WotC What MTG/D&D crossover material would you want to see?


Honestly the whole Dark - Fallen Empires - Ice Age - Alliances - Coldsnap era would be great.
It would be. I especially think a campaign set during fallen empires just as the ice age is about to begin would be an interesting setting, it'd have that sense if impending doom as the world slowly freezes.

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I see a few people doing that on reddit which makes me think, why isn't the dnd team tapping more into this resource.
Part of me wonders if they are waiting until after the current Magic plot line plays out to do something, when they settle on a new status quo.


Lowcountry Low Roller
For crossover material, decent maps to the various planes would be amazing. The official one for Theros was dire though, and the murky one for Ixalan was not great either :(

I hacked one up for Zendikar a long time ago and was quite excited by it. But getting a proper commissioned and carefully laid out map would be ideal.


Zendikar was designed as a DnD esque world, and I do like the verticality of it ... lots of flying mountains and variable geography as the Roil alters the world around and under you. I know it got a Planeshift write-up, but I could see a fuller treatment as well.

I'm also intrigued by Kamigawa in its current cyberpunk era.

Tarkir would be an interesting one. I like the world, and there's Dragons aplenty, but I'd see this more as an Adventure Path about running a covert resistance to the rule of Dragons.


If I ever get to run Curse of Strahd it will be set in Innistrad with an all human adventuring party. The imagery from the art book is so vivid.
"The vampires have captured you."
"Oh that's bad."
"They place you on a throne and refer to you as 'Your Majesty.'"
"That's good!"
""The throne has arm and leg restraints."
"That's bad."
"The vampires will follow any order you give."
"That's good!"
"For three days. Then they eat you."
"Can I go now?"

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