The pinnacle of hubris! I present to you Thychen, the Supreme Being

The Supreme Being, Thychen

“The Lord of Time, The Cosmic King, The Man Behind the Desk, Master of All Creation, God, The Akashic Aspect of Time and Fate”

You’ve been led to a small temple, tucked away in a back alley, led by mortal mystics and monks, you’ve taken a mortal form. Small, middle aged, pauperish, you wish not to draw attention. Not that it truly matters to you, you could crumble this planet to atoms with a stumble, but that isn’t why you’re here.

Days before, you met with Shim’rasastrana’, the Gankyil Dragon, and asked Her the best way of meeting He who sits most High, she smiled at you and said,

‘You will find him in the most unassuming of places, he teaches his way to a world of mortal men and women, to lead them to a life of fulfillment.’

You were baffled and doubting, but, why not see if there is any merit to what Old Shimmer had to say. So you flew to this world, masked your power, took the form of a small mortal man and began to look for this ‘Teacher’ that was also supposed to be The Almighty Aspect of Time.

You approach the Temple doors, simple wood and green paint, walls like some sort of pressed paper mache covered in some form of stucco. The old monk you’ve met opens the door and with quick and measured steps quietly moves inside first, never looking up, he closes the door behind you, and then you see... you see, Him.

Thin, sitting quietly legs folded under him, long shiny pale white hair, wearing a gray monk’s robe with one arm and shoulder exposed, and alert eyes that shimmer with colors like an opal, he seems engaged in conversation with one of the acolytes here. You’re surprised, they all seem so open and happy, he talks with them and laughs, He truly cares about them.

Shimmer wasn’t joking, you know it’s Him, you can feel it, and you’re sure that He knows what you are. You cautiously sit down, quietly, among the others, and Thychen looks at you, directly at you and suddenly the strangest feeling goes through you, like you have had all your deepest secrets opened up and revealed in front of you, he just looks at you and smiles, it’s hard to make eye contact, but you do and immediately calm down, a serene almost otherworldly feeling suffuses you, like finally you have peace, something, perhaps with no words to describe it makes sense. The reason you came here perhaps.

“A fresh face, My name is Thychen, what’s yours?” The Supreme Being asks you calmly and genuinely. The absurdity of meeting God in a garden of strangers dissipates and is replaced with a calm and peaceful acceptance.

You pause for a moment, open your mouth and slowly speak, “My name is…”

The Supreme Being
Highlord Stage 78
Unsizable Poly-Existential Outsider

Hit Dice:
78,000d10,000+∞ x 12 x ten thousand (∞ hp, 153,600,000,000,000 hp)
Armor Class: ∞ ( ∞ Charisma, ∞ Dex, ∞ Wis, ∞ Lord of All Creation ) 1,326,000 Base (+78,000 Nat, +78,000 Armor, +78,000 Shield, +936,000 Lord of All Creation, +78,000 Deflection, +78,000 Divine )

Initiative: Always Goes First
Speed: Folds Space

Base Attack/Grapple: 78,000/ ∞

- The Heighten Sword: Always Hits, ∞ Range, Always Rolls Natural 20’s, Cannot fail checks

-The Heighten Shield: Always Hits, ∞ Range, Always Rolls Natural 20’s, Cannot fail checks

-Expression of Infinite Power: Always Hits, ∞ Range, Always Rolls Natural 20’s, Cannot fail checks

-The Heighten Wings: Always Hits, ∞ Range, Always Rolls Natural 20’s, Cannot fail checks

Full Attack:
-The Heighten Sword: ∞ Damage, + ∞ Str,+ ∞/936,000 Lord of All Creation, +78,000 Divine, +78,000 Enchantment, x16 x6 + Expression of Infinite Power, Redirects all Enemy Attacks(∞ attacks)

-The Heighten Shield: ∞ Damage, + ∞ Str,+ ∞/936,000 Lord of All Creation, +78,000 Divine, +78,000 Enchantment, x16 x6 + + Expression of Infinite Power, Absorbs Enemy Attacks, can be charged to release all stored energy at a later time(∞ attacks)

-Expression of Infinite Power: ∞ Damage, ∞ Range, + ∞ Str,+ ∞/936,000 Lord of All Creation, +78,000 Divine, x16 x6, Damage Repeats Forever, Annihilates all HD and Divine Ranks.

