The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread

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Limit Break Dancing
Also, people get really worked up over what people think they said, and what people say they think they said, and what they think they said that they thought that someone else said that they think they thought that they said...

Clarity is on you, writer. If there is always confusion about what you were trying to say, or if you feel that people are continually "twisting your words" or whatever, consider this: it's not always the reader's fault.


So, the bogeyman can be good too? Did I read that right?

::ducks for cover:::

Depends on your preferred edition's stance on racial Alignment...

Also, pigeonholing the bad scary monster whose literal job is to be a bad scary monster into the role of a bad scary monster is badwrong.
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Lord of the Hidden Layer
I haven’t worn pants in weeks!
A few years ago the Scottish Open (golf tournament) ran an ad that began with half-dressed guys getting ready for work and singing (timidly) "Ain't got no pants on". At the end of the ad they showed a dozen bagpipers in kilts proudly singing "We wear no pants!"


You're complaining about someone else doing that?

Follow-up: Now that's more like it. If we could bottle that for use in other threads!!
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