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Tragedy at Silvergard OOC Thread


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Let me add my congratulations as well, boss. This was a great game, and I am looking forward to the sequel.
I have to say that it resonated with a lot of my tastes in fantasy, old geezer that I am. In keeping with old classics (Fellowship, Belgariad, etc) and even not-so-new classics such as the first wheel of time books, the adventure was the journey! The goal is a (in this case way cool) plot device to get us to travel. This is my favorite kind of fantasy tale. (and is, incidentally why i hate teleport, gates, etc.)

So bravo, CM. I suppose Valen better stock up on anti toxin with his 1000gp :D
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wow serious intro to the sequel! :)

how do you want us to get in? do we all start together or we're free to split from post 1 due to shopping or else?
obviously it is up to each player what they want to do, but I guess some of us will subscribe to the Lordship of Silvergard

personally i'd rather stay with the group since you're all good & regular players! ;) I could go for Option 3 with both Behind the Scene and Debate or ORatory (difference?).
IC-wise, Johen would tend to stay with Valen, a tureni and also his alibi to tureni prisons!

with these 1000gp, we're allowed to buy whatever we fancy from the books you refer to?


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Debate is essentially a moderated argument on a particular issue. Oratory is giving a speech.

I leave it up to you guys as to whether you've stayed together or split up to pursue other interests.

Yes, you may purchase anything out of the listed books. :D


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I'm wrapping up my first term, so I don't do a whole lot of anything other than concept, storyboard, and 2D sprite art...yet. I take classes in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash next term, and I have the entire Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master edition with Acrobat 9 installed as of yesterday. *drool* What I want to do is design.

Collaboration is an option. Anything in particular, or just asking? ;)

2D sprite art would definately be helpfull. I am somewhat self educated in game programming. I am currently converting a P&P strategy game into a 2D, top down PC game. The game is freely available online in PDF form: Zombie Plague. I've got the zombies moving around and breaking things along with some implementation of rules and lots of other little things. Next I'm going to start working on the humans, which I have a better idea how to do after working out the much simpler zombies. You can download what I've done so far here: Zombie Plague.zip Let me know if you are interested in contributing in any way. I think the 2D art/animation would be most helpfull at this time. If you're interested, I have more details. Once I am done with ZP, I have some more elaborate games I'd like to make- RPG's. I could probably use some design help with them also.


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Just read Monkeys "Wax Emotional" Post. AWWWWWWWWwwwww! :blush:

I think I totally lucked out when I got in on this game. It is my first PBP game, and the players and GM all rocked! So, I'll happily see you all in 1152!


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I'm going to be going with a more freeform method of experience starting with Azgund Tournaments. So, you guys are all set at 3500 xp, but we won't actually be tracking xp gains, instead levelling at a good point in the story.

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