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What do you use Chat GPT for?

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Filthy Casual (he/him)
I haven't used it much, but I have used it as a player to quickly generate holy texts and sayings my cleric or paladin can "cite" in game. It took a few stabs at getting.

Certainly! Here are Torm the True's doctrines presented as sayings:

1. Duty and Loyalty:

  • "In Torm's name, duty is our compass, and loyalty our guiding star."
  • "To serve Torm is to be bound by an unbreakable duty, to be loyal without question."
2. Justice and Righteousness:

  • "Where Torm's light shines, justice shall prevail, and righteousness shall flourish."
  • "In the eyes of the Loyal Fury, we are the champions of justice and the defenders of righteousness."
3. Valor and Courage:

  • "With courage as our armor and valor as our weapon, we march in Torm's name."
  • "Torm's faithful know no fear, for courage flows through our veins, and valor is our shield."
4. Oaths and Vows:

  • "An oath to Torm is an unbreakable bond, a vow to uphold his sacred doctrines."
  • "By Torm's grace, we pledge our loyalty and duty, our souls bound by solemn oaths."
5. The Sword and Shield:

  • "We are the swords of Torm, cutting down injustice. We are the shields, protecting the innocent."
  • "Torm's faithful wield the sword of justice and bear the shield of protection, for we are his chosen defenders."
These sayings capture the essence of Torm's doctrines in concise and memorable phrases that his followers can recite and live by.

Certainly! Here are some fictional passages that convey the doctrines of the Goddess of Peace:

1. Embrace Compassion:"In the warm embrace of the Goddess of Peace, we find the strength to let compassion be our guiding star. Let kindness be your currency, and understanding your language, for in the gentle touch of empathy, we find the seeds of lasting peace."

2. Seek Diplomacy First:"When conflicts arise, remember the words of the Goddess: 'Seek dialogue before swords, and understanding before judgment.' It is through peaceful discourse that we can build bridges instead of walls."

3. Harmony Among All Races:"The Goddess teaches us that diversity is the melody of existence. Let the harmony of different voices and races be the sweetest symphony, for it is in unity that we find our true strength."

4. Non-Violence:"In the heart of every follower of the Goddess lies a commitment to non-violence. Let not anger or vengeance cloud your purpose, for true strength is in the restraint of one's own hand."

5. Mediation and Arbitration:"As disciples of peace, we bear the sacred duty of mediation. Let us be the bridge across turbulent waters, guiding disputing souls towards the tranquil shores of understanding."

6. Inner Peace:"In the stillness of meditation, we discover the wellspring of our inner peace. The Goddess beckons us to find serenity within ourselves, for only when we are at peace can we sow peace in the world."

7. Environmental Stewardship:"Nature is a reflection of the Goddess's grace. Let us be her stewards, protectors of the earth, and guardians of its fragile beauty, for in its preservation, we nurture the roots of peace."

8. Promote Forgiveness:"Forgiveness is the salve that heals the wounds of the past. Let us embrace it, for in the act of forgiveness, we release the shackles that bind us to a cycle of hatred and resentment."

9. Respect for All Faiths:"The Goddess's embrace knows no boundaries of faith. In her light, we find unity with those of differing beliefs, for in the tapestry of spirituality, we are but threads, each essential to the whole."

10. Serve as Guardians of Peace:"Stand tall, valiant guardians of peace, for it is your noble duty to protect the innocent and uphold the sacred banner of tranquility, even in the face of adversity."

11. Unity Through Art and Culture:"The canvas and the song, the dance and the tale—all are bridges to unite hearts. Through art and culture, we celebrate our shared humanity and weave the fabric of harmony."

12. Silence as a Virtue:"In moments of tension, remember the power of silence. In the calmness of restraint, we find the wisdom to withhold words and actions that may harm, allowing peace to take root."

13. Promote Education:"Knowledge is the lantern that dispels the darkness of ignorance. In the pursuit of wisdom, we unlock the doors to understanding, illuminating the path toward a more peaceful world."

14. Community Building:"Build communities that embrace all souls, for in the embrace of fellowship, we find strength, and in the warmth of belonging, we extinguish the chill of isolation."

15. The Peaceful Warrior:"The path of a peaceful warrior is one of courage and sacrifice. Stand resolute in your commitment to peace, for even in the midst of turmoil, your unwavering resolve shall be a beacon of hope."

These fictional passages help convey the teachings and doctrines of the Goddess of Peace, inspiring her followers to embody and spread the ideals of harmony and serenity.


