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Adding new players

Festy_Dog said:
We're down a couple of players, and you seem to like where the game is going, so perhaps Graf may be inclined to extend an invitation. Assuming though that he doesn't have enough on his plate within this game already.

Thoughts, Graf?
We are "down" two. On the other hand I'd like to get a bit more established before adding any new elements.

If Doghead is inclined s/he can pick up either of the "dropped PCs" characters.

Welcome to change either of them provided certain key attributes are kept.

Ash is a total vacuum, she recalls nothing for the past 10 years when she was a gang leader and ran her own bar.
She also apparently isn't any older than she was when her "lost time" starts.
She's hideously scarred, knows Cruac, but doesn't know why.

James Cale was a successful lawyer until his wife and unborn child were killed horribly. Obsessively driven to uncover the truth he was eventually picked up as a vampire's "research ghoul". He's dreamed of becoming a vampire and gaining all the power that entails, but his sire refused him until recently.

Stats, clan, etc. can all be changed. This is (something) of a limited time offer since, once they get woken up the characters start to become "fixed".

(And when I say fixed I mean become "NPCs that are easy for me to run", which may be synonymous with "not very much fun to play")
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Bloodweaver1 said:
Also I was wondering if Cole and possibly Archer would have more than five blood points. My thought process is that they had permission to feed Princes’ herd so they could fill up their tanks. So to speak.

I see your point, but I'd like everyone to be at the same level at the start of the game. Cole has some intangible advantages as a result of his position already I wouldn't want to add to them.

In terms of the story explanation.
You only get to feed on the reserve every few days. The last few days, as neonates have started to pop up, you're feeding time was put off. You were due to go the day before Night 1 (the game start) but it got put off, and then this night you and Archer were told to come here.

LB's thoughtfulness can be a fickle thing.​


ST spending Willpower for PCs

I won't generally spend Willpower points on "PCs behalf" without asking but....

  • Cole specifically told Biggs it would require an act of will (which seems like awareness of that in the PCs behavior. If the PCs are exerting themselves like that it seems a Willpower point spending would be understood).
  • This is basically the last scene of the night; you'll have another Willpower point tomorrow night
  • A general desire to keep the game rolling along (and validate PCs actions)

If that bothers people just let me know. I'll put a hold on your character so you don't spend willpower without explicit permission.



I think the discipline thing counts as a signficant ST mistake. In the spirit of encouraging me to follow the rules that's worth one xp.

The offer of an xp for PC pictures remains open. (ig's got one for Beth's picture)

The earlier mistakes I'd referred to (the one in the frenzy fight outside of the mansion) were
  • Diego rolled a chance die, and I gave him a success on an 8. Chance die only generate successes on 10s. (and there is no 10 again rule I think)
  • Since he has no brawl I had him at -3; but only mental skills default to -3 everything else is -1

Today is busy. Going to drop off for a bit.
Unless another significant story development happens (which I encourage of course) the next big ST post will move the PCs back to the mansion, and probably close out the evening.


ooc - VtR

Normally I would jump at the chance to get into a vampire game, especially one as intriguing as this one. Taking an existing character would actually suit me fine. But I don't really know where I am going to be a few months. It may be still here. But I just don't know. At the moment, however, it is more likely that I am going to have to step out of my games than step up to new ones.

But thanks for the offer.

aka thotd


First Post
Can I get an layout on what skills/abilities make up the dice pools for each level of Dominate? I am still a bit fuzzy on how that power is used, exactly. Thanks!



Varied Discipline Die Pools


Edited the character post slightly to make it clearer.

The fastest, and possibly the most efficient way to increase your dominate pool for the first two powers is to raise your intelligence (which is your mental power stat).

In VtR (as opposed to earlier versions of the game) disciplines with dice pools are varied according to the power levels. While it's a bit frustrating for players I prefer this way because it means the pools are more varied.

I can have, for example, a vampire who's really good at affecting memories, but doesn't necessarily have an extremely powerful command for instance.

Also, it gives certain interesting effects, a vampire with a high intimidate, for instance, is still going to find command, if they have it, attractive, because their command takes advantage of their intimidate skill.

Also, to a certain degree, it decreases the "magic" nature of things. It's not like there are vampire wizards who are really good at vampire magic, but vampires have "magic" that is tied to their personalities.

Of course, some people are good at everything, but that means they've spent a lot of time practicing all the different skills and attributes related to that discipline.
It also makes buying up normal attributes (instead of physical disciplines) somewhat more attractive than they would ordinarily be.
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The Second Night -- what's going on

So the first night saw lots of conversation interuptus.

The second night is less structured. The characters can interact, bond, attack and kill each other, what have you. No interruptions.

Obviously I don't want to drag things out forever, but with the exception of Biggs nobody knows much of anything about anyone else so I think there is plenty of "grist" for conversation.

At some point Beth is going to get pulled out for a short scene, but given that everyone is down there for hours she can participate in conversations "at the same time" so to speak. (or not -- whatever seems like it's working)


Basically the 2nd night was supposed to do the following things

1. Diego meets the Nosferatu; Diego resolves some issues about his sire (because everybody's been bitching at him about it, but he hasn't been able to do anything, this sort of situation has a limited shelf life)
2. Beth has a quick scene that establishes something about the city
3. The PCs get to know each other and establish an internal status quo.
4. There is a final scene...

I had set an internal time limit of around 3 days to wrap it up (maybe I should have mentioned it? but I wanted people to feel free to try different things without feeling time pressure -- if awesome stuff was happening I didn't want to interrupt it).
Anyway my internal time limit approaches.

Since Diego apparently didn't have any disciplines after all (a good roleplaying choice for Only really; it's more fun to roleplay out) I think I'm going to just move things out of time sync.

I'll leave it for 12 hours, just to give ig a chance to respond to people.

Then I'll step up everything.

You will be playing Diego at two different points in time for a while. I hope that's OK.
Let me know if it isn't (we'll just summarize what happened quickly without roleplaying)

If there is something you want your character to have said to the other group members (sans Diego anyway) you may want to put it up within the next 24 hours or so.

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