-The Heighten Wings: ∞ Damage, + ∞ Str,+ ∞/936,000 Lord of All Creation, +78,000 Divine, x16 x6 + Expression of Infinite Power, Severs an Opponent’s head or other appendage (or splits whatever he wishes in half) (∞ attacks)
+ Expression of Infinite Power,

Special Attacks: Expression of Infinite Power, Might of God, Alter Creation, Disrupt, Universal Disrupt, Existential Disrupt, The Ram Headed Throne, Will of God, Imperious, Veto, Lord of All Creation, Words of Chaos

Special Qualities: DR: ∞/--, SR: ∞, Omnific Traits, Supreme Being Traits, Omni-Elemental Immunity, Omni-Elemental Absorbtion, Omni-Elemental Reflection, Overwhelming Toughness, Space Folding, Poly-Existential, Immunities, Omnicompetent, Eye of God

Abilities: (Base 100,000) Str ∞, Dex ∞, Con ∞, Int ∞, Wis ∞, Cha ∞
Saves: Fort ∞, Ref ∞, Will ∞
Skills: All skills are at ∞.

Feats: (Imperius See Below) Anyfeat x∞, Automatic Metamagic Capacity x∞,

Divine Abilities: (Imperius See Below) Anyfeat x∞, Quantum Effect, Uncanny Whirlwind Attack, Regeneration, X-Ray Vision, Perfect Initiative, Telluric Effect, Telelocation, Distant Gaze

Cosmic Abilities: (Imperius See Below) Specular, Slipstream, Perfect Critical, Oblique Strike, Unearthly Weapon Specialization, Learned Ability Immunity, Divine Nescience, Divine Inspiration x∞, Ratification, Nullification

Transcendental Abilities: (Imperius See Below) Legendary Strength, Legendary Charisma, Legendary Dexterity, Legendary Intelligence, Legendary Wisdom, Legendary Charisma, Ultimate Weapon Focus, Perfect Defense, Transversal, Cosmic Inspiration x∞, Invincibility, Sophism, Divine Ratification, Divine Nullification

Omnific Abilities: (Imperius See Below) ∞ Strength, ∞ Dexterity, ∞ Constitution, ∞ Intelligence, ∞ Wisdom, ∞ Charisma, Transcendental Inspiration x∞, Transcendental Nescience, Tenth Sense, Cosmic Ratification, Cosmic Nullification, Omniparity, Omneity, Omnipersonal

Metempiric Abilities: Aspect of Time, Might of God, Words of Chaos, Omnific Inspiration, Inexhaustible, Omnific Ratification, Omnific Nullification, Eye of God, Disrupt, Universal Disrupt, Existential Disrupt, Will of God, Imperious, Veto, Lord of All Creation, Metadimensional, Omnific Presence, Supreme Mimic, 11th Sense

Environment: The Font of all Creation, Akasha
Organization: Solitary, With The Aanorrath and the Aspects of Creation, or with Lipika and Heavenly Host, or with Gamma the Akashic
Challenge Rating: (official CR 156,000)

Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Beyond Alignment
Effective Class Level: 156,000

Thychen is the absolute Will and Force of Creation within the current Epoch of Timelines Multiverses and Dimensions. All things are but thoughts of Thychen. As Thychen Opens his eyes a Multiverse comes into existence, as he closes them it winks out, nothing in Creation can dare to come close to the power that Thychen holds. As the Supreme Being in this Realm, he is without limit and without question. No being is Thychen’s equal and all take knee when He who is truly most high presents Himself upon the face of Existence.

Of course there are other Supreme Beings, other cosmologies, Thychen has a Consort, known as Terrah the Warrior Queen and a best friend and man at arms called Atlas of the Galaxy of the Sun, other realms outside of Thychen’s scope scope will, but within the confines of the presented reality of the Multiverse, Thychen is The One.

