The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread


Limit Break Dancing

Remember the 3.5E sandwich?

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Limit Break Dancing
From what I can tell, "Portland Style" pizza is just a normal pizza, except everyone moans about how it was better before it got all popular, before it "sold out" and Big Pizza Corp put it on the Internet.


Tension, apprension, and dissension have begun
Oooh. I've done lots of bizarre pizza cuts for my son... but I've never tried random circles!!
The circles are important. Gotta have circles overlaid on a radial plan overlaid on a grid, if you wanna have the perfect street layout.

Presuming that by "perfect" you mean "guaranteed to befuddle invading armies, and also tourists."

EDIT: I should be clear. I live near DC and am speaking from ... experience.

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