D&D (2024) We have Arcane, Divine, and Primal lists now. Why not Psionic?

While technological as magic, or technomancy is a thing in other systems like Mage: the Ascension, in D&D Technomancy (which you can describe Artificer magic as being) is generally just Arcane Magic using a Technological focus, like a special gun instead of a wand to shoot fireballs.

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My point is, Dungeons and Dragons relies on the English language.

D&D frequently becomes problematic and confusing when defying the English language. Consider the history of the incorrect D&D "longsword", or the misrepresentation of reallife cultural terms.

Elves and dragons are "magical". This may or may not be relevant to game rules.

When "mythic warriors" do magical things, it is more helpful for the game to define the term "Martial", rather than to define the term "magic".
Game terms override general usage. Otherwise the whole game is endless pedantry.


He Mage
For game purposes, it might be more helpful to establish parameters such as:

Arcane and Divine manipulate the cosmic weave.

Psionic and Primal manifest a personal weave as an aura around oneself. Primal often has the personal weave around a specific feature of nature, such as a notable rock formation.

What exactly the Martial source is doing is still in an early phase of discussions.


Game terms are most helpful when familiar, clear, non-ambiguous, and non-overlapping other related terms.
This goes 100% against the 'Natural Language' initiative. Nothing can be 100% clear and non-ambiguous or else you're taking power from those poor, power-starved DMs to interpret left as up and right as last Tuesday.

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