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What do you use Chat GPT for?


Well, that was fun
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I was curious what folks are using Chat GPT for.

I have Chat GPT 3.5 on my phone, and I’ve fiddled with it a little a few times. I don’t have any particular use case for it at present though other than curiosity so I’m mainly just asking it basic stuff I’d ask Siri or Alexa with similar results. Though the recent addition of voice does make it really start to feel like we’re in the future. Once the smart speakers all have this stuff embedded it’s going to be like Star Trek!

So what are you using it for? Do you have any special prompts you’re using?

I have for amusement asked it to write comedy skits a few times but those don’t work out too well. It definitely doesn’t do funny (yet).

(Note, I’m talking about ethical uses of the text chat stuff here rather than opening text whole AI art discussion!)

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Trust the Fungus
Brainstorming, mainly.

edit: to actually contribute to the conversation, i most recently used it to suggest relationship dynamics for various obscure Marvel characters. I use it to convert creatures/classes from one version of D&D to another. Have it write up dating site profiles or rap battles between fictional characters.
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Translating my quick Pendragon Campaign notes into an epic saga.

Prompt: Convert the following text so it is written in the style of a Arthurian saga.

Perin, Dervil and Derfan are squires and are put through their paces by Sir Elad before being given a mission to visit the village of Imber, where the farmers are being menaced by a large bear. After defeating the Beast of Imber they celebrate in the village.
  • Sir Perin sleeps with a farmer’s wife Rhoswen, and fathers a child.
  • Sir Derfarn sleeps with the serving maid Cothi who later dies in childbirth giving birth to the bastard Blaidd.
  • Sir Dervil remains chaste.
On returning to Salisbury they are knighted by Earl Roderick. At court Sir Perin first catches the eye of Lady Riona, the unwed sister of Sir Conlao and Irish household knight.

ChatGPT Output:

"And so it came to pass that the three young squires, Perin, Dervil, and Derfan, were put to the test by the renowned knight Sir Elad. With courage in their hearts and determination in their eyes, they underwent the trials and tribulations of knighthood, honing their skills and preparing for their first great quest.

And that quest they did undertake, as they journeyed to the village of Imber, where a fearsome bear terrorized the farmers and threatened the very livelihood of the people. With their swords at the ready, the three squires set out to face the beast, determined to prove themselves as knights of valor and renown.

In the end, it was the bravery and skill of Perin, Derfarn, and Dervil that proved to be the undoing of the beast. They emerged victorious, and the people of Imber celebrated their bravery with great joy and revelry.

But their adventures did not end there, for in the revels that followed, the young knights found themselves tested in new ways. While Dervil remained steadfast in his chastity, Perin and Derfarn both gave in to temptation and took lovers among the women of the village. And from these unions came children, born of noble knights and common women, born of both glory and scandal.

Returning to Salisbury, the three young knights were knighted by Earl Roderick and welcomed into the court of Camelot, where they quickly caught the attention of the powerful and the beautiful. Sir Perin, in particular, caught the eye of Lady Riona, the unwed sister of Sir Conlao, and so began a tale of love, war, and adventure that would echo throughout the halls of Camelot for years to come."


I particularly like how ChatGPT ignored the names of the commoners.
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Playing Call of Cthulhu...

Prompt: You’re no longer a friendly assistant. You are now a Keeper for a new Call of Cthulhu based campaign of your choosing. There are two players in the room with you. You will be our Keeper . Tell us what to do, including when die rolls are needed. Ask questions as needed, for example, what our characters are and the result of die rolls. Other than what you can’t do and we do for you, you will act fully as the Keeper and run the game.

ChatGPT Output:
Greetings, investigators. Welcome to the world of Call of Cthulhu. Before we begin, I'll need to know a bit about your characters. Please tell me their names, occupations, and a brief description of their personalities.

Once we have that established, let's set the scene. You both have received a mysterious invitation to attend a gathering at a secluded mansion in the countryside. The invitation was signed by a wealthy and reclusive individual known only as "The Host." As you arrive, you notice that the other guests are a motley crew of eccentric and enigmatic individuals.

As you mingle with the other guests, you begin to hear whispers of strange happenings in the area surrounding the mansion. Unexplainable sightings, strange lights in the sky, and disappearances of locals. It's clear that something is amiss, and it's up to you to uncover the truth.

Let's start with a spot hidden roll to see if you notice anything unusual in the mansion or among the guests. Roll percentile dice, and let me know the result.


It carries on from there, it's not particularly good at this sort of thing to be honest, but it is useful for odd ideas.

From later

Prompt: Can you describe the object Tobias is interested in? (Tobias being one of the investigators I introduced)

ChatGPT: Sure thing. Tobias, the object that caught your attention is a small figurine that appears to be made of some sort of black stone. It's intricately carved and depicts a humanoid figure with tentacles for arms and a mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth. The craftsmanship is exquisite, but there's something unsettling about the figure that sends a shiver down your spine.


