D&D 5E Underwater Adventures!

The half elf sat quietly as the dwarf spoke. He nodded in agreement on joining the expedition. As the group disperses Xander follows the others outside. He hears Jamoar comment of visiting a brothel and grins. Now that would make for a fun night before returning to the deep.

"I'll join ya as well."

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Tai-Tai went along confused. But he is used to slaves doing what they're told and has no problem with using the offered service(s). Lucky for him, his harsh life and maybe outsiders metabolism protect him from any threat inherent in such fun. In the morning, relaxed and enthusiastic at going again into the deep, he fairly bounces on the planks of the pier as he comes to the ship.

Con save: 1D20+6 = [19]+6 = 25

OOC: I would expect high(er) level establishments to have some level of protection against diseases? Paladins can cure with a touch, quite inexpensive :)
Jamoar heads out, making for one of the nicer festhalls in town to enjoy some good drink and fine company


OOC: Stamr found that their competition is about a day behind your own group, which matches what Kanglin told you. So far, the group is made up of a Dwarf, two halflings and two humans. The halflings are twins, Hector and Hyctor. Hector is a Sorcerer and the other a Rogue, both of which have some renown. The Dwarf, Brist, is a female wizard. The two humans are a bard and a fighter, though not much else is known about them. They seem to be new to the area.

Morning comes! Some of you wake up feeling more refreshed, and others wake up feeling more satisfied, but everyone is excited to get going.

Kanglin joins you, something about wanting to keep an eye on his "investment." The crew of the ship bustles about as the ship takes off from port, everyone aboard and ready. It should take about a day to get where you're going.

Fast Forwarding a few hours.

Zander and Jamoar aren't feeling all that great, slightly disoriented and, running a slight fever. Nobody thinks anything of it at the time (I'm talking to you, Paladin), as the two, having both been seaman, help the crew with keeping the ship going.

Until a crewman accidentally drops something on Zander's foot. it didn't hurt much, but the pain made Zander start laughing. And laughing. And laughing some more. Jamoar, a moment later, also falls into a fit of laughter. Neither can hardly breathe through the fit.

OOC: Secret DM Roll behind screen! [roll0]

You may both do another Con Save before we move on.

Oh, and you both have 1 level of exhaustion.


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OOC: Con Save: 1d20+6 18
To be fair, originally you'd asked for a Con check, which is what I rolled initially. Because I rolled so low it's moot, but I am proficient in con saves! So this time I'm rolling a save, not a check

EDIT/UPDATE: knowledge check as I roll to know what I've come down with? Knowledge (Dockside Diseases) 1d20+1 17
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OOC: Man, what’s with all the high rolls?

Kanglin comes out of his cabin as the laughter dies down and the two party members’ laughter subsides.

“Step away!” He says to his men, who, thankfully, haven’t seem to have been infected, yet. “They’ve got the Shrieks. Cackle Fever, I’m bettin’. Not a usual disease, but thankfully it usually won’t kill you. Bet you went whorin’ last night. Bah, shoulda warned ye. Me brother owns some o’ the brothels in town.”

He looks around at the party. “Looks like me brother gave us a little gift to slow us down. Probably had it in yer drink, or maybe even infected the whores right before ye came in. Unless ye got some way to cure the disease, I’m afraid we either lock these two up in the brig, or turn back and find someway to cure it. I can’t have me whole crew breakin’ down in fits o’ laughter.”

OOC: Cue the Paladin!


OOC: Corporate sabotage. The competition managed to get those two sick, hoping to cause delays. However, due to uncanny luck, no one else has gotten infected, so the Paladin should be able to heal them pretty quick and get everyone going with minimal use of resources.


High Croft/Tavern

“I will join thy expedition.” The large triton had stood at the back of the group, not speaking much, an elaborately decorated trident in the crook of his arm as he leaned against the wall. “I am Corus, of the Order of Deep Defenders,” he introduced himself.

As the others went about their merry ways to carouse the night, Corus walked to the docks. He dove in and swam out away from shore, finding a nice, cozy undersea cave for the night. He called the fish to him and inquired about the dangers and threats ahead, and if they had heard any rumors about the sunken city of Atilata and the slayer of the leviathan.

Persuasion, Speak with Animals: 1D20+5 = [7]+5 = 12

In the morning, Corus returned to shore and found the ship. They set sail and the journey was uneventful for the first two hours before two of the party began cackling madly.

Coming down from the bow, Corus overheard Kanglin’s proclamation.

“I believe I can help,” the paladin said, approaching Zander and Jamoar. He touched the amulet of Ben-hadar that was at his neck. He said a prayer and then placed glowing hands on the two laughing elves. Immediately the fever and the laughing stopped.

“That should take are of it,” the triton said, turning back to Kanglin.

OOC: All friendlies within 10 feet of me get +2 to their saves

Action (Extra Attack):

AC: 19
HP: 52/52 HD: 6/6d10+2
Initiative: -1
PP: 10
PI: 10

Channel Divinity (1/R, DC 13)
  • Nature’s Wrath
  • Turn the Faithless

Divine Sense: 3/LR
Lay on Hands: 20/30

Divine Smite: 2d8 radiant+1d8/spell level higher than 1st (max 5d8)+1d8 vs fiends/undead
1) 4/4: Bless (C), Compelled Duel (BA, C), Cure Wounds, Ensnaring Strike (BA, C), Fog Cloud (C)(1/LR), Speak with Animals (R)
2) 2/2: Aid, Gust of Wind (C) (1/LR); Misty Step (BA); Moonbeam (C)
3) 0/0: Wall of Water (C)(1/LR)
4) 0/0: Dominate Beast (C, DC 15, beast with innate swim speed, 3 charges; recover 1d3/dawn)

Treasure hunting in undersea city
What killed the leviathan?

