Tragedy at Silvergard OOC Thread


First Post
Welcome to the first post in the OOC discussion thread for Paths of Legend - Tragedy at Silvergard.

Dramatis Personae

Alaric, Azgundi Human Wizard played by Arkhandus
Aohdan, Centaur played by Yttermayn
Corath, Nimblewright played by Shadowmask
Estelle, Azgundi Human Rogue played by Ethandrew
Johen, Tureni Human Druid, played by Amaury
Muzdum, Mountain Dwarf Fighter, played by Voda Vosa
Valen, Tureni Human Ranger, played by Helfdan
William, Azgundi Human Paladin, played by Jemal

If all of the above folks could check in here to let me know you're alive sometime in the next couple of days, that would be appreciated.

Some Administrative notes:

Posting should be at least once a week. If you are able to post more often, please consider your fellow players and give them a chance to respond before bulldozing on through the scene. ;) If your character is alone or only with other folks who can post more often, we can pick up the pace a bit, but I'm going to try to make sure no one gets left behind, so keep that in mind. When you check in, please include how often you think you'll be able to post (once a day, once a week, several times a day, etc). I do need a once a week minimum to keep things moving, so if there's going to be problems with that, let me know.

Experience Points will be handled as per normal D&D standard. However, I also give out "extra credit" awards for the following activities:

Keeping an in character journal (post a link)

Character or campaign artwork (portraits of your character, a sketch of the combat scene, etc. Post a link, or post it here in the OOC thread)

Painted metal mini (post a picture)

Choosing a musical theme for your character (if possible, link to a site where we can legally hear the music)

Facillitating game play (this covers a wide range of things. In this format, it primarily means helping me out with keeping things running smoothly without getting overbearing)

Writing poetry and/or songs "in-character" or about your character or the campaign

Anything else "creative" that lies outside the purview of normal roleplaying activities.

Generally speaking these rewards will be about 1/25th the amount you need to get to the next level (so, at first level, the standard award would be 40xp). However, this award can be more if the contribution is exceptional (judged so not only by me, but fellow players). And yes, this is all fairly arbitrary. I try to be as fair as possible with this kind of stuff. My general rule is one or two such awards per character level.

That's about it for now. I feel like I'm forgetting something, though, so don't be surprised if another message pops up here soon. :heh:
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First Post
I'm here. ;) I can post once a week. After school is finished, I'm hoping to bring it up to several times a week, if not once a day. Unfortunately, my internet connection at work isn't fast enough for me to post during my "down" times, too. :( Otherwise, I'd be posting multiple times a day. :D


First Post

Reporting for duty! Can post several times a week or a day if need be.


I, Johen, Tureni Druid, have arrived in the Azgundi Kingdom with my faithful hawk companion, Highflyer!
A number of clues have brought me here, but I am far from having completed the puzzle...

I am hungry, tired and quite nervous in that urban environment... Will I trust anyone?


First Post
I knew I'd remember it eventually.

Dice rolling, when it comes up, will be handled on an honor system, unless anyone has an issue with that (let me know). If it becomes a problem, we'll switch to something else (most likely to me making all the rolls).


First Post
Alaric the Alchemist checking in!

I can generally post a few times per day, on average. Some days I may only have a bit of computer access in the morning and late evening, but most days I have ready access during the day, not so much in the evening. But I'm insomniac so I may well end up posting at 3am sometimes before I finally feel tired enough to try sleep. :heh:

Typically though, I won't usually be posting on Friday or Sunday afternoons, only early or fairly late on those days.

Also: I'll have Alaric's full appearance/personality descriptions up in the other thread today most likely, I just got distracted from finishing it earlier in the week. :\


First Post
You have my sword!

Valen Sablewood unstrung his bow and slung it by his quiver as he entered the Azgundi capital. Of course, no footprints could be read on the teeming, paved roads. But to a skilled tracker, there is other spoor beyond prints... the truth would soon be his.


I can post AT LEAST once/day... usually more than once, depending how early i get up :lol:


First Post
Amaury: My capacity to fiddle with linking things is limited. New fangled computers, anyway. Back in my day, it was DOS and you typed everything and you liked it! None of this point-and-click baloney. ;)

Sorry, showing my age there a bit. :heh: Honestly, I'd prefer to keep it simple and not bother with online dice rollers unless it becomes problematic.

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