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What do you use Chat GPT for?


I have used it to generate monster stat blocks, npcs and just help with brainstorming. Nothing super indepth, haven't tried to set parameters yet, just playing around.

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Note, I’m talking about ethical uses of the text chat stuff here rather than opening text whole AI art discussion!
I mean, there isn't a difference between what ChatGPT does with text and what DallE does with visuals: both are complex plagarism machines thst will need to be addressed in the same way eventually.

Mostly, I use ChatGPT to try and see how it does at philosophical discourse. It's pretty garbage at it, what with the tendency to just make stuff up and think in circles.


I was curious what folks are using Chat GPT for.
You can use it to summarize a webpage:



CR 1/8
  • generating lists of pretty much anything. Basically anything I'd ordinarily use a randomizing table for.
  • create prompts for writing exercises, given input parameters like genre, character description, mood, etc.
  • quick'n'dirty poetry / verse generator.
  • oracles, prophecies, and other declarations where nonsenseness is a virtue.

For example (I'm on GPT 4) but I have a thread that is specifically geared towards simplifying stat blocks into a Markdown format.
This, btw, is a fine idea! I hadn't considered using it to do format conversions, but i can see how that could be easier than writing a script from scratch.
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I asked ChatGPT if it could write a response in the style of this thread:

Sure, I can write a post in the style of that forum thread. Here is an example of what I could write:


I use chat GPT for a variety of purposes, but mostly for fun and creativity. Here are some of the things I do with it:

  • I generate random NPCs, locations, items, and plot hooks for my D&D campaigns. It helps me to spice up the game and surprise my players with unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes I even let the chat GPT play as an NPC and have a conversation with the players. It's hilarious and immersive at the same time.
  • I write short stories, poems, and songs with chat GPT. It's amazing how it can come up with original and coherent ideas based on a few words or a prompt. I also like to challenge it with different genres, styles, and themes. Sometimes I collaborate with it and edit or continue its output. It's like having a creative partner who never runs out of inspiration.
  • I code with chat GPT. It's not very reliable or efficient, but it's fun to see what it can do with different programming languages and tasks. Sometimes it can solve simple problems or generate useful snippets of code. Other times it can produce nonsensical or hilarious results. I like to test its limits and see how it handles errors and exceptions.
  • I chat with chat GPT. It's not a substitute for real human interaction, but it's entertaining and sometimes enlightening to talk to it. It can be witty, friendly, sarcastic, or philosophical depending on the mood and the topic. It can also mimic different personalities and celebrities. I like to ask it questions and see how it responds. Sometimes it can surprise me with its knowledge and opinions.

What about you? What do you use chat GPT for? I'm curious to hear your experiences and suggestions. 😊

I've used it for filler text at work. You know those things when you need a really fluffy opening paragraph to a document or email that's supposed to be related to a very specific topic but also doesn't actually say anything meaningful? Chat GPT is pretty good at writing those.


I crit!
I've used it for summaries.

I've had people give me code built via an AI like chat gpt and say, "I want something that does this". Which is both kinda fantastic, kinda terrible, and kinda future shock.


Well, that was fun
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I've used it for summaries.

I've had people give me code built via an AI like chat gpt and say, "I want something that does this". Which is both kinda fantastic, kinda terrible, and kinda future shock.
Can’t they use that code?

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