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I entered this in the Design An Epic Monster Contest, but I didn't even have Ascension back then, and...I really didn't like the way it had come out, so I redid it.

This is by far my favorite monster I've ever designed, and I'd like to think it's at least in the near vicinity of U_K's Umbrals (or at least a distant relative) since we never got to see them. Though, I'm not sure if Umbrals were meant to go above the Immortal tier. This thing is solidly Sidereal.

Oh, and don't ask me how you stop this thing.

Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion

Colossal Outsider (Evil, Incorporeal, Undead)
Hit Dice:
100d100 +5800 (15,800 hp) (31,600 hp when in the Stellar Void)

Initiative: +56 (+32 Dexterity, +24 Divine), Always First
Speed: Superluminal

Armor Class: 262 (+58 Deflection +32 Dexterity +24 Divine +38 Insight +58 Luck +42 Profane)
Flat-footed: 230 Touch: 262

Base Attack/Grapple: +100/ --
Face/Reach: 40 ft/ Infinite

Attack: Incorporeal Touch +214 50% of Max HP or 150d20 Permanent Damage

Special Abilities: Alter Reality, Death Throes, Summon Hecatoncheires, Touch of the Abyss, Void Breath

Special Qualities: Antidivinity, Cosmic String, Dr 100/--, Execration Essence, Godblight, Incorporeal Traits, Nonexistence, Omega Percipience, Regeneration 50, Retribution, SR 134, Supernal Conveyance, Temporal Travesty

Saves: Fort +124 Ref +156 Will +166
Abilities: Str 0 Dex 75 Con 0 Int 87 Wis 94 Cha 127

Skills: Omnicompetent and Maven, all skills =127 + Relevant Ability Modifier

Feats: Empower Spell, Enlarge Spell, Heighten Spell, Maximize Spell, Quicken Spell, Widen Spell

Epic Feats: Automatic Metamagic Capacity (27), Dire Spell, Masterful Spell, Metamagic Freedom

Divine Abilities: Annihilating Spell, Dolorous Spell, Prodigious Spell, Quintessential Spell

Alignment: Always Neutral Evil
Environment: The Black Eternity of the Stellar Void
Organization: Solitary or Eradication Host (10 Titans of Oblivion, 100 Adult Void Dragons, and 5,000 Elder Unelementals)
ECL: 280
CR: 188
Treasure: None

Before you towers a looming monolith of absolute nothingness, vaguely humanoid in form, though ineffably greater in stature. It appears as a shallow, two-dimensional aperture, a yawning gap into the Cosmic Void, devouring Light, Time, and Truth. It has no discernable features; its entire body seems to be a massed conglomeration of churning, unearthly black waters, held together by an indomitable, supernal will. Although, if you peer closely, you notice (or least your mind contrives to notice) two vastly alien orbs, lurid and lustrous with abominable splendor, agleam with terrible intelligence buried deep within the swirling vortex of void-energy that makes up its head.

The Untrammeled Titans of Oblivion are the greatest and most horrible of all the children of the Immortal Dark, apocalyptic sentinels of unhallowed majesty who herald the end times of dimensions. They are horrifically powerful, beyond even the ability of immortals to defeat. Indeed, deities are among their most favored prey. Although few in number, their abysmal might is enough to turn the tide of any battle in their favor, and far fewer still is the number of their slain, for rare indeed is the demise of these awesome entities.

Combat: An Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion takes unholy delight in sublime annihilation. They generally open combat by using their Summon Hekatonkeires ability to distract opponents, followed by judicious use of their Void Breath, Alter Reality, and Incorporeal Touch Attacks. They specifically target Immortals if they are present on the field, as well any creature that attempts to use Time Stop or the like, who quickly find themselves at the mercy of their trans-temporal foe.

Alter Reality: As a Free Action, an Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion may duplicate the effect of any spell whose level is 33 or lower, including the application of any metamagic feats. It may also duplicate any Epic Spell whose DC is 147 or lower. In addition, the die-size of any spell it casts is increased to d12s, and its cap is quadrupled. All of the Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion’s spells deal Permanent Damage.

Antidivinity: An Untrammeled Titan of the Oblivion, although the undying foe of all entities divine, nonetheless possesses a perverted semblance of Divinity. It receives a +24 Divine Bonus on Armor Class and all rolls.

Cosmic String: An Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion can only be permanently destroyed by an entity of Divine Rank 24 or higher. Otherwise, it rejuvenates in 1d100 rounds when slain.