Unlike other Deities however, Thychen’s temples all contain a small living shred of Thychen’s power, He is not above speaking to those who worship him directly in a way in which they’ll understand. As such He has come to the world in a myriad of ways in an infinite amount of forms and with an infinite and varied amount of sometimes contradictory messages, but to a being who exists in all times places and spaces, these seeming contradictions are absolutely valid and not contradictory in the slightest.

When encountered, depending upon which form he takes, he may either look like a slender and wiry man with flowing almost glowing white hair, strange shimmering kaleidoscopic eyes, elven like ears and a strange presence that both calms you and scares you, in this form he is known as Thychen, and is the monk-like Supreme Ruler of the Multiverse. If one moves deeper, into Kuvatchim, the Diamond Realm of infinity in the Heart of the Pleroma, one may find Thychen’s True Form, the Master of Fate, known by many names he is the common root of all religion and all worship in the Realms, known as “The Cosmic King” He appears as a mighty and statuesque king both made of and garbed in diamond armor and crown turning massive keys known as the ‘Keys of Creation” moving the mighty crystalline machinery that runs the Omniverse, it’s from here that he creates the concepts and laws that will run the Kosmos, but, this is in fact not his real True Form.

Unbeknownst to all but a very select few, Thychen’s Real form, the Man Behind the Desk, as he is sometimes known, is the being presented above. It is He who sits inside the Akashic Library pouring through the Tomes of Ancient Knowledge, those fonts of light, learning the Ancient Chaos Language and creating the very ideas within the heads of both the Thychen of Creation and the Cosmic King. The face of this being is said to be a thousand-fold, and to personify such a being is the height of hubris, however for playability’s sake he would look like his first form presented above, but more scholarly, perhaps a bit older and with a beard. He needs no flash or glitter as his power is absolute.


There is no being in Creation that can match Thychen. Only the Akashic and the Old Supreme Being, ‘Antithychen or Dennis’ can affect him. And only the Mulahatimic Dragons can directly challenge Him within his own Realm. All other beings are nowhere near his level. His revealed form is Stage 36, his True Form The Cosmic King is 78 whilst his Real Form The Man Behind the Desk is also stage 78, however sits upon the Ram Headed Throne and gains it’s benefits.
Thychen will always simply Disrupt a foe ending combat instantly as it can kill any being and nothing can survive it.

Only twice has Thychen been challenged to the point where he needed to use his full energy, the first time was early in Thychen’s time as the Supreme Being, the Akashic, curious about this new existence decided to walk among it, Thychen knowing not of the Akashic at this point attacked the seemingly alien being who was walking his world, the ensuing battle annihilated the Existence and created the Aspect of Destruction, Sercasembra.

The Second time was when Xenopactli, a strange and horrible being once attempted to take the Throne from Thychen’s grasp and actually managed to succeed in many Timelines, Thychen was forced to call upon his heavenly host and ultimately had to warp in an infinite amount of himselves to defeat the beast.

Almost no being can stand against His Will, even the Wuji and Taiji Dragons, even the Aspects are but rudimentary filiments of Him.

To Try to truly challenge Thychen, is suicide.

Words of Chaos (Ex): The Supreme Being reads the mythic words of the Akashic Library, able to generate any affect he so pleases regardless of complexity or simplicity no matter how small or how large. Akashic Aspects can be generated with a single Word. This ability can be used in any way Thychen sees fit without limits. Within Creation Thychen can tap into 78 Words from the Akashic Library, Presented here is Thychen’s True form which sits in the Seat of Creation within the Akashic Library itself, thusly, this power is only limited by the DM’s imagination. All Chaos Words used are absolute and require no save and all are considered Free Actions.

Expression of Infinite Power (Su): Deals ∞ damage, Annihilates all HD of an effected enemy and all Divine Ranks (As Akashic Effect). The damage repeats itself every round forever with no save possible, can be projected throughout the Kosmos, throughout Time, and into previous and future existences and tangent space time continuums. If Thychen so willed He could annihilate all Creation with a single wave of His hand using this ability.

