Threadcrapping, trolls, and “+” threads...

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So that was fun. After opening what I’d hoped would be a helpful and constructive thread, the thread was taken over by one very insistent troll who threadcrapped the thread into oblivion. Long story short, the troll clearly did not want other people talking about the topic and he got his wish. The thread was closed because it became all about that poster.

So I’m confused about forum policy.

Are there really no rules against obvious and continuous threadcrapping? That seems like a great way to let the trolls own the forum. Any convo they don’t like they just crap up the thread and it gets closed. Lather, rinse, repeat every time the topic comes up and presto, no one gets to talk about the topic.

Does the forum allow “+” or positive only threads? Seems simple enough. If you’re there to positively engage the topic, you’re good. If you’re just there to scream at people for daring to talk about something you don’t like, you’re not welcome and mods bounce you.

And after repeated reports, why would the mods give the troll the win and close the threat instead of threadban the obvious troll and let the conversation move on without him?

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Well, that was fun
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Usually we would. In this case it mainly happened overnight while I was asleep and found it was 16 pages when I checked in today. I didn’t expect it to get that out of hand.

Start a + thread and we’ll try again.

the Jester

So when I start a new thread and give it a plus, and the troll inevitably shows up to threadcrap, then what do the mods do?

If you report the troll, I'd imagine the mods will moderate.

Before you assume that making a +thread will turn out the same as "just a thread" (no +), try it and see what happens. Heck, you could even copy and paste the first post of the thread you're trying to redo.


Mod Squad
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I did. Several times. The mod response was to argue with the troll in thread.

The mod response was to try to show the offender their errors, and warn them that the road they were walking down was actionable, and (in my optimism) to show others that the argument they were presenting was empty, and not worth discussion.

So much for my optimism.

Note that you did not explicitly label it as a "+" thread, which we do allow. The expectations in threads labelled as such are somewhat different, and I would have dealt with it differently.


I was not aware what a + thread was until just now, nor that I knew what it meant it a thread had it in it. I do recall a few threads where the poster asks for positive comments or only thoughts on a certain part of such.

I do think that the mods are fine and try to nudge first before escalating things. After last year I find myself not responding to several things and try to let it go for a day or two before I post. Most of the time it is not worth it at that point anymore. I do not think we want/need this site to be moderator draconian, unless we see a release of Dragonlance next year. ;)

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