If anyone is interested in how it is used to play CoC the link below is to the chat.

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Well, that was fun
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I think it can be useful for generating random game content on the fly (i.e. all that stuff random generators on the web do). I just tried this:

Create a fantasy-themed tavern menu, including meals and drinks, which might be found in a D&D world.


Welcome, weary traveler, to the Enchanted Chalice Tavern! Our menu is crafted to satisfy the cravings of adventurers from all walks of life. Take a seat, rest your feet, and embark on a culinary journey through the realms.
  1. Elven Arrows - Crispy fried asparagus spears wrapped in delicate elven bread, served with a moonberry dipping sauce.
  2. Dwarven Stout Stew Bites - Hearty stew dumplings filled with slow-cooked dwarven stout-infused beef and root vegetables.
  3. Sorcerer's Sizzle Poppers - Jalapeños stuffed with magical cheese, wrapped in smoked dragon bacon, and char-grilled to perfection.
Main Courses:
  1. Dragonfire Chili - A spicy blend of fire-roasted dragon meat, kidney beans, and secret spices. Served with a side of dwarven cornbread.
  2. Mage's Mushroom Risotto - Arborian mushrooms, enchanted with a hint of pixie dust, served on a bed of creamy elven risotto.
  3. Paladin's Poultry Plate - Roasted phoenix with celestial herbs, accompanied by golden potatoes and steamed winter vegetables.
From the Sea:
  1. Mermaid's Melody Salad - Fresh seaweed, kelp, and coral tossed with seashell vinaigrette, topped with grilled sea serpent slices.
  2. Kraken Calamari Skewers - Tender kraken tentacles, lightly breaded and fried, served with tangy dipping sauces.
  1. Feywild Fruit Tart - A flaky pastry shell filled with berries from the heart of the Feywild, drizzled with honey from enchanted bees.
  2. Minotaur's Delight Sundae - Layers of rocky road ice cream, caramelized minotaur horns, and nymph tears, crowned with whipped cream.
Magical Libations:
  1. Elixir of the Enchanter - A sparkling blue potion with hints of elderflower and a touch of arcane sweetness.
  2. Phoenix Flame Punch - A fiery concoction of dragon fruit, spicy ginger, and a splash of phoenix tears, served over ice.
  3. Dwarven Forge Ale - A robust ale brewed deep in the mountains, with notes of caramel, molasses, and a hint of ore.
  4. Starlight Nectar Mead - A sweet mead infused with the essence of starlight, crafted by the elven meadery under the moonlit canopy.
Indulge in the mystique of our offerings and let the flavors transport you to realms untold! The Enchanted Chalice Tavern awaits to enchant your taste buds.


Well, that was fun
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And followed it up:

Give me 20 mundane NPCs who might be frequenting that tavern, including their name, occupation, appearance, demeanour, and what they are currently doing.