Beam (Ray) Infinite Damage, Infinite Range, Always Hits

Blast Infinite Damage, Infinite Range.. Standard action

Blood Infinite Damage, Melee. free action

Breath* Infinite Damage, Infinite Range Cone. Standard action

Hand: Infinite Damage, Infinite Range,.Melee Touch

Immolation: Infinite Damage, Infinite Range. Cast upon Death

Storm Infinite Damage, Infinite Range, Aura (bonus) Free-

Strike Infinite Damage, Infinite Range. Melee (bonus) Free -

Wrath (Gaze) Infinite Damage, Infinite Range.. Free action

Alter Creation (Su): Can alter any aspect of existence as he sees fit with but a thought, these effects are permanent and considered fundamental to creation, nothing within existence can resist the alteration of reality as decided upon by the Supreme Being. This replaces and stacks with the parameters of Alter Reality.

Might of God (Ex): Any action done by the Supreme Being is permanent and cannot be undone by any will other than His own. Any damage dealt by Him is absolute and can never be recovered unless Thychen Himself decides to undo the damage.

Lord of All Creation (Ex): Thychen is the Creator of the 12 Existences, each a defined infinity in their own right, He gains a Divine Bonus equal to his Hit Dice (78,000) multiplied by each existence created (12 x 78,000= 936,000) and a + ∞ stacked 12 times (meaning it must be removed from him 12 times to finally affect Him) on Armor Class, Attack Rolls, Checks ( Ability Checks, Caster Level Checks, Skill Checks, Turning Checks, Difficulty Class (for any and all abilities), Initiative, Saving throws, and Spell Resistance. Thychen is immune to all affects that require a save, alignment based effects, and is immune to all magical and natural effects.

Imperious (Ex): Treated as having access and the capability to use all Feats, all Epic Feats, all Divine Abilities, all Cosmic Abilities, all Transcendent Abilities, and all Omnific Abilities as if he had individually chosen and earned each and every ability. This ability cannot be abrogated and each ability must be removed individually.

Space-Folding (Ex): Thychen is able to fold space to instantly travel to any point in the universe at any time, this effectively makes Thychen occupy all spaces for all positive benefits or effects, and not occupy any space that would be considered non beneficial. Essentially allowing Thychen to target a foe without being able to be targeted itself.

Aspect of Time (Ex): Thychen leaves the ability to control time and space to himself alone. He can freely travel to destroyed existences, past timelines, future timelines, alternate existences, alternate timelines etc. He gains an infinite amount of attacks against any target, and can undermine any creature born from creation via Time including Transtemporal entities.

Metadimensional (Ex): Thychen can warp every version of himself from all times and all existences each round. He starts with twelve Manifestations and that number doubles exponentially each round (12,24,48,96 etc)

Disrupt (Ex): As a free action, Thychen annihilates a single entity (mind body and soul), place or object with no save sending them seemingly spiraling into a black hole like rift.

Universal Disrupt (Ex): Works like Disrupt but on the scale of either a Universe, the Pleroma, or a Timeline.

Existential Disrupt (Ex): Thychen Disrupts an entire Existence annihilating all things. Any being with over 100 hit dice will be reincarnated but will remember nothing and will be reborn at level 1 with strange abilities related to their former manifestation.

Inexhaustible (Ex): Thychen is considered to have Omnific Toughness, Indissoluble, and regenerates when slain as an immediate action and gets a free full attack.

Omnific Ratification (Ex): Thychen gains any and all Omnific abilities any of it’s opponents or allies have.

Omnific Nullification (Ex): Thychen is the creator of all Divinity and subsequentially abrogates all Omnific and below abilities of any and all enemies he faces.

Infinite: (Ability Score): Thychen is considered to have ∞ for all ability scores as per his Imperious ability. Each Ability Score must be peeled off individually by it’s own use of Abrogate or similar powers.

Omniparity (Ex): Thychen has all Class Abilities and Features effectively Gestalting all Classes.

Omneity (Ex): Thychen has all Double Portfolios gaining all positive abilities and no negative abilities.

Omnipersonal (Ex): All damage dealt to Thychen is felt by all beings Thychen wishes to as well.

