D&D 5E Underwater Adventures!


The lost City of Atilata has been found!

Well, it was never really lost, at least not to those who live under the sea. It's whereabouts have always been known. The problem has been the Leviathan that made its home there after the city was sunk into the sea by an earthquake. Highly territorial, any ships that went into that area never came out.

And then last week, the durned thing washed up on the shore, dead a doornail! Nobody knows how or why it died, only that large parts of it were gouged out, and it was certainly dead.

The first tentative ship tried sailing across the Atilatan sea, hoping to turn in its wares to the city across the sea a little faster than its competitors. And he made it. But this begged another question:

What happened to all the treasures of Atilata?

Stories of this fabled city have spread far and wide in the three hundred years since it's sinking. Stories of a tower of High Sorcery, an Academy of Ancient Lore, and museums full of artifacts from times lost. What could be found under the ocean, lost to the rest of the world, but available to a few. If they can only get there.

"That's why ye're here," the gruff dwarf said, staring at you with his one good eye, the other just an empty socket in his head he didn't bother hiding behind an eyepatch. "I want to be the first to get down there and see what's what. The pickins are fresh, I tell ye," he says as he pounds the table of the small tavern. "I'll be willin' ta split the treasure with ye, five percent each, and if ye find any magic thingies, ye'll have yer pick from them. Just one each, though. No need to get greedy."

Some of you have met before, others have been contacted in one way or another by this dwarf, Kanglin, a merchant of some high renown here in the port town of High Croft.

"I'll pay for yer passage, and'll bring ye back when yer done. I know each o' ye can handle the waves as easily as the land, so we should have an edge on the competition. But ye have to hurry! Me brother, Forglin, is tryin' ta put together his own team. They wanna use magic potions, or some such nonsense. Ye can get there first, if ye leave by the mornin'. What say ye?"

RG: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?641685-Underwater-Adventer-RG&highlight=underwater
OOC: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?640436-Underwater-interest-(Closed)
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Well, what say ye?

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The young triton stood quietly as the gruff dwarf and others had been talking. He didn't wish for his youth or inexperience to show through to any of the others. But when asked a question, (Kaeldos thought the dwarf was asking him a question) he spoke up.

Kaeldos.jpg "I am in, if the group will have me," he says shifting his bident to his other hand and looking more like a kid asking permission than a seasoned warrior. "Whatever could kill the Leviathan is still out there, and the treasures of Atilata may be the only things able to defeat such an enemy."

AC: 14 (leather, shield, dex)
HP: 51/51 HD: 6/6 (1d8+3)
Speed: 30' Swim: 30'
Saves: STR +1, DEX +2, CON +3, INT +3, WIS +6, CHA +2
Features: spellcasting, wild shape 2/2, natural recovery 1/1
Special Defenses:

bident +4, 1d6+1 piercing, versitle (1d8)

Spell Slots: 4/3/3
Spells Prepared: mirror image, misty step, water breathing, water walk, cure wounds, faerie fire, hold person, pass without trace, barkskin, conjure animals, healing spirit, tidal wave, wall of water

--torches 10/10
--rations 10/10

0 Quipper
1/4 Constrictor snake
1/2 Giant sea horse
1/2 Reef shark[/sblock]
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A chance to get back on a boat, find lost treasures, and potentially something that could help him in his quest for his mother's killer? "I'm in," Jamoar just nods to the dwarf. Hitching a thumb over his shoulder to Perilor, Jamoars eyes narrow and lighting starts to crackle in them, "you know my worth Kanglin, especially at sea, but do we really have to take that one? You know they can't be trusted. Probably going to have an army waiting for our exit from Atilatan to take whatever we find. You know, for our protection."


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Lithe warrior with dark, haunted eyes stands little bit on the side, his shoulders wrapped in what seems to be living kelp. He keeps it that way by constantly adjusting cloak of water around it, minor cantrip of his race keeping the water moving. Within the kelp there seems to be some humanoid figure, maybe a doll, but it is hard to tell with all the movement.

He holds the eyes of the dwarf for a moment, his gaze turning sad as he contemplates all the treasures recovered as a slave. And the slaves...Tai-Tai shakes his head, clearing it from stray thoughts. He needs money to live in this free world.

"We wouldn't be here if we weren't in, dwarf."


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Perilor stares at Jamoar coldly, somewhere between curiosity and a challenge. Without looking at Kanglin, the sea elf says simply, "I am in."

What an odd thing to say about him, Perilor thinks. Obviously the man has sea elven heritage, but he seems to hold a grudge against his entire race. He will not be convinced of the falseness of these opinions by words alone, and Perilor doubts whether he should put in the effort to try.

Kobold Stew

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Stamr looks around at the group that's been gathered. All of them more comfortable in the water than he. If he had not had his cloak, he wouldn't be here now. Or would he?

Stamr had left the mountains, left his life underground, and sought a destination as far from his kinsmen as he might have imagined. Only now here he was, face to face with a dwarf, and learning that another dwarf would have their rival team. There were few enough of them, that the names should have been familiar to him, but neither was. Nevertheless, Stamr possessed a connection with his employer, if only by blood. And it may have been that blood-kinship that riled him when the issue of greed was brought up.

