The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread

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South by Southwest

Incorrigible Daydreamer

Do you ever think someone is just trolling the entire site?

Some people are just really, really bad at communicating. And there are also people who communicate just fine, but are just plain weird to start with. It doesn't necessarily mean they have bad intentions.

The real trolls tend to either be so eager to cause havoc that they get caught quickly, or smart enough not to start threads that stand out so much.

What I'm fed up with is the pure European Feudalism of it all.

Where are the threads with titles like The Anarchist Collective Outlawed Legal Marriage At Their Last Meeting, And Nearly Half of My Polycule Is Upset About It
This sounds like something perfect for my Solis sfrpg, there is even a star system where the main world is run by an anarchist collective; I could see the players be like deer caught in the headlights when something happens, and that hook is in there.

Well, it looks like the thread made it to post #9 before someone completely ignored the topic at large and decided to appropriate it for their own agenda. I was hoping it would get until at least page 2 before that happened.

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