D&D (2024) What do you expect/hope to see in future playtest packets? (+)

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Historically, that is correct. However, I think rebalancing monster crits with recharge abilities will require rewriting a lot of monster stat blocks to include more recharge abilities. If they want useful feedback on their proposed changes, they should release some monsters written with those changes in mind.

Less than half of the Monsters of the Multiverse monsters have recharge abilities. I don't think that using those as written is enough to adequately test this design change.
Yeah, I just don't think thst they will.


1) Classes with baseline Extra Attack (Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Monk, and Paladin) have their levels stack when multi-classing (not counting Fighters extra Extra Attacks) just like full casters do for spell slots.

2) Standardized when subclass are gained across all classes. Preferably everyone picks theirs at level 1.

3) Rules for crafting items that are actually reasonableness within the confines of an Adventure. I don't mean 3.5s DMG make whatever you can imagine, but anything already listed in the current editions books.

4) Wizard actually get class features outside of subclass.

5) Sorcerer feel like they are being of natural/supernatural magic and not weakish wizards. Sorcerer exclusive spells.

6) Warlocks lose their "spellcasting". Give them at will spell-like and proficiency per Short/Long rest spell-like.

7) Actual use for wealth.

8) No more dead levels; and no I don't consider new spells levels a class feature sans the level you acquire it. Use these levels for non-combat features.


Things I'd like to see:
  1. Reintroduction of Bloodied, and effects which key off it, so that creatures (and PC) don't just have a binary status of absolutely fine or down.
  2. Meaningful character development choices beyond L3 (other than just choosing spells) - sub-sub-classes, prestige classes or whatever.


I don’t understand. Are you talking about the non-magical 20 cap to ability scores? How do they ruin the game?
Ability scores shouldn’t be capped. I takes away from customization and the point of leveling up if you can never go past 20.

It’s bot like the Ability Scores can even go that high now that they got rid of Epic Levels. What’s the point in capping them?

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