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Ranger Rick

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Branding Opportunity said:
Question for those who have more experience on these boards than I do: I'm guessing it's normal for there to be an ebb and flow of posting? In either case, I'll try my darndest to keep things moving. Personally, I'm really enjoying these characters and this storyline.

Yes there is an ebb and flow. However, seeing the GM keep posting is comforting. If only 2 players post with out any GM input for weeks/days, things go bad fast. I am a guilty party of not posting on weekends. Compound that with every other weekend is 3 days long, I realize I am not always around. I try to post a few times during the week I am around.

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I'm actually more concerned with doing my best to keep everyone involved. I know when I don't post for a while (for whatever reason) it can sometimes be hard to get back into posting. First, there are a lot of posts to catch up on, and then there's always my sense of guilt for having "let people down". Maybe those are just my own demons ;)

In any case, nobody should feel that not posting for a while, or not posting as frequently as others somehow diminishes them. We all have lives and this is just a sideline (albeit a fun one.)

Ranger Rick

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About the game.

I orginially said I go down the stairs and out the 2nd story window. I want to amend that I forgot about my boots of speed.

Also is the time I use this count as tomorrow or yesterday? (10 rounds per day)


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Been really busy at home, and at work, corporate firewall is updated, now blocking my access. So I'll be posting much less often, sadly. =(

I apologize for my absence this last week, but I was finishing a show (I'm an actor) and recovering from it afterwards, and just couldn't drag myself to the computer to do anything that required more brain power than play a few video games (half-heartedly). I hope to FINALLY post updates this evening, as I have no other plans.


Welcome back, I was a little worried when I was still the last one to post to the game after my trip. I look forward to your post. It's a great game.

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