D&D 4E UPDATED 6/20/08! kiznit's 4e Fold-over Character Sheet w/ Cards


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Just wanted to say thanks for the sheet. I used it as a GOOD reference point to roll my own unlike that monstrosity in the PHB. Not that yours is bad, it's just that printed out the white text in black boxes weren't all that clear on my printer and had my aging group of gamers picking them up off the table to look closer at. Getting old is teh sux.

Not sure if it's something you (global you) might be interested in but rather mark up their main sheet over and over again I've always had a 'session' sheet with places to record things used, lost, gained etc. Then I just put the session sheet into their character folders once every session or three depending on how active they were and we migrate the final tallies to the next sheet and update any permanent changes on their main lists. Saves a lot wear and tear on their character sheets that way.
One thing I've been meaning to do and haven't as of yet is create a cheat sheet for 4th, I started doing it under True20 and it made a huge difference in how the group played. "What the *read read* Okay okay, look here, we can use Combine Attacks and help over come the defenses of the Captain, if me and you and you slow down our attack to go at the same time as him, we'll give him a +6 to his damage output and that'll cut through his armour that we're not getting through now." From that realization they really started using the other options that frankly they'd just ignored and were in the "Okay I roll to hit, roll damage. Next" syndrome.

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Very nice sheet , ive look at some many but love this at 1st sight 1 niggle thougth

Just one thing i never liked about offical character sheets

Skills, should not be alphabetical but should be either in usefull groups of similar type

My skill list order





3 spaces for new Custom Skills extra note space
or Secondary background.story skills

just seem to make more sense to me, i can see action/combat type skills quickly

any plans of releaseing your template its very nice, .AI or PS file to swap order these skills for my own use.
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Skills, should not be alphabetical but should be either in usefull groups of similar type

I don't think this would work very well. For instance, your "social" skills have a use in combat--Bluff can feint to grant combat advantage or allow a character to try and stealth and intimidate can force a bloodied foe to surrender.


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Love the session sheet...

Just wanted to say thanks for the sheet. I used it as a GOOD reference point to roll my own unlike that monstrosity in the PHB....

I am currently considering making kind-of a hybrid of the two. I really like the current equimpent thing (always have since RC), and I LOVE the session sheet you bring to the table here. My wife seconds Foxen's opinion on sex at least - not so much race (as getthing those boxes to fit on a halfling would be a challenge ;)).

Ultimatly - PHENOMINAL job to everyone involved.

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I wanted to say: I love this sheet. It gives a good sense of open space, is very attractive to the eye (especially compared to the claustrophobic official sheet) and there's plenty of extra room for additional notes. My group is almost entirely newbies to D&D, and they've responded very positively to this sheet as well. (I'm a big character sheet fiend, as a matter of fact - I examined a lot of different version before choosing this one. And if it gives you any sense of how much I value a good character sheet, the sheet at the back of the book is generally the first thing I look at with any new RPG, and frequently determines whether I look at anything else in the book.)

The card folder is a nifty gimmick, but since I'm keeping cards in a recipe wallet between sessions, I'm encouraging players to use that area for assorted notes - background revelations, musings, etc.

If I may offer handful of suggestions, these are little things that I personally would find quite useful.

1. I do think that having a space for temporary hit points would be useful - just a small box under the current hp box would surely do the job. (For now I'm using the Action Points box, since I use tokens to represent action points.)

2. I agree it might be useful to have an 'ability check' box or the like for the ability scores. On the other hand, I think I'd actually like to see a single box right where the note says "Add 1/2 level when making Ability Checks" - so that rather than filling in three boxes for each ability, and updating one of them at each level, the players can easily see one number that updates each level and gets added to the modifiers. That's my vote, anyway. I think it would be useful while preserving the spare, elegant look of the sheet.

3. As others have said, I don't see much point in recording the racial bonus beside the ability scores. Removing that column & shifting the Ability section to the left might make room for the temporary hp box or something of the sort. That's just a side-thought. I've actually been using the space labled 'racial bonus' to list FUDGE-style descriptors to give my newbie players a sense of scale. The Eladrin Rogue was delighted when I described her Dex as "Legendary."

4. Some of my players have expressed difficulty reading the white-on-gray lables, particularly in the Skills section. This has slowed them down in finding the appropriate skills during play. I'd suggest that a lighter shade of gray with black letters might be helpful here, although I like the white-on-gray aesthetic throughout the rest of the sheet.


