How I'd fix Star Wars

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Not your screen monkey (he/him)


In a world of space wizards Chirrut is more of a space cleric.

I any case give it seven years and maybe the Obi-Wan actors will age up into soft reboot material.


There's a distinction between just being able to observe something and being able to direct and influence it to create physical effects.
If he was able to do something only because of the presence of the force....and he would not have been able to do it without the presence of the force .. he used the force.

Like when I swim I use the water.


IMO, Star Wars hasn't had a great movie since 1980. There hasn't been a film in the series where the ending wasn't a forgone conclusion since 1983.
Since 1999 it's been "filling in the gaps" of unnecessary and tired retreads.
Let's see Han Solo become Han Solo. Let's see Darth Vader and Boba Fett be little kids. Maybe we can see how the Rebels got the Death Star plans? Maybe we can watch a decade long animated series about unimportant battles between Episodes 2 and 3 that change nothing about the world or core characters?
I was a pretty big Star Wars fan until 1998. Ever since the prequels started coming out, the entire brand has become an embarrassment.

I think this is why the Sequels had such a bad time of it and divided a bunch of people. JJ wasn't a fan of Return of the Jedi.

Because he hated it, he didn't understand WHY it was so essential to Star Wars. He and RJ couldn't comprehend that The Return of the Jedi really is the capstone of the entire original Trilogy. It's the payoff.

Instead of understanding it's importance, he and RJ simply tried to erase it.

Instead of making a film that built on Return of the Jedi, and thus appeal to generations of fans while bringing in new fans....they tried to undo it instead and managed to DEEPLY divide the Star Wars audience.

That's a rift that keeps on going today.

Perhaps if they had actually UNDERSTOOD Star Wars and why Return of the Jedi is a GOOD Star Wars film, the result of their labors would have been to unify Star Wars fans into a new love for their films instead of creating a chasm between different groups of fans that cause problems to the franchise even today.

I see it similar to what 4e Forgotten Realms did, but instead of at least trying to repair the rift (5e realms)...they doubled down (yes, 4e Realms has it's fans, and yes, 4e Realms did sell books. It also created a great deal of divides among the Forgotten Realms community). That's not to say that rift is repaired, but it's looking a lot more united than what Disney Star Wars official timeline is among fans today.

PS: And that's just addressing the problems the Sequels had with the Original Trilogy. It doesn't even cover that JJ and RJ didn't want to even admit the Prequels even exist...which surprisingly enough has led to a lot of Gen Y now considering the Prequels masterpieces in comparison. What they did was to redeem the PT in the eyes of many who had previously disliked it...which is actually rather amazing. It's crazy what a disdain for the original creator who imagined the entire universe will do when you diss them and ignore their ideas and replace them with the idea to erase those ideas.

Return of the Jedi is indeed an important film and capstone to the trilogy.

But honestly, after seeing it again after watching it in a row with A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back... it is half a good film. Tantoine sequence? Excellent. Everything with Darth Vader, and then Luke, Darth Vader and the Emperor? Fantastic. The space battle? Pretty good, especially the realisation that it's a trap. A lot of individual character scenes? Great. And the ending shots are cool as heck.

... but jesus, I really do wish they had gone with Wookies (as hard as it would have been) over the Ewoks. It just doesn't suit the tone. And the battle on Endor is just a bit too messy and not clear cut to me; nor with the speedbike battle.

I don't know. I like cute and silly stuff being thrust into a serious environment, but I feel it fell flat here, and it bothers me now more than it did when I was a kid.

Just... imagining Chewie getting an emotional arc as he helps his people stand up to the Empire - watching a bunch of Wookies go toe-to-toe against the Empire... it'd be great stuff.

I bought some SW comics published in the middle of the 90's, years before the Phanton Menace. I was too used to the "Expansed Universe/Legend". I have got the comic where Palpatine said Leia he sensed she was pregnant, the third son after the twins. I miss Mara Jade, Luke's wife.

I liked some ideas about the yuuzhan vong as biopunk antagonists, but in others I couldn't accept all had to be 100% biological.

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