Eye of God (Ex): Thychen is All Creation, He sees the Universe as He sees fit. He needs not roll for any action, all actions are considered successful natural ‘20’s. Any would be enemy finds all actions fail and any foreseeable negative consequence can and will happen regardless of how unlikely or absurd.

Will of God (Ex): All beings view Thychen as the ‘Messiah’ as per the ability. The Mutiverse runs as Thychen Wills, he can change alignments, allegiances, attitudes and the very fabric of creation including the fabric of any being on a whim. Thychen can alter any numerical effect (Stats, DC’s etc) Alignment, Classes, Level, QP, EXP, Race, etc as he sees fit. Powerful enemies are usually simply turned into hard won allies, entire backstories, whole histories changed, this is not an illusion or any other trick, any memory of the past is erased immediately as if it never took place.

Veto (Ex): If another Supreme Being or being of equivalent power alters something within creation, Thychen can ‘Veto’ that decision and reverse it’s affects or block it. Thychen can also Veto his own decisions, however, once a new form is put within Creation, he can never truly erase it, powerful entities or clever mortals can harness such ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ and cause disaster within Creation.

Poly-Existential (Ex): The Supreme Being is a being that exists in multiple concepts and multiple timestreams all at once. It entirely controls it’s dimensions, and it’s opponent’s perceptions of it at all times, allowing it to simultaneously exist as both something micro-diminutive for purposes of detecting it and attacking it and also Xonna-Titanic for purposes of grappling, damage, etc. it is treated as having an effectively infinite size bonus in both AC, Grapple, and Attack all at the same time without penalty.

Omnific Inspiration (Ex): Thychen’s Omnific Powers can change at will.

Omnific Traits: Thychen is immune to all affects that require a save, alignment based effects, and is immune to all magical and natural effects. The 12 fundamental forces of the Kosmos He is associated with apply to AC, Attack rolls, All Checks, DCs, Initiative, Saves, and Spell resistance

Supreme Being Traits: Thychen is the fundamental mind that made all things. All things in the Omniverse are his to command. He is immune to all things including being destroyed by any being in creation except for The Omega, he gains access to all Feat-Omnific abilities, can alter any circumstance to whatever he sees fit including the basic parameters of the omniverse or the very character sheet of beings involved and generally speaking can do whatever he wishes without limitation. His Divine Bonus is also equal to his HD instead of 1/5th His Level. Additionally He has the council and guidance of all Supreme Beings who existed before Him. These abilities are outlined above.

Supreme Mimic (Ex): Can mimic any ability He sees, using His HD as the baseline for all numerical associated effects.

Overwhelming Toughness (Ex): The Supreme Being has an Infinite Damage Reduction, uses d10,000s for base hit dice, and has a ten-thousand x health multiplier.

11th Sense (Ex): Thychen is able to perceive the entirety of all times and all fates. He knows all actions before they were ever even conceived, and can redo rounds that do not work in His favor, simply moving to a more favorable timespace continuum.

Perfect Defense: ∞ AC

Invincibility: Fort save based on attacker’s damage to avoid all damage.

Ultimate Weapon Focus: ∞ Attack Bonus

Oblique Strike: Can foil an opponent's defenses by hitting something else.

Time Dialtion: Double actions every round

Quantum Effect: Variable damage with attacks. (x4 permanently with Infinity Eye)

Unearthly Weapon Specialization: Damage multiplied by crit multiplier.

Perfect Critical Multiplier: +4 crit multiplier steps


The Ram Headed Throne: The Ancient Seat of Authority of the First Supreme Being, and legends hint at it being from even before Him. Whilst sitting upon the Throne of Creation, Thychen is utterly invincible. No form of damage can hurt him, no manner of attack can faze him, he sees through all schemes and illusions both magical and mundane, nothing any being does can affect him negatively in any way shape or form, his divine bonus is considered effectively infinite and he is considered entirely without limits for any ability he wishes to use or any idea he wishes to manifest whilst sitting on the Throne.

