Spelljammer Watch these preview videos -- SPELLJAMMER minis, Adventures in Space, Trailer

Here are three of the SPELLJAMMER preview videos shown during today's D&D Direct event.

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 5.46.58 PM.png

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Getting lost in fantasy maps
3rd party ship designs will be so refreshing to have access to! [edit: not saying there are confirmed any, just feeling like the announcement and excitement might spur some!]

I am very nervous there might be a ship combat system that will suck the enjoyment by being super fiddly in ways only people who love running battletech matches will love while the rest of the table just sits back and pulls out their phones.
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Looks like the totally free and doesn’t cost anything DM Screen included in the slipcase will have a world systems map

If that’s what it looks like, I’m seeing maybe at least 5 worlds. Likely more on it though.

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Well, those are spheres of some sort. Whether crystal spheres or just spherical patches of Wildspace is yet to be seen...

Dire Bare

Suppose that is a matter of opinion and the Rock of Bral can be placed wherever a DM wants. Guess we'll have to wait and see when the book comes out where they place it.

Claiming something is "change for the sake of change" isn't an opinion. It's just false. Don't mistake "change I don't personally care for" for "change for no reason other than to change things". There's a reason, you just don't care for the change itself.

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