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D&D General What are good secret code decorations or tchotchkes to signal you are a gamer to other gamers in non-gamer environments


It's a shame that Think Geek got purchased by GameStop and was essentially killed. This was their bread and butter.

Is it like a cubicle? When I worked a job with a cube I used to hang up comic strips, and had this one from XKCD among the various Far Sides and Pearls Before Swine


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Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
Uhhh...if trying to send a code to other gamers, what's the point of using a code that IME a very great number of gamers wouldn't catch?

Having something like a d20-motif coaster on your workdesk would be a far more universal signal. Or a coffee mug with a d20 or D&D logo on it (or, as with one mug I have, "GEN CON" in great big letters). Or a D&D-themed screensaver and-or on-screen wallpaper.
That’s not really a code though, those are just overt expressions of gamerhood. Which are all well and good, but not what I understood @MNblockhead to be asking for.

When you’re forced to speak in code, there’s naturally going to be some risk that the people you want to send the message to won’t understand it. But a lot of gamers would understand it, while no non-gamers would, and that’s the point of a code.


how about a Buckminster Fuller projection of the world map? One where the triangles of the icosahedron are pretty obvious.

Then numerate the world's regions in a d20 pattern with poles as 1/20

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