(The Heighten Set, all artifacts with the "Heighten" moniker are all part of one legendary set of equipment. These items known as Kineshin items, the Kineshin being beings who have significant amounts of matter from previous existences within them, giving them unique powers. Kineshin items and Kineshin sets are either artifacts or whole sets of weapons, armor, and equipment that have historical significance, are made by Antithychen, Thychen, the Aspects or the Kineshins and are treated as 1 artifact as they all gain power simultaneously and grow in power as the user gets stronger. Moreover all Kineshin items are utterly indestructible and if successfully sundered simply are disarmed instead)

The Heighten Armor: A beautiful robe of Akashic diamonds, shifts in form from a simple robe to whatever the user please, regardless of form it shimmers like the reflection of sunlight on water fills the onlooker’s mind with pleasant thoughts of home and hearth, this can be converted to whatever the user wishes. +78,000 Robe grants a + ∞ bonus on Armor, Saves, SR, DR, and converts all incoming damage into healing energy and temporary health. Infinite damage absorbed becomes another layer of infinite health that must be nullified by similar attacks.

The Heighten Shield: A mirrored +78,000 shield immune to damage floats independent of the user and defends against all attacks granting a +∞ Shield Bonus to AC. Any damage dealt to Thychen is first absorbed by the Heighten Shield, the destructive power and secondary effects of all attacks absorbed by the shield is stored by the shield without limits and can subsequentially be released by the user at a later date up to three times.

The Heighten Sword: The blade of the Will Divine, a +78,000 blade seemingly formed of mirrored light that has an unlimited base damage. Thychen’s Sword utterly annihilates any manufactured weapons or artifacts that strike it. Such Artifacts are considered permanently destroyed, including Divine Artifacts still attached to a living entity permanently removing their capability to recreate that artifact or any replacement or replacement divine abilities. The Heighten Sword can redirect any and all attack unleashed upon him back upon his foes or in whatever direction he so pleases

The Heighten Regalia: The Amulet, Helm, Cloak, and Boots of the Heighten Set allow the user a variety of powerful effects, but must be used in conjunction with the other artifacts presented (besides the Throne) for their effects to work only working as sub epic magical items otherwise. The Amulet grants an unlimited amount of Spells or Alter Realities per round with an ∞ bonus to casterlevel check, The Helm allows one to look beyond dimensions and see things for how they truly are, no being regardless of power can foil Thychen through trickery or deceit, the Boots increase a user’s speed to the power of ten allowing a user to utterly shatter physical laws and limitations moving thousands of times faster than the speed of light and once per round can allow a user to move as fast as they can think, literally the speed of thought, and the Cloak creates twelve tendril like wings of light (Think Tyrael from Diablo) that expand across the multiverse, these can be used to make twelve melee touch attacks which instantly sever an opponent’s limb or head, each blow landed cannot be healed naturally and must be healed by a Wuji Dragon’s Breath of Cleansing Light or similar powerful effects.
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This is great, thank you for posting him.

Just a note, you included his description and abilities twice in the post.
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I saw that, thank you, should be fixed now, lol.

You're very welcome btw, pain in the butt to make, but I'm happy with the end result.

If curious about how he got said abilities here's the basic math: Stage 78 Highlord means 13,000 Divine Abilities, or 2,166 Cosmic Powers, or 361 Transcendent Powers, or 61 Omnific Powers, or 10 Metempiric Abilities. I use Pathfinder Rules so you gain a bonus feat every other level, so 78,000 hd equals 39,000 feats or an additional 6,500 divine abilities. Using the same method above, it translates to another 5 Metempiric powers meaning 15 in total not including the Ram Headed Throne and Lord of All Creation abilites as they are granted by becoming the Supreme Being. The Disrupt, Universal and Existential Disrupt abilities are all the same power, but it was too wordy to put as one post so I split it into three but it's technically treated as a single power Metempirically speaking.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed the post. You're very welcome.
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Oh , The almighty one ! If the discussion about artifacts before make help in inspiration that's my pleasure.

