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Tragedy at Silvergard OOC Thread


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I'm going to be going with a more freeform method of experience starting with Azgund Tournaments. So, you guys are all set at 3500 xp, but we won't actually be tracking xp gains, instead levelling at a good point in the story.

Hmmm, that's different. So the "extra credit" projects won't have exp rewards then?

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2D sprite art would definately be helpfull. I am somewhat self educated in game programming. I am currently converting a P&P strategy game into a 2D, top down PC game. The game is freely available online in PDF form: Zombie Plague. I've got the zombies moving around and breaking things along with some implementation of rules and lots of other little things. Next I'm going to start working on the humans, which I have a better idea how to do after working out the much simpler zombies. You can download what I've done so far here: Zombie Plague.zip Let me know if you are interested in contributing in any way. I think the 2D art/animation would be most helpfull at this time. If you're interested, I have more details. Once I am done with ZP, I have some more elaborate games I'd like to make- RPG's. I could probably use some design help with them also.

I can't open the Zombie Plague file, could you send it to me at aluan _ damaera "at" msn "dot" com (no spaces), please?

What game engine are you using? I'm using Game Maker 7 Lite to develop a simple maze game for a "Developer's Challenge" at my school. It's a free download, too.

I've attached some sprite art I've done for other projects that fell through.

I suggest we go ahead and switch to email so we don't clog up the thread. ;)


  • Sprite Art Samples.zip
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Figures it ended and the new recruitment began during the 2 days or so that I didn't bother much with the computer. :heh:

Whoo! Finally finished our first quest/adventure. PbP takes awhile, but at least we finished! A lot of PbPs can't say the same. :( :.-(

*weeps over his many cool PCs that never got a chance to even finish their first PbP adventure, especially that crafty, delightfully manipulative, blasty gnome evoker...*

ANYwhoo.... ^_^

Looks like Alaric parts ways with Corath for now, but he'll stick around good ol' Muzdum, Aodhan, and those other guys. ;) He'll take them all drinking on their first night back in Azgund, say he wastes 10 of his gold on it. :lol:

Though maybe William will be away for the next segment, while he pries the standard-issue Paladin-stick outta his butt to become a Rogue. ^_^

Voda Vosa

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Seriously, it's the first I've ever finished here, since april 2007. And look at the amount of posts I've made and the games I was in. I even started DMing to finish a game!


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In Living Enworld they have a good formula with shortish adventures so I managed to finish 2 of them.. but unfortunately my thief is now in a game that was supposed to be the big game and it's like one post a month.. :rant:

otherwise my own campaign (French) has now reached over 13,200 posts.. :cool:
i had about one year break but have restarted it with three groups merging into one soon.. luckily the best players have come back..

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