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I agree with Bhikklu, just other 2 little notes:

1- The carrying capacity space has all the values wrong (double of normal: x10 instead of x5 "normal", 20 instead of 10 for "heavy", 50 x 25 the "maximum")

2- It could be very useful to have a Saving Throws Modifiers space, in addition to a Temporary Hit Points one ;)
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I was comparing this sheet to others to find out which one I like the best.

Pretty sure this one.

The only two things taking a quick glance I noticed were missing that were on others were:

Under Other Equipment it would be nice to have a location/weight heading towards the center, and on the right (to imply two collumns if players choose to use them)

And this is just a silly personal thing but I like my players to have a page similar to page 4 of the one HERE at the mad-irishman.

It not only gives them something to do during downtime but is a place to encourages background roleplaying stories. Thought it would be a great thing for the back of the folder.

Just a thought, I can just print out that page four on the back myself but it would be awesome if there was a version that matched aesthetically with the rest.


I have two small requests.

1) a permission of use section so I can get this sheet printed at a copier store; I can noot put it together myself, so I need something that will let them do it for me.

2) A small box delineated what each condition is, so we do not have to keep looking it up in the middle of a fight.

Thanks for the best sheet I have ever seen.


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My Modifications

I decided I wanted the weight thing and I felt there was still room to fit the personality character description misc sheet onto page 3. I mainly just wanted Hair, eyes, skin, handedness, contacts/affiliations, misc description. I felt that could all go around where notes or artwork were. I also put lines in that space to make for cleaner writing. Put a character sketch area and I put a Wt: area within each equipped item.

I didn't really change much but I think I have finally found the character sheet I will use.

Heres a link to my modification

Fantastic work kiznit

Rock on guys


Will check this out when I get back to work. I'm sure that I double checked all the field names were unique but I might have missed one. Watch this space :)

I've been watching this space... any chance you could spend a few minutes fixing the bugs where the text fields are shared between multiple power cards? Or let us know how to fix it? (Probably need some purchased pdf software, huh?)

Also, is there some way to make the font in the power card's to-hit bonus box (can't remember off the top of my head what it was labeled) bigger? It looks silly with a little +6 in the middle of a huge box...

Thanks for the great tool!


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The "daily" field at page 3 has to few lines for my wizard with expanded spellbook. Except from that look great!!!

One thing that would be really cool was to add something like the Combat field in Shado's sheets. With both basic attack and at Will attack powers. Great for my wizard.

Would be cool if "NeoLithic's Form-Fillable Version" would calculate and add the 1/2 lvl fields after what level you have.
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How did you edit this sheet? I wont to translate it to other language and I can convert images propertly. I'm using solid converter pdf to write the file into word file.
pls hep.


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This may have been said, but it'd be great if you could move Rituals onto the second page. Perhaps do away with the Notes or Artwork piece (or reduce the width by 1/3 to line up with Feats) and move Languages up.

Under Other Equipment, no need for the clothing box. Move the Pack, Satchel or Bag over into that slot and open up the "column" under it for Rituals, including the old Languages space. (So Languages all the way down through some of the equipment lines down to Carrying Capacity becomes the table for Rituals.)

Why? Well, to be honest, while I love and use your sheet, I only use the first two pages, as do my other players. We have our own power cards and there's no need for a page listing the powers when you have the physical cards (which you also provide - yay!). The envelope/holder for them is superfluous for us (but a great addition to a character sheet). That leaves only Rituals as missing from the first two "core" sheets.

If more space is needed for the new Rituals spot and more room for equipment, perhaps minimize the Treasure space (reduce its height) and move some of Carrying Capacity over into that void and bring down another few lines of equipment lines. Personally, neither myself nor my players (when I'm DM'ing) write treasure on their character sheets. Due to the amount of it, it all goes onto a piece of scrap paper that one player maintains, checking items off if/when another player takes it for his or her character. The only thing that is noted on the PCs' sheets is coinage and sometimes gems.

The only other thing would be to put a box like all the other bonus boxes for the Racial under Skills. Can't really see the Racial slot and it just looks like they're floating there. Same with the Racial Bonus column under Ability Scores.

Thoughts? Not to poo-poo anyone else's 4e sheets, but yours are the best ones we've found, Kiznit. Kudos and thanks a tonne!


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Could you make the paper doll area optional? I mean make it like a picture, so that if we had our own pic, we could insert it behind the boxes to get the same cool effect. Is that possible in the fill-able version?


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How can I get the original files or edit the sheet? I'd like to customize the names of skills for my specific campaign, or translate the sheet to other languages.

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