The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread


Uh... there's a lot people say about 3e ... but the one thing I've never heard is, "Hey guys, the Clerics in that edition really, really sucked. Do you know what the worst, least-powerful class that had nothing to do was? The CODZILLA! Thank goodness 4e rectified those weak-azz Clerics and gave them something to do!"

...but maybe I missed out on some of the discourse?
Seems to me that a Cleric based archer was one of the most broken characters to play in 3e.

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Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
What about those (like @Snarf Zagyg ) who drive stick? Shifting hand or outside hand?

HA! That's a trick question.

The type of people who are stuffing food into their pieholes while driving aren't looking for the thrill of the stick. No, far from it!

Those insipid souls are counting the cupholders in their minivan crossover, and measuring them to ensure that they will accommodate the girthiest big gulp possible.

No- if you go all-in for the driving experience, you care about the following -

1. Horsepower.
2. Stick.
3. B******' stereo system (not to be confused with a b******' Camaro).
4. More horses.
5. Anti-bard device, or flamethrower. But I repeat myself.
6. Something really tasteful for a design ... like flames, or the classic firebrid/phoenix, or not less than three (3!) wolves.


You forgot rims. Gotta have solid rims.
And suspension/tires. All the power in the world doesn't matter, if you can get that power to the road.

(If I've learnt anything from shooting motorcycle racing for more than 20 years, taking 8 racing schools, and 2 advanced street riding courses, it's that suspension and skill are more important than horsepower, for anything other than a straight line ;) )

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