"Aye," he said. "I'm in, as long as five percent before expenses is the largest share you have promised."


"Five percent is all yer gettin'" the surly dwarf said to Stamr. "And if ye try to hide some fer yerself, ye'll be facin' me wrath.

"Ye leave in the morning. Be on me ship, the Quick Star, by then, or ye'll be left behind."

OOC: Feel free to interact. Get into fights. Curse each other out. Whatever it is you kids do these days. When yer...ahem...you're done, I'll fast forward to when your jumping in the water, and we'll be off.


"Anyone care for a walk? Might not be doing that much the next week or so." the young druid asks looking at the others. When he receives some odd looks he adds hastily. "I thought one good look at the ocean from above would help lift our spirits before we plunge into the grey depths of the deep sea."

Kaeldos thought a walk to the top of the cliffs would make for a splendid evening, fresh air, crashing waves, and maybe he would get to see a few more specimens of the local wildlife, to add to his abilities.

OOC: Will make a list of "creatures known" for wild shape this weekend and let you approve/disapprove/add, etc. Was just thinking seagulls, seals, and a few other oddball coastal critters


OOC: Sure. Take them. You're what, level 6? You're officially not a novice, nor "In Training". You've been around the block once or twice. You've seen some interesting things.

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Through his stringy beard, Stamr grunts. He accepts the walk with Kaledos, and on the way back encourages him to join him in the seediest tavern in town, as he listens for the name Kaledos or any information about the rival mission.


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Shaking his head and eyes just leaving the sea elf matching their stare and challenge with his own, Jamoar responds to Kaeldos, "nah, you have fun walking. I've other bits of exercise I need to see about before setting out." With that he turns his head and starts for the door. Just as he hits the door, he calls back, "I'll see you lot at the ship tomorrow unless any care to go relax appropriately with me now."

Walking out, not waiting to see if any of his new companions followed, Jamoar heads out, making for one of the nicer festhalls in town to enjoy some good drink and fine company before hitting the seas again. As he walks, he keeps his eyes peeled for officers or anyone from the Imperial navy who may be out looking for him in their spare time. Just one more night and I can hit the seas again... he thinks to himself as he walks.


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Tai Tai looks toward one then another that calls for company. In the end, he follows Jamoar since Kaeldos already has companions. And Tai Tai, while trying to fit in and fraternize, still has trouble with crowds. Especially with large, rowdy ones where one is expected to join in. Quiet evening in quiet surroundings is what he needs.

"I'll go with you, master elf. I am Tai-Tai."
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"Great, maybe we can get a two-fer discount with the ladies! Who knows we might both qualify for the exotic discount as well. You know the ladies like to tell stories about the strange ones they've bedded..." and Jamoar continues to walk out, clapping his hand on Tai-Tai's back as they went out the door.


OOC: Y'all just let me know when you're ready to move on. Role play whatever you like before leaving, just let me know when your characters are ready.

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OOC: If there's news about the brother's expedition to be learned, then yes; otherwise, Stamr will be on the ship in the morning.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Great, maybe we can get a two-fer discount with the ladies! Who knows we might both qualify for the exotic discount as well. You know the ladies like to tell stories about the strange ones they've bedded..." and Jamoar continues to walk out, clapping his hand on Tai-Tai's back as they went out the door.

"Ladies...? What? You have a wife? wives...but..." Tai-Tai stammers, confused. His knowledge of this world is still fresh, but he didn't know the elves shared their women.
"I wouldn't want to impose."

OOC: We can move on, Tai-Tai wouldn't think of investigating the competition...and if they're going with the potions, our casters need to prepare dispels, we win any fight by dispelling those dependant on magic to breathe.


After a walk and watching the sun reflect off the water Kaeldos heads back with Stamr, joining him in his quest to listen at all the latest rumors as he sips at what might be his last taste of "surface wine" for a long time to come.

OOC: Ready and here is the listen of beasts known for Kaeldos's wildshape. Will post in the RG as well.

Badger -Y
Cat -Y
Crab -Y
Deer -Y
Eagle -Y
Giant Fire Beetle -Y
Goat -Y
Lizard -Y
Quipper -Y
Rat -Y
Spider -Y

Blood Hawk -Y
Giant Crab -Y
Giant Rat -Y
Giant Weasel
Mastiff -Y
Mule -Y
Poisonous Snake -Y
Pony -Y
Stirge -Y

Axe Beak
Boar -Y
Constrictor Snake -Y
Draft Horse -Y
Giant Badger -Y
Giant Centipede -Y
Giant Goat
Giant Lizard -Y
Giant Wolf Spider -Y
Riding Horse -Y
Swarm of Rats -Y
Wolf -Y

Black Bear -Y
Giant Sea Horse -Y
Reef Shark -Y
Swarm of Insects -Y
Warhorse -Y

Brown Bear -Y
Dire Wolf -Y
Giant Eagle -Y
Giant Hyena
Giant Octopus -Y
Giant Spider -Y
Giant Toad -Y

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