,000) Divine Damage, Melee Touch, No Save
· Immolation 18000d1000 x4 (72,000,000) Divine Damage, affects All Creation, Ref Save (Dc 4,210) for ½
· Storm 3000d1000 x4 (12,000,000) Divine Damage, affects All Creation, Ref Save (Dc 4,210) for ½
· Strike 3000d1000 x4 (12,000,000) Divine Damage on each attack
· Wrath 6000d1000 x4 (24,000,000) Divine Damage, 7,575 ft. Cone, Will Save (DC 4,210) Negates


The Unblemished Crown and Armor of the Will Divine: This mighty crown and suit of armor brims with power absolute, the will of an entire universe. It appears as if made of golden glass and fiber optic light, though it is entirely indestructible. It is immune to sunder attempts, abrogation, magic, and damage of all types. It confers a +500 Armor Bonus to AC, and a Perfection bonus equal to your Wisdom Modifier to AC, Initiative, Attack, Damage, Checks, and Skills.

The Magnificent Blade of Absolute Power: The total power of a Big Bang collapsed into a single point and forged from the same indestructible glass as his armor. This +500 weapon shreds through defenses, augments power, is indestructible, ignores AC, opponent’s are always considered flat footed, and the weapon needs only to touch to hit. It channels a Time Lord’s Expression of Power through it’s blade and deals 1000d1000 base damage. It is able to absorb one attack, reflect one attack, and negate one attack of an opponent’s arsenal. One of an opponent’s damaging attacks will heal the Time Lord instead of harm it, one attack will be negated as per the Abrogate cosmic ability, and one attack will be reflected back at the opponent and deal no damage to the Time Lord or his allies.

The Throne of Time: A massive marblesque throne the size of a large moon, from here the Time Lord rules over his Universe with absolute power, he can see all things and do almost anything he wishes to his own creation without limits, including entirely erasing histories and recreating all things in whatever way he sees fit much like the Supreme Being of a single universe and it’s many parallel counterparts. From his Throne his ability to create Neutronium golems is increased 1000 Fold, equal to his his hit dice x1000 (1000d1000) instead of simply a single d1000. Additionally whilst on his throne, he gains the Omnific Toughness, Superior Dominance, Omnific Architect, and Absolute abilities, though he loses these once he sits up from the Throne. Divine Rank is considered to be equal to his HD though this overlaps and does not stack with any other ability of similar nature, the Time Lord above is not considered to be on his Throne.

His Expression of Power is an “Effect” type ability.

[Beefer's Note: He's traded both his Portfolios and his Integrated Class Features for a ~90 ECL. (Counting a TL's ability to change their classes at will)
He has given up his last two Artifact slots to gain triple the allotted Divine Abilities.
His Throne of Time is a free artifact given to him as a symbol of his authority over his own Creation.
Summon Neutronium Golem and Starflight are abilities I have given to all Time Lords and so not appear in the manuals.]
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Good,A template Time Lord.I like the 4 Artifacts.Maybe can name them Regalia Artifacts,and them have a bit Messianic feeling

Good,A template Time Lord.I like the 4 Artifacts.Maybe can name them Regalia Artifacts,and them have a bit Messianic feeling

Oy! RPWT! Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked the Time Lord

I actually thought about the Messianic approach but decided against it for a few reasons, 1. I already made a Messianic being in my entry for Metatron, click my name you should see a tab like 'see all posts from this user' if you want to take a look at it, I'll try and put a link for you. 2. As this being is the embodiment of an entire universe, and as he already has Omneity, this allows him to be the Messiah of any being with an alignment already as it gives him all Double Portfolios, any alignment or racial portfolio has the "Messiah" ability as one of it's core final abilities so it would be redundant as he already is. 3. Such abilities are easily mitigated by beings on his level, Apostasy disallows alignment based effects and too many beings are 'extraplanar' which is too broad a subspecies to be considered for the "Messiah" ability, it's a great tactic for Old Ones and First Ones but loses it's luster at Demiurge levels and especially Time Lord levels. and finally 4. If you look at my post for The Ultimate, he already has a similar feel and ability tree and I didn't want to be redundant. There are a thousand interesting ways one can play a Transcendent or above being and showcasing them give more tools for a DM and player's toolbox. imo.

Regarding the 'Regalia' idea, I make these for everyone's use, if you want to add that to your own Time Lord by all means, this is Krusty's sandbox, we're just making sand castles in it. :)

Hey I've added a link to an old compilation of the works from this website and some of my own stuff from a while back, can't seem to find it on here so I'm reposting it. This is the Cosmic Bestiary, near the back of the PDF there is the "Manifestation of Metatron" which is the Messianic being I spoke of. Enjoy. :)


  • Cosmic Bestiary.doc
    189.5 KB · Views: 613

Hi. I'm a new one. I only recently have discovered the Immortal Handbook serie and I find it superb. Thinking to me as a newbe and willing not to be a long-time annoying person, would you tell me, with only one exemple for all, wich Qualities have you used to "Expression of Power + Astro Blast" (for instance)? Have you used the "Ascension" book, is that correct (if it's not, wich book have you used?)? I questioning your superb High Lord because I can't understand how you came to do so much damage and maybe with one single example I will understand it.

If you look at the quantum effect ability, coupled with inner eye, unerthly weapon specialization, etc, I've stated the exact format several times, my Hyperborean Soldier has it stated out for ease of access it magnifies base damage by 24x over for each hit, withh Transattack period and Trandtemporal and other superpositioning powers the math is easy to understand. Sorry Apep, I tend to work off of, vice just make up abilities.
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First Post
I was just saying that a universe punching you to death is kinda weird compared to it throwing quasars and mini big bangs at people
imagine if zeus was famous not for lightening but for being an amazing boxer
or odin really liked wrestling
yeah its a bit weird

Legitimately. I always thought that made no sense. Good for some dumpy ass "ride or die" fighter type with no personality to stay relevant but otherwise it's a pretty wasted opportunity and just seems overall kind of... unfinished. Hence the "Might" abilty I made, to make the scales a little better balanced and Expression of Power literally dropping actual Stars on people. Lol.

Basically baby food at high High levels but early thousands and high hundreds it's pretty bad ass.

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