Another is Supreme being make me think back about Omega template.Many idea of UK obscure like this and Lipika.Some one think the battle between Supreme being and Omega become a sub-game will better.I am interest of your view about Omega

In my cosmology, The Omega is the previous Supreme Being, known as the Fractal God, I'll post his stat block on the Lipika thread with a backstory, but it's going to take a little time. Additionally it could be argued that 'Dennis'or Antithychen is in fact the actual Omega, anyway, I'll post more on that later. Lol.

I had the Heighten Set for a long time, but I liked the Regalia idea. ;)

I saw that, thank you, should be fixed now, lol.

You're very welcome btw, pain in the butt to make, but I'm happy with the end result.

If curious about how he got said abilities here's the basic math: Stage 78 Highlord means 13,000 Divine Abilities, or 2,166 Cosmic Powers, or 361 Transcendent Powers, or 61 Omnific Powers, or 10 Metempiric Abilities

OK, I'm confused. What does "Stage 78" mean? A High Lord composed of 78 universes should have (200 x 78) Divine Abilities, which is 15,600. 65 universes would grant 13,000 Divine Abilities.

OK, I'm confused. What does "Stage 78" mean? A High Lord composed of 78 universes should have (200 x 78) Divine Abilities, which is 15,600. 65 universes would grant 13,000 Divine Abilities.

Good eye. I messed up, I divided by six instead of five. Got 13,000 instead of 15,600, lol, Thychen needs *more* power. B)

I'm wondering where the number 78 was gleaned from? I always thought I'd suggested God was 72-dimensional.

If this was the God of the real world, then yes, but Thychen is the God of my d&d omniverse, and I already explained the mechanics involved.

Middle of the page. Thychen is the sum of the Existences he creates, an Existence defined as the entire Omniverse created and destroyed and recreated. He creates 12 entire existences in his time as Supreme Being, but the 8th Existence is the current campaign timeline. So, thusly, Thychen is stage 36 in this Existence, 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36, do the same thing for Thychen in Aravoth and Kuvatchim which is the sum total of all 12 existences combined meaning: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12=78.
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Wait what's Aravoth and why 12? IIRC Muzaloth is 8th Dimension, Kuvachim is 9th, and Akashic Library is 10th...

The name of the Akashic Library is Aravoth. Look at Epic Bestiary page 9 or 10. Muzaloth is just The Pleroma, the Multiverse as a whole, Kuvachim, the diamond wall is the next dimension up, the realm of Infinity, literally you need infinite con/Str to exist there coporeally, and finally you have Aravoth, the Akashic Library, that's it's proper name.

And why twelve is because I'm the DM and that's how we did it. There are also other omniverses and other Akashic Libraries. A reality of infinite possibilities.


First Post
Brilliant work Beefermatic , Thychen must be the most powerful entity I have ever seen stats for.

So who would be able to compete with him?
Possibly Muhlatimic Dragons and Eschatologic Dragons , or the Omega or the leader of the Hyperboreans?

Brilliant work Beefermatic , Thychen must be the most powerful entity I have ever seen stats for.

So who would be able to compete with him?
Possibly Muhlatimic Dragons and Eschatologic Dragons , or the Omega or the leader of the Hyperboreans?

The Ultimate's goal is to depose Thychen, though at equivalent stage 10 even to Pleromic Thychen's stage 36 he's quite outclassed.

The Mulhatimic are able to depose him, I leave them with no stats on purpose and no limits to the powers they are given so they can veto Thychen and there isn't much he can do. One on one he could maybe beat one, but not a hundred.

The personification of the Akashic, an astronomically powerful being called Gamma, is more than a match for Thychen, who's power is the equivalent of a Time Lord to The Supreme Being by comparison.

The Eschatols wouldn't dare to face Thychen, they're very powerful, they bring about the end of the Existence, but they can't compete with the unbridled wrath of the Words of the Akashic Library turned against them.

The Omega is interesting in my Omniverse, The Fractal God is the previous Supreme Being, he is the technical Omega and isn't insanely powerful, I think I have him set as a stage 7 Highlord + some extra powers based on his concept and previous position.

