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5E The Kalarian Precipice - Chapter Four


First Post
A step towards the cage. "Smash it?" Jeovanna asked the others, ooze-slicked blade ready to do the bars in, but... she would, with some great effort, shake it off. The fight was over.

For now.

Looking a bit glum, she'd poke about- not with her hands, obviously- at the remains of the ooze demons, and anything else that might've been around that was actually useful. No hides, nothing to sell... would a tanner take some sharp teeth in trade? No...

She wasn't fully paying attention to the others, but perhaps she was just a little embarrassed at having lost her cool.

<Investigation check=19>

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First Post
Metea: The grinning skull

Metea's tail lashed back and forth in fascination. She was a cat that had seen a bird just outside her reach. But she had also learned her lesson about simply reaching out and touching mysterious items.

"Well, Magaw. Today may be your lucky day," Metea begins. She glanced back at Jeovanna. "Perhaps not yet. There is a curse at work here. Let's not end today with a curse."

One finger lays on the cracked mystical lens, but she hesitates to bring it out. Magaw had specifically called out mystical items. Would investigating using one break the item in question? Or break him? Powerful magic aside, a dry skull without any meat around it could be quite fragile.

Carthum returns with their dwarven friend, and looks to find a safe place to let him rest.

He is certainly keeping an eye on the others, though. While they're mostly distracted by the skull, Carthum's concern is a bit different. Is this another undead, or some other darker magic? Was the miner above one of this ones' creations? Carthum tries to remember, but...

<Religion check=10>

"Perhaps we should keep a listen out for anything else that might be coming up the halls," Carthum suggests to Annit.

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