Kaeldos Nalorn - Triton druid (land)
Jamoar Gallentra - Half-elf storm sorcerer
Tai-Tai - Water genasi battlemaster
Perilor Kelpwood - sea elf monk (shadows)
Stamr Cavehaven - dwarf rogue (scout)
Xander Corvus - half-elf hexblade


OOC: Corus doesn't learn much from the fish, except they are all terrified. But unfortunately, they don't have specifics. They are, after all, fish.

The crew cheers as the two fallen men stand up, completely cured!

Well, they still have a level of Exhaustion, so they have disadvantage on ability checks. Thankfully, you've got enough time to finish a Long Rest before getting to where you're going, so as long as you do that, then you can get rid of the exhaustion.

Assuming that's what happens, 8 hours pass on the seas with no signs of other problems. Well, that's not true. Someone found a bucket of scorpions under Stamr's bed, and one of the crew was caught trying to cut one of the main lines for the sales. But he was summarily executed (beheading) by Kanglin, who had to jump up slightly to get the height needed to make the swing, much to the laughter of the crew. Nobody'd like the guy anyway.

But besides that, you make good time to the drop zone, and Kanglin gathers you around.

"Alright, so this is as far as we take ye," he says. "I'm not a fish, so I have no advice for ye. No tellin what kind o creatures you'll be facin, what traps or dangers'll be there. Stay on yer guard. Ye get nothin if ye die. Ye should have a good day 'afore ye see the other group, so ye might have some good time to search, but ye might want to find somewheres to set up a base camp first, that's up to ye. We're takin' the ship back once ye drop off, and will be back in three days time, at sunrise. We'll stay till sunset, and if ye aren't back up by then, we'll assume ye drowned. And if I find out ye lived, and ye just decided to keep the treasure to yerselves, so help me I'll stick a hook in yer side and drag ye halfway form here to the north pole!"

That lovely pep talk done, you may make last minute preparations and jump in!


Excited to return to the water, Kaeldos secures his shield on his back and dives into the water.

AC: 14 (leather, shield, dex)
HP: 51/51 HD: 6/6 (1d8+3)
Speed: 30' Swim: 30'
Saves: STR +1, DEX +2, CON +3, INT +3, WIS +6, CHA +2
Features: spellcasting, wild shape 2/2, natural recovery 1/1
Special Defenses:

bident +4, 1d6+1 piercing, versitle (1d8)

Spell Slots: 4/3/3
Spells Prepared: mirror image, misty step, water breathing, water walk, cure wounds, faerie fire, hold person, pass without trace, barkskin, conjure animals, healing spirit, tidal wave, wall of water

--torches 10/10
--rations 10/10



I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"Stay in a dhingy if you don't trust us or buy potions and join us. Stop the threats, you need partners not cowed servants or disgruntled mercenaries."
Tai-Tai doesn't wait for the response, he shrugs, the plant around his shoulders mimics the move and he steps off the railing, plunging into the deep.
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Emerging from the cabin with a long stretch and yawn, Jamoar checks his gear and makes sure that everything is in place for a dive into the depths. Walking over to Corus, Jamoar clasps his hand, "my thanks Corus. Your faith saved me and many of the crew on this ship from a wasting disease. Now, let us plumb the depths together!" he adds with a still weary smile. As the genasi states his peace and jumps overboard, Jamoar turns with a smile to Kanglin. "Well, you did hire adventurer's... and, he's not WRONG you know Kanglin. If we're not here, we're probably dead. So, there's that. Hey, what do you want us to DO about your brother's people? Being purposefully infected sure doesn't incline me to show them any mercy. I guess we'll see how that goes down there."

With a shrug and a last check of his gear, Jamoar steps up to the side of the ship and dives into the depths

OOC: [sblock] [MENTION=6899077]EarlyBird[/MENTION] you're bringing torches into the water? :confused:[/sblock]
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Stamr too is tired of the threats from his kinsman, but says nothing at this time. He's excited. He's not actually ever used the cloak he has been given. Or has taken, as the constabulary in Waterhorse insists.

But might as well try it now.

he lifts the hood over his head, and in doing so feels the tail of the cape bind itself to his ankles. Its a mysterious, magical feeling, and he's not entirely sure what is happening. But he accepts it. His hands are free. Thin wisps of his beard are visible as the cloak wraps around his chest and envelops into wings, or fins, or something in between.

He wants to laugh, a rich belly laugh as he enjoys the wonders that are the world, but he finds he cannot. Instead, he exhales through his clavicle, well, what was his clavicle, and dives into the sea. And Breathes in the Deep.

He's going to love this.

Xander steps from below deck. The aches from the incessant laughing the other day have subsided and he stretches in the sun. He steps towards the railing and nods to Kanglin. He then steps over the edge and drops into the water. As Xander hits the surface he can feel the pull of the thing that saved him so many years ago. The thin scars along his jaw below his ears open and reveal gills. He floats there just below the surface waiting for the others.


OOC: Firewood for those few air pockets we find. LOL

In the water Kaeldos retrieves his magical driftglobe and shakes it to life. The soft glow doesn't give much light, but enough for the triton to see a bit better. He then wedges the crystal ball between the tines of his bident to make a makeshift torch.

Epic Threats

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