That said however, there is a being who has no name, my PCs dubbed him "Antithychen" , or "Dennis" , he's the real Supreme Being, he gave his Omniverse up to push others and himself to new heights. Vacating the Throne and allowing a Supreme Being to rule only to introduce anomalies into the mix creating uncertainty, forcing the Supreme Being to act and learn how to overcome. He's the true Omega of my Omniverse, but even Thychen can't truly affect him and each time Antithychen appears, some major calamity takes place.
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Under Omnific Traits it says the following:

The 12 fundamental forces of the Kosmos He is associated with apply to AC, Attack rolls, All Checks, DCs, Initiative, Saves, and Spell resistance

I have two questions about this. What are the 12 fundamental forces? Are the forces applied to his stats as indicated, since I can't really see it listed, or since these stats are all infinite anyway you just didn't indicate it.

Under Omnific Traits it says the following:

The 12 fundamental forces of the Kosmos He is associated with apply to AC, Attack rolls, All Checks, DCs, Initiative, Saves, and Spell resistance

I have two questions about this. What are the 12 fundamental forces? Are the forces applied to his stats as indicated, since I can't really see it listed, or since these stats are all infinite anyway you just didn't indicate it.

Indeed, I didn't list it due to redundancy, thought this might be somewhat confusing. So on my "Insanely High Powered Entities" thread, I outline the fundamental forces of my Omniverse. I'll repost here: Second to last post,

Thychen has 12 whole Omniverses that he created and destroyed, each a true infinity unto itself, thusly for each existence created, Thychen has another 'layer' so to speak. 12 layers, so 12 forces. Each of the Akashic Aspects represent one 'Existence' or whole Omniverse, layer if you will, that was created, destroyed and recreated.

His 12 Forces are:

There are however, more than 12 Aspects, 14 I think, so far, there can and likely will be more as time goes on in my campaigns, but two of them are 'woven into the fabric of existence' which is Actoshen and Solarius, Quintessence and Courage, thusly they are able to exist without the Kosmos coming to an end.

There are also 'The 6 Guardians', which are beings from Kuvatchim, similar in function to the Aspects. Mind, Dreams, The Physical, Beauty, Fundamental Evil, Fundamental Good.

Essentially in each existence, Thychen creates it, a new idea is presented, that new idea shifts the balance and thusly ends the existence. the First Existence was made of Earth, as Fire was introduced the Universe came to an end, this manifested as Thychen creating a perfect world, Gamma curiously exploring it, and Thychen attacking Gamma, the resulting battle creating 'Fire' burning the Existence to ash and creating Sercasembra who would go on to lose to Gamma pretty spectacularly. (Think Boros fighting Saitama from One Punch Man, but disintegrating whole Dimensional and Temporal layers instead of just giant explosions)
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I chose fundamental evil and good because the concepts of light/dark or more generalized Forces of Opposition exist in every aspect of life from the idea of doing better at one's own job and the unforseen circumstances that may block you from doing so such as a boss's ego, to the very idea of entropy dissolving everything to a neutral state, that's what I mean by good and evil.

Not the trivial ways of simply doing the right thing or doing the wrong thing, morals have a place in this, sure, but they deal with deeper more permanent forces that don't need life or even consiousness involved to be valid.

The Guardians do have stats, at least they are supposed to have stats. Much like Thychen or the Annorrath, they've been concepts for a long long time and have had plenty of time in campaign but it's only been the last couple years that I've been really trying to define them statistically.

They too are incredibly powerful, much like the Aspects but of the Infinite Realm of Kuvatchim, imagine how a King of Gods, like a Greater Diety is kind of like a Time Lord, but vastly weaker, that's sort of the difference between a Guardian and an Aspect. The Aspect may be a defined single 'Word' but the Guardians are whole Paragraphs.

These unbelievably powerful beings work as safeguards to prevent the laws of the Omniverse from being tampered with, an Existence can be destroyed, sure, by Thychen's hands or another's, but Thychen can recreate a new Reality. The Guardians make sure that reality can still be created, in essence even if a being was powerful enough to ruin Existence, the Guardians make sure that it's simply contained to that Reality, that it doesn't bleed into previous and future Existences etc.

I said Six but there is a seventh Guardian. The Guardian of the Elements
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Epic Threats

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