The Hunt for the Blue Palace (Yoon Suin/Troika!)


the magical equivalent to the number zero
"Just a ring?"

Pinpehlu is disappointed that he had to go through that trouble to find just a ring inside the chest.

"I hope it's worth something. Please tell me it's valuable."

OOC: Stamina: 8/18

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Dubi Gan fingered the ring contemplatively while looking at the runes, trying to decide if it was safe to put on. He held the ring up to the sky and peeked through the hole. When Frog Froth began to shuffle, he turned absent-mindedly to Pinpehlu and said, "Oh yes, absolutely valuable. Thank you for fetching it. But let us move on. We have a Palace to find, after all. It can't be far now."


Ghostly Tuft
"This ring... It's beyond me.... I can't seem to understand whether it is harmful or not to us."

And yet, Miu is incredibly fascinated with the thing.
Despite the fact that it might harm or kill him, he's tempted to snatch it from Dubi Gan's hands and put it on...


Dusty Dragon
The group pressed north. They went quickly beyond the area where the vinegaroon was, and were surprised not to encounter the creek. But, as the sun was near setting, they finally found it - in a large clearing, a large edifice, covered in parts by blue tiles, that matched the description Dubi Gan was given. The building looked almost ill - there was less blue than underlying topaz stone, giving it a poxed appearance - but with its grand arches and imposing size, it must have been a magnificent building back int he day.

The surrounding area had been crudely maintained by someone or something - there was little cover available, brushes and trees all having been cut, but with no effort at making it look "neat".
Troika Map 9.png

What do you do?


"The Blue Palace! Thank you my friends, we have found it at last. I see why it was hard to find, as none of my maps indicated this bend in the creek." Dubi Gan was clearly elated. He shook everyone's hands and patted them on the shoulders.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Pinpehlu just stands and looks at the palace, a smile on his face.

This is it! All these experiences, leading up to this moment!

The porter's face screws up for a moment. Now what? Looking at his companions, he says quietly, "Wouldn't hurt to take a closer look, eh?"

And with that, the rotund little man moves forward onto the crudely maintained area around the building.

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