Links to various Epic Monsters, Variant Rules, Cosmologies, and Ideas for DMs and Players

(This is a repost from another thread, I wanted it here for quick reference for people as well.)

Here's a list of all the super high level stuff I find great for campaigns. Mainly monsters and such. This way it's not such a pain to sort through for people who want to use these things for their campaigns:

A Collection of Various works from this forum

Super high level entries from my Omnific level campaigns

Thychen, the OG Supreme Being + various entities from Kuvatchim and Aravoth

Wolfdragon's super OP Supreme Being

Obly's Version of Xochipactli the Shark of Worlds

Time Lord Stats

Leader of the Hyperboreans, The Ultimate

Sælune the Obsidian Sentry

Narahsa the Hyperborean Legionnaire

Various Gods and such from my current campaign

Various Gods from other creators

Paradox42's wild Cosmology

Belzamus' Untrammeled Titans of Oblivion

Omegnian's awesome Mulahatimic Dragons

My Eschatolic Dragons

Dragonlike Elementals, Raagens

Belzamus' cool cosmology

Belzamus' Infinitaur

Some cool things from Khisanth the Ancient's posts

Obly's cool cosmology

More of Obly's Work

Apepsnake's Cosmology

"Design an Epic Monster" Entries

A bunch of cool high level monsters

More cool monsters

A Couple of lost works and pathfinderized and updated stuff from other creators.

Classes, enemies and ideas for lower level characters

Random Sidereal Ideas, spaceships and enemies

Reworked Damage for Virtual Size Categories

Unfinished Demiurge concepts

Extra Portfolios and abilities

Immortals Metamagic Divine-Omnific Abilities
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