[VtR] [OOC] Born into Darkness


Time in the limelight

I thought I would briefly note that Beth getting a lot of "story" interaction right now.

I think I may have addressed this at some point earlier when I was discussing preludes but people who forgo (or mostly forwent) preludes didn't really "lose out" on the prelude story stuff it just got shifted around.

The intent is not to give some anyone a lot more "stuff" than anyone else, but partially for story reasons and partially for my 'brainspace' reasons the stuff comes out in 'lumps'.

The Beth lumps are coming out now.

What about Diego, who didn't get so much as a cameo in a prelude (a person could reasonably ask)?
If things go as planned he'll have plenty of stuff too. It's just not coming out on the first night.
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What's with this brother stuff?

In the interest of cutting off any misunderstandings: Nice's recent "brother" line doesn't refer to his race (I don't actually know what race he, or any of the other characters are -- I don't think anyone's specified; though Beth's picture is of a white person.)

It hasn't been explained properly to the group what the "Brotherhood" refers to, but hints of it were given here.
(Not that it's really much of a secret or anything; Diego will probably find out in the next 24 hours)

Of course, if Diego -is- dark skinned that would demonstrate a degree of social tone deafness on Nice's part.


So the original plan was for Jemal to play a ghoul who knew how disciplines and so forth would work. So we'd have player character interaction and discovering the world and so forth all wrapped together.
Unfortunately he's apparently dropped; by default explaining all that falls to Nice (though Cole, or to a lesser degree Archer, could do some explaining too).

Unfortunately Nice is falling victim to my desire to 'show' story points as opposed to 'tell'.

Nice was actually originally several characters, but I realized I didn't want to have a bunch of NPCs running around the first nights, so he's absorbed all the necessary traits to offer requierd story effects.

I've put out a chunk of story, and I want to give people time to react and roleplay.

The next post (probably in ~24 hours?) will include a IC explanation of discplines, vampire mechanics, etc.


Who has what disciplines now

The two dots of auspex (I think, he got aura reading during his prison sentence)
I think he hasn't used Celerity, he'll automatically pick it up (1. if it seems like he would or 2. whenever Beth triggers hers around him the first time)
Archer has Obf... and I have rocks in my head.
(Obf will show up the same time as Beths does probably)

Celerity and Auspex
Obfuscate will show up but timing is slightly unclear.

Nada yet (except for Protean * if you're taking it) -- Need to work on this

All three

All three (I assume -- The "ugly" thing was a reference to Nightmare, no?)
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Yeah, well...... that and just the typical clan traits. So am I reading your last post right, and we are all putting 1 dot into each discipline? (no problems with it, I understand why, just checking)?


Understood Re: Clan traits.

No. People are free to allocate dots however they like.

Archer has two dots in Auspex for instance.
Beth was -originally- going to have a different spread but ig decided that she would take one of each (to reflect her not having had a chance to develop any one discipline very deeply).

You've got all three of your dots (Nightmare ** and Obf *) if you want. You recall Vanderchild teaching them to you.


Nightmare ** works well for the story. It can be slightly tricky to use effectively but it is powerful. And it builds toward *** which is one of the few "instant fight winner" vampire social powers.

And since it's only-in clan for Nosferatu it's definitely a skill set that the group would otherwise lack.

Obfuscate works well too of course. With * (and strong larceny) you can carry around guns with impunity (more or less). And it builds toward **, which can be very useful if the other vampires of the city don't know you on sight, and ***, which is arguably one of the most singularly useful abilities in the game.

So barring feedback to the contrary I'm inclined to stick with your original choices.


First Post
I was unaware at creation the we could put more than * in a discipline. In other words, i thought we had to choose 3 disciplines. Seeing that that was a faulty belief, i want to change mine.

I'd like to go Protean ***

But if that's too much in your opinion, then i'd take:
Protean **
Animalism *

So... ?


disciplines more than almost anything else get to the root of the sort of vampire you want to play.
Plowing all three dots in one discipline is a perfectly valid choice.
(Nice is an npc version of that basically)

Of course the ability to do agg damage with your bare hands isnt something that will be overlooked by vampires who know about it.

It will probably take a few days in game time to get that third dot rolled out. I can only think of two people who know the power and neither uses it frequently. (the regular appearance of hideous unhealing wounds being, while not a breach, a bit of an attention getter)

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