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The Hunt for the Blue Palace (Yoon Suin/Troika!)

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Dusty Dragon
As you go down, the water gets darker (you're blocking the light) but you are now confident that the water is only 3 feet deep at most. The chains look stout, but they are brass (which can be soft) or bronze (which can be brittle) and you think you can break them.

As you enter the water however, something tries to bite you - or somethings

dmg on pinpehlu in the well: 1D6-1 = [3]-1 = 2

You take 2 points of damages as small bites begin appearing on your skin. another ... thing... is furiously trying to bite through your leather vest but doing little progress.

Do you scamper up the vine (no check required) or do you try to yank the chest out (strength check)?

(ooc: or something else? )


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"What in the name of--" Pinpehlu exclaims as something bites his skin, and the porter retracts instinctively. It's no use, however, unless perhaps he climbs back up.

But then he'll have to leave the chest behind, and that's something Pinpehlu is not willing to do. With gritted teeth, the porter grabs the chest and yanks it free from the chains.

OOC: Gotta try that Strength check...
Pinpehlu strength 9 check: 2D6 = [3, 2] = 5


Dusty Dragon
bracing his feet against the edge of the well, Pinbehlu dipped in the water, grabbed the chest and gave it a mighty heave, breaking the chains one by one.

As he did so, he felts more bites - on his arms, one on his face, and the water took on a faint red tinge

second round of mysterious bites on pinpehlu: 1D6-1 = [3]-1 = 2

(Pinpehlu takes 2 more points of stamina damage).

Holding the chest under one arm, he started climbing out of the well. As he did so, he saw a strange thing. Biting on his rhino leather vest was a two foot long snake - no an eel! - completely transparent, as if it was made of glass. He tried to grab it but it let go and fell back into the water, where its coloration made it essentially invisible. There must be at least half a dozen of these in the water...

Reading the top of the well, pulled up by his companions, Pinpehlu delivered the chest. He was wet and bloodied but otherwise ok.

The green metallic chest was locked and very heavy. However, while sturdy the lock was very simplistic, and a few minutes of poking was sufficient to defeat it.

The chest turned out to be so heavy because it was filled with water. However, inside there was something else - a rotting bag of what must have been a fancy fabric, and inside it, you found a ring of obsidian, about 1 inch in diameter, polished smooth. There seems to be faint runes buried under the surface.

How do you examine your find?


"Let me see those runes..." suggested Dubi Gan after having a look at Pinpehlu's wounds and determining that they were mostly superficial. He was relieved that he had not gotten the porter killed over one little ring, but he hoped that it might prove valuable.


Dusty Dragon
(OOC: the godly palm wine boost visions, not scholarly information. Second sight (detect magic) doesn't need the wine either)

Dubi Gan examined the object.

You couldn't be sure, but you believed this to be an magical artefact (not artIfact, artEfact). The magic users of Yoon-Suin, being bored, rich and scholarly, often experimented with magical items of dubious utility. Over the thousands of years the Yellow City has existed, a number of them have been made, and there are now collectors who will purchase them. So if this is what you think it is, it could easily be sold for several hundred rupees at an auction, perhaps even more!

OR... if you could figure out what it did, perhaps it was useful - perhaps you would want to keep it? But you also know as a scholar that their non-standard nature meant that experimentation would be required - and that could be risky.

OOC: You can do a luck check to get more scholarly information, but you already know this.

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