the tablet war is heating up

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I wonder how upgraded from ipad 1, how many upgraded from iPad 2 and what number never had an iPad before buying this one.

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an article I read a couple days ago included an informal survey from the 100+ people in line to buy the iPad3.

Note: in any percentages I list, only the front digit is most trustworthy from my memory.

Only 17% or so were iPad 2 owners looking to upgrade. 46% were first time buyers, the rest were upgrading from iPad 1 machines.

I forget the exact numbers, but I do remember the "gotta have the newest" people being limited to a minority, and the article pointed that out. And it was a majority of people who were 1st time buyers in the line.


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I have some kind of PC emulation software that I picked up when I upgraded a year or so ago...but, being a tad lethargic, have not yet installed it. Haven't needed it, really.
Similar to what Learner said, Bootcamp loaded a bunch of executables on a thumb drive along with a Windows installer. So far so good.

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