The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread

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CR 1/8
Y'know, I'm almost getting to the point where I'll be glad when the threads about the movie start dying down again. It seems like there's at least a dozen threads about it and I'm kind of hitting my saturation point.
On the bright side, there are now hundreds of creepy AI videos depicting celebrities eating spaghetti to keep us entertained.
Because truly we live in the most exhilarating timeline!


can't tell if half is just hate watching at this point or not
There's a lesson to be learned....



Sir, I just watched my wife spend 44 hours in labor to deliver our firstborn. If I had all of that energy in addition to my own, I still wouldn't have enough energy to care about your opinion about my elfgame.
I recall my firstborn taking about that long. The second took about 10 minutes. Not sure what that is about.

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