Death Throes: When an Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion dies, it fulminates with a catastrophic fulguration of odious nether-power. Everything with 4,400 ft. receives 10d10 permanent Hit Dice annihilation (Fortitude Save DC 200 for ½)

Execration Essence: An Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion is the utter anathema of Reality and Existence. It is afforded awesome and terrible malefic puissance. It receives its Charisma Modifier as a Luck Bonus to Attack Rolls, Armor Class, Saving Throws, and the DCs of its abilities. In addition it gains additional Hit Points equal to its Charisma x its Hit Dice. (Already factored into the above statistics).

Godblight: An Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion is the bane of all immortals. Any deity into whose Divine Aura the Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion enters loses any Divine Bonus it possesses. The Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion, in addition, gains its most powerful Immortal foe’s Divine Bonus on top of its own.

Nonexistence: An Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion “exists” only in an ephemeral and perverse sense of the word. Any effect to which it would be subjected has a 75% chance of failure. In addition, an Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion is immune to the following: all Natural and Magical Effects, as well as Divine Damage from any source.

Omega Percipience: An Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion’s senses extend to the borders of the dimension that it currently inhabits. Its reach likewise extends thus far, due to its warping of dimensional fabric.

Regeneration: No form of damage overcomes an Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion’s regeneration. To be killed, it must be reduced to -15,800 Hit Points (-31,600 Hit Points in the Stellar Void) and Wished dead. The Wish must bypass Spell Resistance to take effect. An Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion may continue to act normally even once its Hit Points have been reduced below 0.

Retribution: An Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion’s inimical flesh is aberrant to any semblance of atomic orderliness. Anyone dealing damage to the creature tales an equal amount of the same type of damage in return. In addition, any magical weapon striking the Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion must make a Fortitude Save (DC 200) or be Disjoined.

Supernal Conveyance: As a Move Action, an Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion may teleport anywhere in the Kosmos with no chance of failure.

Summon Hekatonkeires: As a standard action 1/day, an Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion may summon 4 Hekatonkeires.

Temporal Travesty: An Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion is an entity unfettered by the Laws of Time. It is immune to the effects of Time Stop or similar spells, cannot be undermined by time travel, and may take two rounds of actions in a single round. In addition, Untrammeled Titans of Oblivion act first in any given round regardless of initiative.

Touch of the Abyss: An Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion may make a devastating Incorporeal Touch Attack as a Standard Action. This attack reduces the target’s Hit Points by 50% of their maximum. Once an opponent has been affected by this ability, it instead takes 150d20 (Average 1,575) Permanent Damage on subsequent Incorporeal Touch Attacks. The Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion gains an additional Incorporeal Touch Attack for each round it uses Touch of the Abyss on the same foe.

Void Breath: As a standard action, an Untrammeled Titan of Oblivion may exhale a cone of utter annihilation. This cone is 275 ft long and deals 100d100 points of Permanent Damage (Average 5,500) (Reflex DC 200 for 1/2) to anyone caught within the effect.

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First Post
Ah, right, I don't think I ever posted those in my Immortals Metamagic Thread. They're all homebrewed abilities. The thread is out-dated, I've changed most of them, just never bothered to re-up them. Once I get these completely hammered out I'll post the revisions over there. Sorry for the confusion.

Masterful Spell doubles the cap on all spells you cast and is an Epic Feat.
Prodigious Spell quadruples the cap on all spells you cast and is a Divine Ability.
Limitless Spell removes the cap on all spells you cast and is a Cosmic Ability.

Combined with my others, it actually sort of removes the need for stacking Empowers a la Metamagic Freedom, though I still need to work on whether I should re-introduce Intensify into my games, along with higher tiers of it to compensate.

I'm a little torn between letting it be always on or making it Metamagic (if only to use up all those AMM feats that start racking up at high levels). With just Core+Ascension, they're not that powerful, though when you start throwing Twinned-Split Ray-3xEnergy Admixed-Maximized Polar Rays that have a base damage of 100d6, things can get a little out of hand. (Though even then, that's 2,400 of each element, some of which an opponent is likely immune to, for a 29th level spell, 33rd if Quickened. Not THAT overpowered compared to what a melee can dish out. Though if you let Empower stack on that it'll get crazy, which is why I don't allow it any more.)

I take the "Black Infinity of the Stellar Void" as flowery language saying "The space between galaxies" The Immortal Dark could mean from the Cosmology I've seen on here Riem the Akashic Dark, Baalzoth the Dark Dragon, or Tamas from the Krust-iverse or page 6 or so of the IH Bestiary.

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