The EN World kitten
For me, it's most useful when generating proper names. For the life of me, coming up with the name for a mystical artifact or the BBEG's lieutenant is something where my creativity often comes to a screeching halt, and all I can think of is how lame my ideas sound. So I'll ask ChatGPT, and to its credit it does manage to come up with...slightly less-lame sounding names. Not ones I'd use as-is, but they're usually enough to let me cobble something together from its suggestions.

Blue Orange

Gone to Texas
I had the Plus version and wound up canceling when it gave me a orangetext (not even a red) warning over something I was doing--I realized since it wanted a phone number if I pissed it off too much it would ban me for good and then when I actually wanted to do something productive with it I wouldn't be able to.

So I used it to write boilerplate text for work stuff and save myself some time.

There are some amusing things you can do, since it's basically a very powerful autocomplete trained on the internet, which means it's basically a repository of every stereotype they haven't explicitly trained it to suppress. So if you ask it for dungeons for 1st, 5th, and 20th level characters (it just gave me room descriptions) you get mines, intrigue, and planar jaunts in my case at least. It winds up being a way to probe 'what do people think a 5th level dungeon should contain'. It's kind of like talking to the Jungian collective unconscious, whether or not you think that exists.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
I had the Plus version and wound up canceling when it gave me a orangetext (not even a red) warning over something I was doing--I realized since it wanted a phone number if I pissed it off too much it would ban me for good and then when I actually wanted to do something productive with it I wouldn't be able to.
Does it do that? Ban you if you do... what?

Blue Orange

Gone to Texas
Does it do that? Ban you if you do... what?
Let's just say I was asking about an interaction between two characters that was clearly specified as entirely consensual elsewhere in the prompt, and leave it at that. ;)

I never took it far enough it even gave me a warning--I just cancelled my subscription and figured I'd re-up again if I had some work use for it. I've heard of people using it to write code and so on, so it might be useful.

But yes, you can get banned. Didn't happen to anyone I know, but I've read about it enough times to assume it must happen (it could be a psyop by a rival company, but I doubt it). Most of the cases I've read about were for using it to generate smut, but I imagine being racist etc. could do it too. So--if you've got some NSFW elements in your game (quite reasonable for some groups), might want to be careful about using ChatGPT for that.

As an aside, the DALL-E generator people are using in the other thread has some weird triggers--it threatened me with a terms of service violation for 'fauvist', for instance, when I was trying to talk about 'Fauve style' and save characters. (I'm guessing it thought it was misspelled 'fascist')? I also had some problems when I asked for someone with a 'bear' instead of a 'beard' as a typo.
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He / Him
When we were having trouble figuring out what meals to make for the week, we put a description of our family, location, and dietary restrictions into Chat GPT and had it create recipes and a shopping list for the week. Two of the four recipes were ones we have made again.

My wife and I talk a lot about the "cognitive load" of having a kid and demanding jobs... We are making so many decisions all the time. It was a relief to turn some of those decisions over to Chat GPT!


I use Claude.ai rather than Chat GPT, but it works similarly.

I like to brainstorm via extrapolation and casting it in various roles. For example,I posited a situation in which a massive extraterrestrial space ship appeared in orbit of Jupiter and was seen via a probe. I asked it to write a news article about the event, then a Reddit post about the article, them a reply to that post, then a news article about the Reddit tiff, then a news article about a press conference about the event, and so on. I don't know how much ChatGPT remembers, but Claude remembers the whole conversation so you can refer back to earlier elements. It also responds to requests to rewrite and change aspects.

It doesn't produce anything publishable, but the result is definitely a solid outline for a hand crafted work.

Aside from that, I like asking it to describe a new monster, then putting that description in an image generator and asking Claude to make a statblock for the creature at specific CRs.

i use to post copy righted material because that's the only thing you can do with it right? :rolleyes:

In actuality I use it to help get past writer's block for my book, along with proof reading, checking for errors. I've also used it to flesh out my own setting. It even pointed out a contradiction between two different paragraphs about an NPC which I didn't realize had happened.


Mostly brainstorming, but I also use it to do things that help my prep but are time consuming. For example (I'm on GPT 4) but I have a thread that is specifically geared towards simplifying stat blocks into a Markdown format.

So I copy/paste the stat block into ChatGPT, and it will spit it out in "template" I provided for it in Markdown. Then I just transfer it over into Obsidian. When I used to do that, it would take me like 5-10 minutes per stat block (depending on complexity). Now it takes like two minutes (there's usually a couple of things I have to adjust - it's not perfect).

Brainstorming-wise, it's helpful for names, or I'll say like: "The players are about to do a heist in a High Elven prison. I want it to have high magic defenses, and interesting layout, and three NPCs that can help or hinder their heist. Generate 5 possible variations."

I tell it to generate 5 because probably 80% of each variation is going to be bad. But I'll take the 20% of each that I like, and then create something that I can work with.

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