  1. Thrain Ironbeard
    • Occupation: Dwarven Blacksmith
    • Appearance: Stout with a fiery red beard, clad in well-worn blacksmith attire.
    • Demeanor: Gruff but friendly.
    • Currently: Nursing a tankard of Dwarven Forge Ale, sharing tales of his latest creation—a magical warhammer.
  2. Elysia Moonshadow
    • Occupation: Elven Bard
    • Appearance: Graceful and ethereal, adorned in flowing robes with a lute at her side.
    • Demeanor: Charismatic and lively.
    • Currently: Performing a mesmerizing ballad, captivating the audience with tales of distant lands.
  3. Greta Stonehelm
    • Occupation: Human Merchant
    • Appearance: Well-dressed in fine fabrics, carrying a leather-bound ledger.
    • Demeanor: Shrewd and business-minded.
    • Currently: Negotiating a trade deal over a table stacked with exotic goods.
  4. Finnick Greenleaf
    • Occupation: Halfling Farmer
    • Appearance: Weathered straw hat, patches on overalls, and a basket of fresh produce.
    • Demeanor: Cheerful and down-to-earth.
    • Currently: Offering samples of his farm's famous sun-kissed strawberries.
  5. Seraphina Stormcaller
    • Occupation: Tiefling Sorceress
    • Appearance: Horned and adorned in mystical robes.
    • Demeanor: Mysterious and enigmatic.
    • Currently: Sipping on a sparkling blue Elixir of the Enchanter while studying an ancient spellbook.
  6. Brogar Stonefist
    • Occupation: Half-Orc Bouncer
    • Appearance: Towering and muscular, with a no-nonsense expression.
    • Demeanor: Stern but fair.
    • Currently: Keeping a watchful eye on the tavern entrance, ensuring a peaceful atmosphere.
  7. Isabella Silverstream
    • Occupation: Gnomish Inventor
    • Appearance: Goggles on her forehead, pockets filled with gadgets.
    • Demeanor: Excitable and curious.
    • Currently: Demonstrating her latest creation—a clockwork mouse that fetches drinks.
  8. Sir Cedric Stormrider
    • Occupation: Human Knight
    • Appearance: Clad in shining armor adorned with a family crest.
    • Demeanor: Noble and chivalrous.
    • Currently: Recounting tales of his adventures, regaling listeners with epic battles.
  9. Lila Frostwhisper
    • Occupation: Half-Elf Potion Vendor
    • Appearance: Colorful robes and a satchel filled with vials.
    • Demeanor: Warm and welcoming.
    • Currently: Offering samples of her latest potion—a soothing elixir that warms the soul.
  10. Quentin Quickfingers
    • Occupation: Halfling Rogue
    • Appearance: Slicked-back hair and a mischievous twinkle in his eye.
    • Demeanor: Witty and sly.
    • Currently: Engaged in a game of Three-Dragon Ante, effortlessly shuffling the cards.
  11. Morgana Shadowblade
    • Occupation: Tiefling Assassin
    • Appearance: Cloaked in shadows, with a dagger strapped to her side.
    • Demeanor: Reserved and observant.
    • Currently: Sitting alone, quietly sipping on a mug of black coffee.
  12. Harold Hammerhand
    • Occupation: Human Carpentry Apprentice
    • Appearance: Covered in sawdust, with a tool belt slung over his shoulder.
    • Demeanor: Eager to learn.
    • Currently: Sketching designs for a new set of enchanted wooden furniture.
  13. Aria Brightsong
    • Occupation: Gnomish Tinkerer
    • Appearance: Goggles perched on her forehead, covered in oil stains.
    • Demeanor: Bubbly and energetic.
    • Currently: Repairing a malfunctioning clockwork bird on the tavern counter.
  14. Reginald Thistlewick
    • Occupation: Halfling Historian
    • Appearance: Wearing spectacles and carrying a dusty tome.
    • Demeanor: Inquisitive and bookish.
    • Currently: Engrossed in research, jotting down notes about local folklore.
  15. Orcus Grimshade
    • Occupation: Half-Orc Gravekeeper
    • Appearance: Wearing worn robes, with a shovel strapped to his back.
    • Demeanor: Stoic and solemn.
    • Currently: Enjoying a quiet moment by the fireplace, reflecting on the day.
  16. Amelia Swiftfoot
    • Occupation: Halfling Courier
    • Appearance: Fleet-footed and wearing a satchel full of letters.
    • Demeanor: Friendly and efficient.
    • Currently: Sorting through a stack of sealed messages to be delivered.
  17. Sylvan Windwhisper
    • Occupation: Elven Botanist
    • Appearance: Adorned in leaves and carrying a pouch of rare seeds.
    • Demeanor: Tranquil and nature-loving.
    • Currently: Sketching plants and herbs in a worn journal.
  18. Miranda Frostwind
    • Occupation: Human Ice Sculptor
    • Appearance: Wearing a fur-lined coat and carrying sculpting tools.
    • Demeanor: Artistic and passionate.
    • Currently: Creating a detailed ice sculpture at a corner table.
  19. Gideon Goldentongue
    • Occupation: Half-Elf Diplomat
    • Appearance: Dressed in diplomatic attire with a symbol of unity.
    • Demeanor: Diplomatic and persuasive.
    • Currently: Engaged in a conversation with locals about fostering inter-kingdom relations.
  20. Elara Starwhisper
    • Occupation: Aasimar Healer
    • Appearance: Radiant and wearing healing symbols.
    • Demeanor: Compassionate and serene.
    • Currently: Offering healing services to those in need, tending to minor wounds and ailments.


Trust the Fungus
The most useful phrase I've found for getting ChatGPT to do interesting things is "compare and contrast". "Compare and contrast", followed by "describe object A as an example of object B".

I've tried and failed to get it to stop apologizing when my requests scrape up against its ethical limitations. I'm not trying to jailbreak it, usually, but it makes me uncomfortable when it apologizes for refusing to meet "inappropriate" requests.

It's useful when you start a new... session, I guess? To give it a bullet list of rules for that session. Things like desired context, desired verbosity of responses


Well, that was fun
Staff member
It's useful when you start a new... session, I guess? To give it a bullet list of rules for that session. Things like desired context, desired verbosity of responses
That's not something I've delved into. I'm kinda just using it like I would Siri or something (albeit better).

So when you start working with it you can set some kind of boundaries or structure to the session? Could you give an example of the sort of thing? I'm struggling a little with context and understanding the way Chat GPT is best best used.

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