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Tragedy at Silvergard OOC Thread

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Voda Vosa

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Ya' call fo'a dwarf? Aye! Muzdum tha warsmith here, at ya' service mate. Now where did I left that old pice of junk?

Well I'm here, and so do Muzdum. With the dice thing, I'll be happy if you roll them. My posts can be once a day if I can solve my internet issues. Anyway, they will be of at least one or two per week.


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Yttermayn, checking in. I can usually post a minimum of once per day. I'll try to let you know before hand if that drops for vacation or jail or something.


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....Ack. :\ Actually, I'll post the appearance/personality updated character sheet of Alaric tomorrow, probably in the morning or early afternoon.


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crazypixie said:
Amaury: My capacity to fiddle with linking things is limited. New fangled computers, anyway. Back in my day, it was DOS and you typed everything and you liked it! None of this point-and-click baloney. ;)

Sorry, showing my age there a bit. :heh: Honestly, I'd prefer to keep it simple and not bother with online dice rollers unless it becomes problematic.

up to you, but it's dead easy. here is the link http://invisiblecastle.com/rolldice.py
you enter your character name and type of roll and simply Copy/Paste the tag like this:

Bluff DM on dice rolling (1d20+2=9)


"Sir William Reporting for duty, Sire."

I ALWAYS have theme songs, it's how I play the game. Every character I make, most of the important NPC's, and any major events in games I DM have Theme songs.

So what's William Windwalker's? Well, I'm pretty sure you'll all be familiar with it, and if you aren't, then Heeeere's YouTube to the rescue: You see, he's rather easily explained as a Paladin who's been PAINTED BLACK. (I think the video's pretty damn cool, too. :D It fits.)

And I can usually post a couple times a day, depending on other people's activity.

BTW, I been here for years and still don't know how to post pics.. Anyone?
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Pictures? Check the ratings first! ;)
If you scroll down below your Edit Window, you'll find in the Additional Options window a Attach Files section.. click on it and select your file from your hard drive!

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