How I'd fix Star Wars


I think the only really incompetent Imperial in the original trilogy is Grand Moff Tarkin, plus Vader with his plan that seemed deliberately intended to get rid of Tarkin and his Technological Terror - let the Rebels escape with the Death Star plans then follow them to Yavin with the compromised Death Star but without any fleet cover, not even his own Destroyer.

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Personally I would use Alpha / Omega rpg as a basis for the Force; such that it is not just telekinesis but other powers that are available to the jedi without having to tap into the dark side.


General Veers seemed competent to me. He had a job and he did it! We are not shown many operational details, but a successful ground assault without air cover is usually not easy. Pity the navy as usual failed to interdict properly.

Even in Legends competent imperials were few and far between. Thrawns the obvious one, Pelleaon grows into it and a few after a peace treaty is signed with the NR.

Ironically the Imperials ended up more competent than the NR along with a face turn.

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