What film(s) have you seen the most times?


For me it is probably Excalibur. It was my favorite movie as soon as I saw it as a kid back in the early-to-mid 80s, and still one of my very favorite. I re-watch it every year or two, so probably have seen it about twenty times.

Then there's a group of films that I've probably seen about ten times, give or take a few - mostly films from my childhood, like the original Star Wars trilogy, Superman, Raiders of the Last Ark, Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.

Then there's a larger group of films that I've maybe seen half a dozen times or so: other favorites like The Truman Show, Interstellar, Thunderheart, Pump Up the Volume, The Matrix, Inception, Signs, The Game, Redbelt, Blueberry, The Thin Red Line, sex lies and videotape, Out of Sight, and a few "comfort films" like When Harry Met Sally and Good Will Hunting, as well as some favorite classics like Network, Annie Hall, The Shining, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, etc. And a handful of childhood favorites like Conan the Barbarian, the Dark Crystal, The Emerald Forest, Dragonslayer. Oh, the Lord of the Rings belongs here. I'm sure there are more.

Then there are is a much larger group of films that I've seen two or three times, but the list is too long.


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"The Day the Earth Stood Still"; the original 1951 version. Second up would be "Forbidden Planet" just to see a rare unfunnt Leslie Nielsen. And don't call me Shirley. Third is no doubt "The Matrix."


Hobbit on Quest (he/him)
Aside from the original Star Wars trilogy? Blade Runner is probably the movie I've watched the most. Love Actually is high up there largely because my wife watches it multiple times every winter.


Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
I don't think I have a real count. Movies I've watched over and over again include...

The Lord of the Rings trilogy
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The original Star Wars trilogy
Conan the Barbarian
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Blade Rrunner
The Last Unicorn
Master & Commander
The Last Dragon quite a few too, as my brother and I recorded it from the TV on VHS as teenagers and loved it.
13th Warrior
Love Actually is up there for me, too. My wife and I saw it in the theater when were dating and it was a mainstay in the marriage for a decade.
Ali G Indahouse got heavy rotation in that period as well.
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I watched the crap out of the Transformers and G.I. Joe animated films as a kid. Wore out those VHS!

A handful of movies I'll stop channel flipping and watch,
Fight Club
L.A. Confidential
Blade Runner
Pitch Black
Dark City
Shawshank Redemption
Back to The Future
Mad Max Fury Road
12 Monkeys
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.


And that just reminded me of another movie, that's right up there in the number of times I've watched it: "Soldier" starring Kurt Russel. It reminded me because Todd fought in places that Roy Batty mentioned in his monologue.
I really liked Soldier. It's not one I watched multiple times, but I have seen it more than once.

I’ve watched and loved these movies far more times than I can count!

The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Star Wars (New Hope, Empire, Jedi)
Star Trek Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock etc
Office Space
Forgetting Sarah Marshal
This is Spinal Tap


In theatres, it was Avatar. That movie just gripped me I guess, I saw it like an embarrassing 4-5 times in theatres, something I NEVER do!


The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (25 times, IIRC) and the Life of Brian (18 times, I think).

Otherwise, my list is much the same as most of the above, with Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Princess Bride, etc. (All in the low double-digits, I'd expect).

And to think, I consider myself someone who'd rather watch something new than the same old thing again. Obviously, I didn't used to feel that way...


I have no idea about the count, but surely it must be The Empire Strikes Back. Probably have seen it over a dozen times.


Due to parenthood:
Toy Story
LotR 2 & 3

My own damn fault:
Conan the Barbarian
It’s a Wonderful Life
Star Wars and Empire
Holy Grail
Star Trek 2: WoK
Dr. Strangelove

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